Hong Kong’s Kundli Analysis Reveals The Impact On China!

Thousands of natives in Hong Kong are demonstrating, carrying out candle-light vigil and protests, which has made the Chinese government lose its sleep. The number of protestors is rising with every week, which has added to the list of security concerns for the autonomous state-city. Last week itself, around two million people came out to demonstrate against the new Extradition Bill introduced by the Chinese government. This view is gaining a bigger voice which has shaken the social media as well as the world.

Massive Protests in Hong Kong

Hong Kong natives have turned out from their homes and are openly raising their voices against the Extradition Bill and fighting the political leaders for their rights. Although this proposal has been tossed over with temporary suspension, but the people are demanding complete riddance from this bill as soon as possible. According to this bill, the extradition law allows a person facing criminal charges to be present in the trial, which can take place anywhere in China. 

Extradition Law: What It Is?

The Hong Kong government came up with a proposal to amend the existing extradition law in the month of February. This idea came into light due to an incident where a local man got arrested with the charges of killing his girlfriend, who was pregnant at the time, in Taiwan and came back to Hong Kong. however, this case has raised the question further as the city failed to send him back as they don’t share the extradition law agreement. This proposal is encountering strong protests from the natives, which can further worsen the political scenarios in China. Since Britain gave back Hong Kong to China on 1 July 1997, the local natives have developed a sense of opposition against the Chinese government.

Let’s see what this situation holds for the government by carrying out an astrological analysis using Hong Kong’s kundli.

Hong Kong Birth Chart Analysis

2019 Hong Kong Kundli

  • Date of Birth – 1 July 1997
  • Time of Birth – 00:00:00 Midnight
  • Place of Birth – Hong Kong

Hong Kong has the Pisces ascendant with Saturn in the first house. Pisces sign is ruled by Guru or Jupiter, which is placed in the 11th house in a debilitated state. But since these two planets (Saturn and Guru) are in an exchange yoga, therefore these two planets are highly strong in this chart of “Hong Kong’. 

Since the 11th house is the house of material gains (monetary gains), therefore this exchange yoga (Parivartan yoga) will lend a good financial status to this state/city.

Astrological Analysis

  • Currently, this special administrative region is undergoing the Mahadasha of Mars from 17-8-2015 to 16-8-2022 with Mars placed in the 7th house of wars or conflicts (as per the principles of Mundane Astrology). Here, Mars is gaining malefic aspect from Saturn, which is another negative point.
  • Mars rules the 2nd house of domestic people (people who reside in a city or state or country) and 9th house of good luck. This means these two houses will see constant struggles and problems during this entire year.
  • Under Mangal Mahadasha, the more impactful antar dasha is of Budh or Mercury.
  • Mercury is placed in the 4th house with Sun in own sign Gemini.
  • Mercury seems strong here but is not because Mercury’s exaltation and mooltrikona sign Virgo is getting malefic impacts due to Mars and Saturn. Therefore, Mercury will not give good results during its antar dasha (12-2-2019 to 10-2-202).
  • Now Mercury rules the 7th house of Hong Kong kundli and we know 7th house is strongly damaged, so there is a huge chance of great inter-city riots or violence. Plus, huge possibility of casualties arises as well before this antardasha ends.
  • This means that the people of Hong Kong will witness a gloomy time till this Dasha/Antardasha runs.
  • Possibility of China’s success on policy change is huge.
  • Despite the policy change, one thing is sure that Hong Kong will maintain a great economy throughout its life.

Hence, the above astrological points give you a quick insight about the Chinese government’s future and how things might turn out.


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