Horoscope 2024: These Zodiacs Will Buy Car & Property In 2024!

Horoscope 2024 Predictions: Everyone wants to have their own house, a car or vehicle to move around, and a good amount of wealth to spend quality life. With the arrival of the new year, these dreams seem to take wings and a ray of hope awakes in the minds of people who don’t have their own house or plans to buy a new vehicle in the new year. 

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If you too have been thinking of building your own house or buying a vehicle for a long time, but haven’t been able to fulfill it due to some reason or the other and now hoping to get it done in this new year then this blog is for you that provides accurate information on which zodiacs whose natives will be able to invest money on property or even by a new vehicle in the year 2024. 

Let us move ahead and check which are the lucky zodiacs in 2024 that will have the pleasure of buying a new home, vehicle, or property. 

List Of Zodiacs That Will Be Blessed With Blessed With Home & Vehicle In 2024 


The year 2024 is going to be favorable for the Aries natives. The start of the year will be very favorable for the natives. To purchase a vehicle, the month of July will be very auspicious, and a white or silver-color vehicle can be auspicious for you. Natives can sell their big properties this year and in case you are planning to build your own house, then the period after May is very favorable for it. During February and March, the natives can buy property. Whereas, in June and July you have the chance to invest in buying immovable property. 

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To purchase property and vehicles, the first three months of the year are favorable for Cancer natives. This year there are chances of buying a new vehicle. However, from 18 January to 12 February, and 12 February to 7 March, it is advised to avoid buying a vehicle. These dates are inauspicious to carry out such tasks. The start of the year will be a good time to buy a new property. Between January to March, you may buy land or a house in a beautiful place. In August, November, and December, the natives of the zodiac can earn profits from buying and selling property. 


The start of the year will prove to be good for Leo natives. Due to the presence of Venus and Mercury in the fourth house, the chances of getting the pleasures of vehicles increase. You will be able to find a vehicle filled with luxuries and will be able to pay attention to its features. For you, the time from January to February and then from August to November are very favorable to buy a new vehicle. Between June and August, you can buy a big property. The natives can benefit a lot from buying and selling property which will strengthen the financial position of natives. 

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The month of January will prove auspicious for Virgo natives to buy new property. There are likely benefits from the government sector and you can invest in property in the months of August, September, and November. The month of February is suitable for buying a vehicle. The time from May, June, and September to October will be fitting to invest in a new vehicle. 


In terms of vehicles and property, the year 2024 will be fruitful for the Libra natives. The first half of the year is the best period to buy a new vehicle. At this time, it will be easy to get a loan for a vehicle. It will be even more auspicious to buy a vehicle between 05 February and 15 March. Instead of land, it will be better to buy a ready-made property. Between February to April and October to November, the natives can buy a new property. 


In terms of property & vehicle, the year will prove to be favorable for Scorpio natives. You will acquire real estate property. You might be also involved in repairing your old house, decorating the property, or making suitable changes in the house. The time from 15 March to 23 April will be very suitable to buy a house with a bank loan. On a vacant plot, you can start the work of building a home. The period from 07 March to 31 March is very auspicious to buy a new vehicle. 


There are chances of buying movable and immovable property for Capricorn natives this year. The time from January to April will be very auspicious for earning profits through property deals. You are likely to get good news from the ancestral property that will strengthen your financial condition. For purchasing a new vehicle, the time from March to May is very important for Capricorn natives. 

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You will get a chance to buy a property or vehicle at the start of the year. The month of January is going to be very auspicious for the Aquarius natives from the vehicle and property’s point of view. The time from June to August will be very favorable for the natives to invest in a good property. 


There are chances of buying a new property for the Pisces natives at the start of the year. You can buy a new property this year that will boost your overall financial condition. In January, March, June, July, October, and November, you are likely to make profits from buying & selling property. For buying a vehicle, the suitable months will be January, April, November, and December. 

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