Hindu New Year 2023: What Is Vikrami Samvat 2080 Bringing For You?

The Hindu New Year 2023 will begin at 10:53 p.m. on March 21, 2023, because this is when the Pratipada Tithi of Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month begins, and thus the arrival of Hindu New Year is considered, so this day will be particularly significant.

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Whenever we have to report the results of the new year, we observe the Chaitra Shukla Pratipada, also known as the Varsha Lagna Kundli, and on the basis of that, the auspicious events that occur throughout the year are considered, and it is determined that what results this year will bring in our life. 

   (Chaitra Shukla Pratipada – 2023)                    

The Kundli of the Hindu New Year 2023 (Chaitra Shukla Pratipada) is made of Scorpio  (Vrischika Lagna). Mars, the Lord of Lagna, is positioned in Gemini in the eighth house of the Kundli. Saturn is placed in powerful posting in the fourth house as third house lord & fourth house lord. Whereas, four planets are combining in Pisces in the fifth house, resulting in Chatur Graha Yoga.

Jupiter is the second and fifth ruler of Pisces, which is also home to Mercury, the Sun, and the Moon. Mercury is ruler of the eighth and eleventh house. The Sun is the lord of the tenth house and the Moon is the ruler of the ninth. When viewed in this light, this horoscope also creates two different kinds of Raja Yoga. In Pisces, due to the combination of Jupiter and Mercury, Neech Bhang Raj Yoga is first forming, and the second Yoga which is forming is the Bhagyadhipati Karmadhipati Raja Yoga because lord of Luck, Moon and Sun are conjunct. In addition to this, Ketu is present in the twelfth house, and Venus, the lord of seventh and 12th house Venus, is in the sixth house with Rahu. 

Now that let’s try to find out according to the Varsha Lagna Kundli, how the Hindu New Year of 2023 will affect our country, people, neighboring countries and other countries:

  • There could be a lack of mutual coordination towards nations of opposing nature, as well as competition to show superiority and the use of dangerous weapons. The accumulation of nuclear and other destructive weapons will continue, and a scenario is emerging in which adversaries will go to any length to humiliate each other.
  • India’s status on the global stage will rise as a result of Jupiter’s special effect, and India’s voice will be given special prominence. 
  • Unexpected events, fundamentalism, and terrorism will be seen emerging in front of significant nations of the world due to the planet Saturn’s impact on the ascendant and the position of Venus-Rahu conjunction.
  • The globe will soon experience an economic recession. India will also be impacted by this. However, it will shortly lose its impact as well.
  • Such countries of the globe that are engulfed in poverty and have become debtors by requesting large loans from powerful nations. Their situation will be seen as even worse and their economies may collapse, which may result in their bankruptcy. 
  • On the international scene, famine conditions could develop in some North and Western nations, and prices for food grains might skyrocket as a result of a drop in production.
  • There are major chances of rising prices of metals.
  • Politically, everyone will find this year to be a little unsteady, and picking the right route will feel difficult amid the competition to establish your superiority in everyone’s eyes.
  • In all such places where there is a violent situation and there may be conditions for rebellion against the government’s dictatorship, inflation and corruption will increase.
  • It will be evident that nations with expansionist policies use a variety of strategies to demonstrate their influence around the globe. Later on though, they’ll have to face failure.
  • Asian nations will need to give close attention because there is a chance of power changes, violent crimes, power struggles, vehicle accidents among other things.
  • It is also undeniable that there could be rising inflation in European nations and the resulting economic catastrophe.
  • Between April and August 2023, anti-Indian countries that continue to maintain their spies active in India may have to deal with a formidable challenge from India.
  • India might have to deal with a specific hostile neighboring country, so it is not impossible for border conflicts to worsen as a result. It is necessary to be ready for this.
  • The globe may have to deal with an increase in health issues.
  • It may be necessary to deal with issues like floods, landslides, and earthquakes in the midst of the year.

