How to Enjoy a Stable Relationship in the Times of Corona? Read More for Details

During  this Corona Pandemic, when we are all confined to our boundary walls, a fear can grip our minds that all our important relationships are being tested.

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We are all living in an atmosphere of chaos and uncertainty, due to which our mood can be affected to a great extent especially for people who were living in close relationships may suddenly feel that they have been unnecessarily lent into a long-distance relationship. When you are in a relationship, the feeling of being near your partner, their touch is necessary for you, but Corona has deprived us of all these feelings, which can lead to the birth of  insecurities and uncertainties in relationships. 

And due to this uncertainty, our reactions can be very quick and hostile. Remember that we are all going through a very difficult time, so the more we will be filled with compassion for each other, the more we will give priority to relationships, the better we will be able to overcome this difficulty easily. If you are currently struggling with an issue related to your relationship, then you are not alone in the world. Fret not! We are here to help you astrologically, how you can make your relationship best and memorable during this corona pandemic with the help of astrology.

If you do believe Astrological facts, then you are most probably aware of your Zodiac sign. Every zodiac sign has its fair share of unique strengths and weaknesses. Through this blog today, we will tell  you which strengths can be helpful and what weaknesses you need to take care of, to enjoy a stable and healthy relationship with your partner during this tough time. 

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So, let’s comprehend the zodiac signs of astrology and how can they impact your love life. 


Aries is known to be the most impatient sign of the Zodiac Belt. Arians are spontaneous and adventurous in nature. You are the person who struggles with a stagnant life. You live for change and excitement and get bored easily too. If things become a part of your routine or daily tasks, then you probably get bored by that. You want quick responses to anything. You need to practice maximum patience if you want to live a happy love life. You need to learn how to balance things or situations. You have bundles of energy, so directing it towards right channels will help you to bring closeness in relationships. Indulging in physical workout, yoga, meditation and games with your partner will help you be your spontaneous and energetic self, thus bringing new energy to your relationship. 


Taurus is determined by the earth element. Hence Taureans are extremely stubborn and set in their own ways. However, if there is no stability and romance in any relationship, then probably you won’t have any of it. You have to learn to be flexible and be open minded in love relations. Your stubbornness can turn out to be blessings as well as challenges. They are very slow and can get stuck over anything for a longer period of time. Hence it seems that they invest in love relations for future purposes. But, they are also gracious beauty lovers, so doing stuff like gardening etc. with your partner can infuse energy and necessary spark in the relationships during the pandemic. Also, singing songs, indulging in dance of partner’s choice will help you bring newness in the relationships. 


You tend to have a dual nature as your sign too indicates in itself about duality. Due to this, you need somebody who can cope up with you in everyday tasks. Since you get bored very frequently, that’s the thing which you should keep in mind while choosing your partner. Gemini natives will act like a robot in nature, and as a result, you are seen dealing with your emotions mechanically. Due to this reason, your partner or many other people around you see you as a cold and distant person. If you wish to have a happy relationship, then you need to apply serious efforts to maintain your emotional intelligence. Geminians are charming storytellers by nature, so indulging in pretending crafts like play, drama or enacting a story or play with your partner will help you bring closeness in relationships. As you are also social in nature, making gaming groups on social media or Whatsapp with the help of your partner like Tambola groups etc. can help curb the monotony and fulfill your need to mingle. 

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You are more of a sensitive and emotional person. The ideal relationship for Cancerians is all about safety and nurturing. You care for your partner. You would be able to express your feelings to your partner openly. Likewise, everything goes right from your end. Even after, when the time comes, you may turn out to be wrong for someone, the reason being your overly sensitive nature, that can not be handled by everyone. It is more than most people are able to handle. Engaging in relationships is a learning process and you need to deliver a lot of love. No need to hold back, it can derive struggling phases in your relations. Cancer signed people will feel good if they share their life experiences and thought process with their partners during lockdown. Also, as sometimes they can be demanding, so giving space to your partner and letting them be their own during lockdown will help create necessary understanding between you and your beloved amid this corona crisis.


You have a very passionate and intense personality. You always want to be a leader in life as well as in love related matters. However, many things go wrong from your end. You want a very exciting and passionate partner. Everyday is not a very intense day, you need to understand this and do not expect from your partner the same excitement and passion every single day. You are the person who loves to be the center of attention.You should learn to avoid your conceited nature in love related matters. Leo natives might try different things during this lockdown like swapping the roles with their partner, it will help bring fun and playfulness in relationships. You might indulge in household chores and your wife can handle the finances of the households. Also, planning the strategy together for the future with your partner can help create mutual understanding between you and your partner during these tough times. 


