Kharmas 2024 Graced By The Holi & Chaitra Navratri- What To Do?

Kharmas 2024: In a year, the Kharmas are observed twice and soon, the first Kharmas of 2024 is going to happen. This period is not considered auspicious in Hindu almanac and that’s why, all the auspicious things like marriage, engagements, mundan, house-warming, etc., are avoided in this duration. 

According to the Hindu calendar, the first Kharmas 2024 will begin from 14th March and will end on April 13th, at 09:03 pm. During this period, the Sun will move to Uttarabhadrapada on 17th March and in Revati Nakshatra on 31st March. So, the first Kharmas 2024 will end when the Sun will come out of Pisces and Aries, which will happen on 13th April. 

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If you would notice, this is the same period when Holi and Chaitra Navratri are falling. So, a lot of questions would run through your mind as to how you will celebrate Holi and Navratri this year and that’s why, we have come up with this special blog, where we will discuss the festivals falling during the first Kharmas 2024. 

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What Is Kharmas 2024? 

The Kharmas begins when the Sun transits into either Jupiter’s zodiac sign, Sagittarius or Pisces zodiac sign. It occurs not once but twice a year which is in December-January and March-April. According to Vedic Astrology, the Kharmas are not considered auspicious and all the auspicious activities are stopped during this period. However, if one keeps worshiping Gods, Goddess, Brahmins and elders during this period then we can expect auspicious results and also blessings. Apart from this, one can also worship Lord Vishnu as per the traditions and recite Vishnu Shastra regularly. 

Why Are Auspicious Things Avoided During Kharmas 2024? 

Religiously, it is believed that during Kharmas, the Lord Sun focuses on serving his Guru by entering the zodiac sign of Jupiter. In such circumstances, its influence over the works of the world will reduce, which means that anything done auspicious during this period will not give great results. That’s why it is completely avoided. 

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Holi And Chaitra Navratri Falling During Kharmas 2024

It hasn’t gone unnoticed that Holi and Chaitra Navratri are falling during Kharmas 2024. So, as mentioned above, the people can perform the religious activities like praying, worshiping, and Havan but anything auspicious should be avoided during this period.

What To Do And Not To Do In Kharmas 2024


  • The Kharmas is for Lord Vishnu, hence one should worship him and recite Vishnu Sahastaram, Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta, etc. daily for a month. 
  • One should engage in acts of charity and compassion also, practice meditation and self-reflection. 
  • One should eat only once a day, to maintain the purity of mind and body. Also, try eating food on leaves and sleeping on the ground, etc .


  • Avoid starting new ventures or making major decisions. 
  • Refrain from initiating any kind of conflict or arguments and minimize materialistic pursuits and excessive spendings. 
  • Also, avoid engaging in harmful habits such as smoking or excessive drinking. 

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