Hindu New Year 2023 – Meaning & Significance Of Chaitra Shukla Pratipada 

chaitre masi jagadbrahma sasarja prathame.ahani|

shukla paksha samagram tu tads suryodaya sati||

                                                                     -hemadrau brahokteh

The Supreme Father Brahma ji created this universe at sunrise on Pratipada Tithi, the first day of Shukla Paksha in the Chaitra month, according to the Brahmapuran of Hemadri. Because of this, the Hindu New Year starts every year on Pratipada, or Prathma Tithi of Shukla Paksha of the Chaitra month, and the new Samvatsar is put into effect. Pratipada Tithi will begin on March 21, 2023, a Tuesday, at 10:53 p.m.

The new year will commence in Scorpio as the Lagna and Shukla Yoga in Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra. The Lagna horoscope for this period is shown above, but according to the texts, Mercury will rule this year because Chaitra Shukla Pratipada Tithi will fall on Wednesday. 

On this day, Vikrami Samvat 2080 will begin. The 50th Samvat will be in effect at this time and will last until March 23, 2023, but since the 51st Samvatsar, Pingal, will take office on March 24, 2023, there is uncertainty regarding the identity of the Samvatsar at this time.

Vikrami Samvat 2080 will begin on this day. The 50th Samvat will continue until March 23, 2023, but owing to the arrival of the 51st Samvatsar, Pingal, on March 24, 2023, there is some confusion about the name of the Samvatsar here.

According to the sacred and old traditions, we devote the name of the entire Samvat to the Samvatsar existing at the beginning of the Samvat, according to which it should be called Nal Samvatsar, however, Pingal Samvatsar will will take the lead throughout the Vikrami Samvat and that is why the 2080 Samvat can be called as Pingal.

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The Outcome Of The New Year Named Pingal 

pimgalabdetviti bhitirmadhye sasyargha vrrishtayah| 

rajano vikramakramtah bhumjate shatru medinim||

Varsha Prabodh states in the verse above that there is a possibility of internal conflicts between the leaders of various countries during the Samvatsar known as Pingal. This means that there could be lack of mutual coordination between the state governments within the country and there might be a situation of disputes, disagreement and animosity. Including this, due to the lack of cooperation between the state and the central government, there could be an increase in the prices of the goods due to which the general public can have an adverse effect.

A situation of ups and downs may result from crops producing at a moderate pace due to moderate rainfall. However, there will be a circumstance where life’s resources for happiness increase. There will also be some prosperity, but because of the countries’ use of military power against one another and their aggression against other nations, war-like situations could develop.

chaitrasitapratipadi yo varo.arkodaye sah varsheshah| 


As stated in the Jyotir Nibandh verse above, the day (war) at the moment of sunrise on Pratipada Tithi of Shukla Paksha of the Chaitra month is regarded as the king of the year. Since Pratipada will only appear this time on Tuesday night, but Chaitra Shukla Pratipada will also be present during sunrise on Wednesday, this time Mercury will be ruler of the Hindu year Vikrami Samvat 2080.

Highlights Of The Year

The Year Lagna – Scorpio  

Nakshatra – Uttara Bhadrapada

Yoga – Shukla  

Officials Of The Year 

King- Mercury

Minister- Venus

Sasyesh-  Sun

Dhanyesh- Saturn

Meghesh- Jupiter

Neersesh- Sun

Rasesh- Mars

Phalesh- Jupiter

Dhanesh- Sun

Durgesh- Jupiter  

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Officials Of The Hindu Year & Their Impact

Mercury, The King Of The Year

budhasya rajye sajalam mahItalam grrihe grriheturya vivaha mamgalam| 

prakurvante dana dayam janopi svastham subhiksham dhanadhanyam samkulam||

According to the aforementioned verse, if Mercury is the king of this year, then there is no shortage of rain on earth, meaning that it rains constantly and in abundance. Continuously auspicious events take place, and people are happy in their houses. Since Mercury is the king, there is a possibility that socially, charitable giving, kindness, and religion will rise.

The power of the nation and the people become more in harmony, or between the king and the people. The general population’s health improves. There are more employment possibilities as a result of this. There is a possibility that income will rise, and the public’s happiness and prosperity will grow as a result of excellent grain production. 