Virgo individuals are all about reality and they are a part of the practical world. You are also a perfectionist, it is a good quality, however, things may go difficult when the plan doesn’t go according to your expectations. It causes anxiety and worries. Sometimes, you overanalyze things a lot, this behaviour may not go well in your relationship matters as you will analyze thoroughly every aspect of your partner and also you will highlight the flaws of your partner a lot, which can be the area of concern for you. You have to be a little bit flexible and chill in every aspect of life. Also, Virgo natives like to collect old stuff and very seldom they forget the old memories. So, spending time with your partner reminiscing through old photographs, pictures and memories with them will help you break the ice and rekindle your relationships during this lockdown. 


Libras pay a lot of attention to relationships, which is not the case with other zodiac signs. The Libra zodiac sign is all about balancing things. You would be able to see both sides of the equation, hence you face difficulty in making decisions in relationships too. You want your partner as your mirror image or we can say that you seek your characteristics within your partner. Sometimes, when Libras get bored, they start throwing everything in the air, which is not good to create a healthy and happy relationship. You should learn to balance out things in an appropriate manner to avoid issues in a relationship. As it is the natural sign of partnerships, which indicates that indulging in duet dance like salsa etc. or duet songs with your partner or spouse can help you balance the relationships. This will also help you achieve the necessary bliss and harmony in your relationships amid this Corona outbreak. 

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Scorpions are the most mysterious people out there in the world. You don’t trust everyone easily and you don’t disclose your secrets to the next person you meet. It is so hard for you to trust in case of a relationship but once you love somebody then you’ll love that person with full dedication. You need to adapt to let go of all the secrecy and learn to open more in relationships. You should start trusting people. If you don’t do so, you may lose your loved ones. To enjoy better harmony amid this lockdown, sharing their secrets or life patterns with their partner will help create better understanding between you two. Also, seeking advice about your betterment from your partner will help them feel special. 


Your freedom matters to you the most. Due to this reason, you tend to become selfish sometimes. You are adventurous and have a variety of relationships. Though freedom is important for you, however, you should learn to cope up with your partner’s needs as well. You should avoid selfishness or thinking about yourself only in any prospects of life. You need to sacrifice your freedom too for your relationship. However, it is not recommended that you should totally give up your freedom, but you should enjoy your freedom with responsibilities. So, during this lockdown, share your favorite things with your partner be it books or any other stuff that you like. You are a natural mentor and visionary by nature, so listening to your partner, giving them the necessary advice and guidance will go a long way in creating stability and harmony in relationships. 


You want something that should last long as you are very stable in your approach. Hence you also want to apply your approach in relationships too. You want to control your partner, somehow which turns into a bad experience for you. You should provide some space to your partner in order to make him/her feel comfortable. Instead of controlling your partner, you should think of them as equals in a relationship. It is not just another business, your love relation is a very serious part of your life. Hence you need to learn not to dominate your partner and respect him/her always in any life’s arena. Capricorns can also be cold and dry in emotions which can create problems in relationships. So, doing things or fulfilling your deep longings brings you happiness. It can be related to sharing intimate moments together, or all the other stuff permissible during lockdown with your partner, that helps you break the ice and  bring you happiness will help bring back the necessary spark missing in the relationship. 

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You are a kind of person who believes in friendships and collaborations. Relationship is also known as the part of the team and you should cooperate with your partner rather than thinking of it as just another collaboration in business and what benefits and outcomes can be derived from it. You don’t mind any special relationship over a casual one, but you also don’t feel like sticking to one, reason being you want to pull yourself away without any explanation, from any relationship. You need to pay attention to your partner and you need to take care of their needs to sustain as well as to live a happy and healthy relationship.  Also, there is a saying that still water runs deep. Such is the nature of Aquarians, secretive and not easy to predict. So, it will be helpful for them just like Scorpions to share their secrets and life patterns with their partner during this lockdown, and also asking them about their suggestions and advice before making important life decisions. This will help create harmony and understanding in relationships. 


Pisces is a water determined sign of the zodiac belt and hence, they love daydreaming. They need to be more down to earth or need to live in the real world. If you want to fix your relationship issues, you need to come back to reality rather than thinking about something which does not exist. Learn to stay grounded in your life and avoid making any excuses in your relationship. They are compassionate in nature, but they hesitate a lot to ask for their demands and expectations from their partner. So, during this lockdown share your expectations or  politely discuss with your partner about what you are looking for in relationships, this will help create better understanding between you and your partner and take the relationship to a new dimension amid this lockdown.



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