2024 Brings Troubles In Marital Life Of 7 Unfortunate Zodiacs!

New hopes and aspirations start blooming in the minds of people with the arrival of the new year. You also might have planned different things for the new year. However, the truth is that the new year brings happiness but sometimes it also becomes the reason for sadness and obstacles in the lives of natives. 

It is said that there is great importance of married relationships in our lives and this needs to be maintained till the last breath. Everyone wants their relationship with their partner to remain stable & sweet and it should have the fragrance of love. But, it is not the same way every time and there are both positive & negative aspects attached to it. In this Horoscope 2024 blog, you will learn about the zodiac signs that might face troubles in married life this year, out of all the 12 signs.

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So let us know about the zodiacs whose natives can face marital obstacles in their lives in 2024 according to Horoscope 2024. The zodiacs in the list are Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Pisces. 

Horoscope 2024: List Of Zodiacs That Can Face Issues In Married Life In 2024


From the start of the year, the Gemini natives might face troubles in their married life according to Horoscope 2024. Anger may rise in your spouse’s behavior and this increases the possibility of fights with the partner on small matters. There are also signs of deterioration of a partner’s health, thus natives should take care of their partners during this period. Avoid speaking directly with your in-laws in the months of January and February, as there are prominent chances of fighting. 

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At the start of the year, the Cancer natives may face tensions in married life. There can be soreness and tension in marital life in this period. Along with it, there is also the possibility of having arguments with your spouse on small matters as per Horoscope 2024. You might try hard to control yourself but there are high chances of conflicts with the partner due to some issue or the other. This year there are chances of divorce in your marriage and thus natives need to be careful about it. Your in-laws can interfere in your married life which can result in a rise of conflict with your partner. Tensions and flights between the two can become serious in the two months of January and February. Also, the time after August month will be slightly favorable for your married life. 


Conflict with the partner can arise because your spouse will be firm in his/her views as noted in Horoscope 2024. Also, you might feel low due to the in-laws not fulfilling their promises. The deterioration of your spouse’s health might cause some pain for the Leo natives. There are prominent chances of soreness in married life and the month of February will be filled with difficulties in the relationship. 


The start of the year 2024 will prove to be difficult for Virgo people. In married life, there will be ups and downs. There are chances of tensions in the relationship and managing the married life will be no less than a challenge for you. This year there can be different kinds of trouble situations that can enhance the troubles in the marital relationship as per Horoscope 2024. Try to avoid disputes in married life from March to June. If you fail to do it, then the relationship can also break up. The relationship can even reach court, but the relationship will improve after June.  

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For your married life of Sagittarius sign, the start of the year will be a little weaker. There are chances of a rise in disputes with your partner during this period. There may be a lot of aggressiveness in your behavior that can result in frequent fights with the spouse. The time till March will be filled with hardship for your married life and the partner’s health can also deteriorate during this period. If you want happiness and love between the partners in married life then you must talk with your spouse and discuss matters to make any firm decision in your work or relationship. 


The vision of Saturn or Shani Dev on the seventh house will result in ups and downs in the married life of natives as per Horoscope 2024. There may be a rise of tensions between both and there are chances of the relationship turning sour among both.  Shani Dev will test the Aquarius natives and watch how true you are about the relationship and how honest you are about the partner. To pass the exam, the natives might face different obstacles. There can be different arguments with your spouse and there might be a rise of tensions in the marital life due to your illness. If both of you in the relationship don’t behave lovingly then there can be a rise of different troubles between both. The natives are advised to control their speech from the period between April and June. 

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At the beginning of the year, the natives of the Pisces zodiac can face different troubles in their married life. The Horoscope 2024 indicates that there can be a rise of distance and misunderstanding between the two in the relationship. If you are not able to find solutions to the facing of troubles in your relationship at this time, then more troubles may arise across the relationship. If you want love in a married relationship, then give enough time to your partner and listen to each other’s troubles and also try to find solutions for them. You need to overcome different problems in the married relationship and with it try to strengthen the relationship. 

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