Holashtak 2023 Begins Soon; Avoid These Tasks For 8 Days!

Holashtak 2023: The festival of Holy is just around the corner and this year it will fall on 8th March 2023, Wednesday. The days of Holashtak start every year before Holi. The word “Holashtak” comes from two words that are “Holi” and “Ashtak” meaning “the eight days of Holi”. According to Shastras, the days of Holashtak are known to be impious. All kinds of pious works are considered prohibited during these days. Holashtak starts from Ashtami Tithi of Shukla Paksha of Phalgun month and lasts till Purnima (Full Moon) and ends with Holika Dahan. So, let’s move forward with this blog and know when these days are starting this year. We will also discover why they are infernal and what are those activities that mustn’t be done!

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The Start Of Days Of Holashtak 

According to Hindu Panchang, Holashtak will commence on 28th February 2023, Tuesday at 2:24 pm. It will end on 7th March 2023, Tuesday, with Holika Dahan. Holashtak are those eight days that come before Holi and starting any auspicious work on these days is considered to be unholy. 

Why The Days Of Holashtak Profane?

There are many legendary lores circulating around Holashtak, and one of them states that Lord Kamdeva disturbed Lord Shiva while he was penance. That angered Lord Shiva, and he cursed Lord Kamadeva and burnt him to ashes on the day of Phalgun Ashtami. After this, Lord Kamadev’s wife Rati worshiped Lord Shiva and prayed so that he could revive him. Lord Shiva took pity and revived Lord Kamadeva. It is said that since then the tradition of celebrating Holashtak has been going on. 

This other legend is also famous and according to that before Holika Dahan i.e. when demoness Holika sat in the fire and had Bhagat Prahlada in his lap; he was continuously tortured by his father Hiranyakashyap for eight days. Bhagat Prahlada was greatly tormented by his father, Hiranyakashyap, who was against his devotion to Lord Vishnu. Which is why any kind of pious work is not commenced during these days. 

It is also believed that during these unholy eight days the atmosphere gets filled with negative vibes and energy. Every day different planets change their motion and state. It is believed that during these days people also engage in black magic and arts. Apart from this, the practice of Tantric education is more during this period. 

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Holashtak 2023:  Prohibited Activities

If auspicious work is commenced during these days, they tend to give ill-omened results. So, let us know, which are those things that mustn’t be done during Holashtak. 

  • You should not buy any new vehicle during these days. Transactions of land, house, or any kind of property shouldn’t be done as well. 
  • During the Holashtak period, auspicious works like engagement, marriage, Mundan, sacred thread ceremony, and housewarming should be avoided. 
  • Buying Gold and Silver jewelry is also considered prohibited during Holashtak. 
  • Besides these things, no religious rituals should be performed during this period. 

Tasks To Be Engaged In 

According to Shastras, it is considered auspicious to worship God during the days of Holashtak. One gets rid of all the problems when one worships Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva during these days. The devotee should also continuously chant Mahamrityunjaya Mantra during these eight days. By doing so, the fear of premature death vanishes. 

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Holashtak 2023: Drive Out Your Worries With These Remedies

During the days of Holashtak, follow these unfailing remedies and all your problems will go away. So, make sure you note them down!

Offer Belpatra To The Shivling 

In order to get rid of diseases, take Belpatra equal to your age, and on all of them write “Ram”-”Ram” with white sandalwood. After reversing them, offer them to the Shivling while chanting the Mantra ‘ūṃ namaḥ śivāya’. 

Make Swastika On Your Front Door

To remove the negative energy during this period, grind turmeric and rice and add holy Ganga water and draw Swastik or Om at your main door. By following this, negative energy from the house gets eradicated. 

Rotate Coconut Around Your Head

If somebody is ill in your family, then take a coir coconut and rotate it around the ill person’s head 7 or 11 times anticlockwise, after doing this, take the coconut and offer it to the flowing water. It is believed that by doing so, the disease goes away. 

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Donate To The Needy

In order to avoid business loss, go to the temple in the morning and offer one betel nut, five modaks, and five red hibiscus flowers to Lord Ganesha with your right hand. When returning from the temple, donate clothes, grain, or money to the needy. 

Donate These Things On Saturday 

If you are facing ups and downs in your career, then donate black cloth, black gram, black sesame, and items made from iron to needy people on Saturday evening. 

Burn Camphor In a Earthen Lamp

To get relief from the atmosphere of distress in your family, light camphor in an earthen lamp, and take that and show it all around the house. Apart from this, light a desi Ghee lamp in front of the tulsi plant. 

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We hope that with this Holashtak all your distress vanishes and prosperity fills all your lives; thank you for visiting AstroSage!


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