Minister Of The Year, Venus  

bhrrigusute nanu mamtripadam gate shalabha mushakaravaya mahishaih| 

bhavati dhanya samarghataya bhayam janapadeshu jalam sarito adhikam||

Venus has been appointed Samvat 2080’s minister. As a result, this year’s agricultural damage may come from insects, moths, rats, wild boars, buffalo, bulls, etc. The likelihood of excessive rainfall will rise as a result of the extra precipitation, and some areas may experience issues like floods, natural outbreaks, landslides, loss of farmland, etc. The water level of the rivers may rise which could flood villages. Even so, the harvests will be excellent. The level of income will rise.

Even though the harvest will grow, the market will continue to be robust and prices will rise. Cotton, rice, linseed, grains, castor, oil, and other traders can make excellent money. The occurrence of Vata, Pitta, phlegm, diabetes, and sexually transmitted and covert illnesses could also rise. The supremacy of women will increase. All these areas will see a rise in the promotion of cosmetics, opulent work, media, fashion, etc. The level of provocativeness in movies and television shows can rise and exceed all boundaries.

The supremacy of women will increase. All these areas will see a rise in the promotion of cosmetics, opulent work, media, fashion, etc. The level of provocativeness in movies and television shows can rise and exceed all boundaries.  

Sasyesh Of The Year- The Sun 

sasyadhinathe taranau hi purva dhanyam samargham khalu chauravrritih| 

yuddham nrripanam jalada jaladhya: svalpam cha sasyam bahubhuruhashcha||  

Sun, also known as Ravi, has become Sasyesh this year. This will increase the trend of food grain storage among the general public and traders, which will lead to a rise in food grain storage. Theft and scam cases could become more frequent. Violence is a possibility in some locations. The cost of wheat, maize, gram, pulses, etc. will stay in check, and there will be an abundance of their output. The process of accusations and denials will continue, and there will be a great deal of turmoil between the governing parties and the opposition.   

As a result, there will be further escalation in the tension between the rival countries, leading to a potential for war. Although there will be an abundance of rain, it will fall in different areas at different rates. Producing high-quality vegetation will bring some pleasure. Problems like the Corona outbreak or its associated epidemic may spread more widely in some nations of the globe, which may result in a death toll. Also, there will be beneficial production of juicy fruits, milk, and other goods.

Durgesh Of The Year- Jupiter 

suragurau gadpe navashobhita naravarah narapah karapaliah| 

girishu va nagareshu samam sukham sukhamati dvijashastrato anisham||

The legal system will function well because Senapati, or Durgesh Jupiter, or Durgapati, is present. Good judicial decisions will serve as examples in significant instances. An attempt will be made to offer a high-quality judicial system. The government will make an effort to adhere to the rules strictly. Additionally, efforts will be made to ensure that the citizens have high-quality amenities, which will help to keep control over law and order. However, such a scenario might also occur where Brahmins may need to carry weapons for self-defense, in this case they will appear to be unified.

Megesh Of The Year- Jupiter  

gururapi priyavrrishtikarah sadakhila vilasavati dharani tada| 

shruti vicharapara narapalakah rasa samrriddhi yutakhila manavah||

Jupiter is Meghesh, the year’s cloud spouse, so there will be widespread rain because of this. People will benefit from amenities, and their collections of luxury goods and consumer goods will keep growing. Even though everyone will make an effort in this way, only a select few will be successful in obtaining this facility. Others might have to deal with challenges. On its side, the government will make an effort to run the country legally. Fruits, milk, and Ghee are examples of intoxicants whose output will be good and availability in the general population will also increase, allowing for some price control.   

Dhanesh of the Year- Sun  

dravinapeyadi vasarape tada vanijato bahudravya samagamah|

gaja turamga mesha kharorashtrau dhanachayam labhate kraya vikrayat||

Sun, Ravi, or Dhanpati, also known as Dhanesh, is the lord of prosperity. The individuals who are involved in the society’s governance and administration will benefit from this in a positive way. Owners of large corporations who conduct high-level business will notice that their companies are generating good profits. Those who own quadrupeds, or four-legged animals and cars, will profit the most from buying and selling. People connected to the government may be eligible for additional benefits, and businessmen who operate on a big scale and maintain close ties to the government may be eligible for even greater advantages. 

