Rare Yoga On Hindu New Year after 1500 Years! Favourable & Unfavourable For Which Signs?

Navasamvastra i.e. Hindu New Year, according to the Vedic calendar, starts from Shukla Paksha Pradipada Tithi of chaitra month falling on 2 April 2022 this year. This is the day from when hindu new year starts. This year Nav Samvatsar i.e. Hindu New Year will also be popularly known as Vikram Samvat 2079.

This vikram samvat is Nal named samvat and it is the last year of the Indragni Yuga. There are five years in a Yuga. The king of this year is the planet Saturn and the minister of this year is the planet Jupiter.

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Vikram Samvat 2079

The lord of the first day of Nav Samvatsar is given the status of a king for the whole year. Since Nav Samvatsar 2079 is starting from Saturday, April 2, then this year Lord Shani who is responsible for the Karmas, is considered as the king of the planetary cabinet. This Nav Samvatsar, which starts in the year 2022, is going to be special in many aspects due to the influence of Shani Dev. King for this year is planet Saturn and minister for this year is planet Jupiter which will affect the life of the natives in many ways.

There is a coincidence that saturn and jupiter which are slow moving planet are going to change the sign during the month of april and both will be in comfortable position, saturn will move to its mooltrikona sign Aquarius and jupiter will be in its own sign Pisces. And due to this transit these planets will be able to deliver their maximum result. Saturn will continue to provide the result of karma in the lives of the natives, and Jupiter will provide the positivity of knowledge in the darkness of negativity.

If astrologers are to be believed, this time the ministry of planets will be under the control of 5 sinful planets and 5 auspicious planets, apart from the king and minister. In which Shani-King, Jupiter-Minister, Sun-Asayesh, Mercury-Durgesh, Shani-Dhanesh, Mars-Racesh, Venus-Dhanyesh, Shani-Niresh, Mercury-Phalesh, Mercury-Meghesh will remain. The residence of Vikram Samvat 2079 will be the potter’s house and the vehicle of time will be the horse, since the horse shows fast speed, so this year there is a possibility of heavy damage to life and property due to storms, earthquakes, cyclones, landslides etc.

According to the prevailing beliefs in Sanatan Dharma, the creation of the universe was done by Brahma ji on this day, hence the beginning of the Hindu New Year is considered to be from this day since ancient times. There are also folk famous sayings in many places, during the time of King Vikramaditya, some Indian scientists had created the Hindu calendar using Panchang, so the beginning of the new year is known as Vikram Samvat after him. Vikram Samvat consists of five parts namely Solar, Moon, Nakshatra, Sawan and Adhimas.

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Rare Yoga After 1500 Years To Form In The Hindu New Year 

The Hindu New Year will begin in 2022, after 1500 years, with the extremely unusual combination of Revati Nakshatra and three Raja Yogas. If astrologers are to be believed, the planetary constellations created in Nav Samvatsara are unique in several respects.

Mars will be in the exalted sign of Capricorn at the start of Vikram Samvat 2079, Rahu will be in the exalted sign of Taurus, and Ketu will be in the exalted sign of Scorpio. Shani, as the king of the planets, will transit in Capricorn, his own sign. As a result, after 1500 years, the Hindu New Year begins in favourable synchronicity with the conjunction of Shani and Mars.

These fortunate yogas created in Vikram Samvat 2079 will benefit individuals born in the signs of Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius. These synchronicities will bring these natives wealth, prosperity, success, and good fortune. This year will usher in a slew of significant changes in people’s lives.

Positive/Negative Effect Of This Year Under Saturn-Guru

  • New dimensions of trade will be found in developing countries like India etc. Which will improve the economic condition of the country.
  • India’s code policy will be praised globally.
  • In some parts of the country, even after a good harvest, famine conditions can occur.
  • Inflation will increase for the general public.

‘Nav Samvatsara’ is known by many different names in different parts of the country, such as

Assam- Rongali, Bihu

Maharashtra – Gudi Padwa

Punjab – Vaisakhi

Jammu and Kashmir – Navreh

Andhra Pradesh- Ugadi

Kerala – Vishu

Sindhi Community- Chetichand

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How Would Vikram Samvat 2079 Be For India And The World

  • Government or higher authorities of many countries have to face movements by the civilians.
  • Chances of natural calamities and less rainfall can create a problem.
  • Despite so many ups and downs, the government will be in a strong position and will be able to control all the problems.
  • Education sector will improve, whatever damage in the last two years we have faced due to covid will be fixed this year.
  • Western countries could face some problems due to chaotic people.

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How Would Vikram Samvat Be 2079 For Individuals

  • Farmers, service class people and labor class people can face problems
  • Teachers, counselors, mentors will be benefited during this year.
  • People will get inclined towards religiousness.
  • People can benefit from the government sector.
  • Students will be benefited.
  • Unprivileged Women will be empowered.

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Zodiac Wise Effects Hindu New Year Will Bring

On general bases this transit would be good for Taurus, Libra, capricorn, Aquarius, Sagittarius and pisces native. They will feel the luck standing by their side this year. They will grow professionally and personally. 

Leo, cancer, scorpio and aries native need to be conscious and alert during this year as their egoistic, aggressive and authoritative behavior can lead you towards problems and your image will be spoiled at workplace and personal relation, you even need to be alert about your health as ignorance can lead health issues or accidents.

For virgo and gemini this would be an average year they will get the result of their deeds.

Remedies For The Hindu New Year

  • Worship Lord Hanuman daily.When you worship Lord Hanuman and surrender to him completely it will bring to you the positive energy of Saturn.
  • Assist Handicapt people and provide your service to them.
  • Remove clutter from your life and stay organized. Saturn does not like clutter be it in materialistic items or clutter in the mind.
  • Offer a meal on Saturday to the poor.
  • Perform pooja for planet Jupiter on Thursdays in the temple.
  • Chant jupiter beej mantra daily 21 times.
  • Offer yellow flowers to Jupiter on Thursdays.
  • Worship a banana tree and offer water on Thursday.
  • Distribute bananas to poor people on Saturday.
  • Feed chana dal and jaggery atta loi to cows on Thursday.

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