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Rasesh Of The Year- Mars  

yadi dharatanayo rasapo bhaveda na rasarashiyuta janata shubha| 

narapatirvishamo janatapado na jalado bahuvrrish tikaro bhuvi||

Mars, this year’s Raspati, or Rasesh, is a hot-inclined planet. As a result, there may be a decline in the consumption of juicy foods like oranges, pomegranates, grapes, sugarcane, milk, and so forth. Juice shortages are conceivable and can be seen. This may cause the availability and cost of other associated substances like sugar, jaggery, and sugar to change. Water availability issues might exist in some regions of the nation.

As individuals become more angry and intolerant of one another, mutual affection may decrease. The ruling and administrative elites will behave negatively toward the general public. Despite excellent rains elsewhere, there will be a lack of rain in some areas. Food cereal costs are likely to increase, and the agricultural sector may see an increase in toxic and chemical elements, which could lead to a rise in the use of pesticides when making agricultural goods.

Falesh of the Year- Jupiter 

suraguruh phala nayakatam gato gatabhaya vanarashih mahadrumah| 

yajana yajanakotsavah mamdirah shruti vicharaparah dvijapurvakah||

There will be more fruits, blossoms, etc. because Falpati, or Flesh Jupiter, is in the sky. There could be more forestland. Their upkeep will receive special care, and laws pertaining to them can also be vigorously implemented. The yield will be excellent. Trees will be in great profusion. It is also possible to plant trees on a large basis. As a result, gasoline or fuel and wood will be readily available.

The fear that people currently experience will diminish. The public will actively participate in religious events and there will be more religious festivals. There will be numerous devotional activities, such as lessons, Yagya, Havan, etc. There will be a rise in Brahmin dominance. The Vedas, Puranas, and other sacred texts will pique their curiosity, and they will learn how to study them more effectively.  

Dhanyesh of the Year- Saturn

nirdhanah kshitibhujo ranadarah sasyamalpamati rogino narah| 

naiva varshati jalam sureshvarah syada yadamtyakanapah shanaishcharah||

There may be less rain this year because Saturn is the Dhanyaesh for the year. However, there will likely be rain, just perhaps not as much as usual. There might be a dearth. The economic state of those countries that are at war and those that are operating on a war posture may be very precarious. Additionally, they might have to deal with an economic downturn, an increase in severe diseases among the populace, a shortage of food grains due to a lack of rain in some areas, and the untimely death or passing of a significant politician or other individual this year. Politically, this period can’t be deemed favorable.

Nirsheh of the Year- Sun 

nirasadhipatau surye tamra chandanayorapi|

ratna manikya muktaderargha vrriddhih prajayate||

The ruler of metals i.e. Nirsesh has also becomes Sun, due to which there will be a possibility of a special increase in the value of important metals and gems, such as gold, silver, copper, brass, iron, ruby, pearl, topaz, sapphire, etc., and as a result, important people who do business related to these will get good. There will be a profit. The stock market offers excellent rewards for those who buy and sell items related to these metals.

Through this way we can foresee the following impending events:

  • There are 10 special office holders this year, and 5 of those positions were given to malefic planets and 5 to ruling planets. As a result, it can be said that there is a possibility for mixed results, particularly since the king and minister are both ruling planets. There will also be opportunities to hear encouraging news.
  • Sun and Jupiter’s influence over the majority of these office holders will lead to an increase in the dominance of the government and government ministers, as well as strong public support for Wipro and Kshatriyas. There will be opportunities for effective governance, but there will also be intergroup conflict.
  • This year, we will approve special judicial orders in a number of significant cases, which will enhance the judiciary’s influence, and we will be able to see the judiciary’s unique contribution.
  • The government will enact some special laws and strictly enforce them for the welfare of the general populace. The welfare of the general public will be the focus of numerous endeavors.
  • A situation will be established to raise awareness of forests and the environment, and some special laws will also be made effective for this purpose, in order to improve the environment and boost the spirit of tree planting.
  • There will be a lot of legal change at this time; some outdated laws will be repealed and new ones adopted.
  • In many sectors, the government will become more dominant. The nation’s reputation will grow in other countries. 
  • Everybody might be seen standing at the crossroads of the horrors of war, as warlike situations could occasionally develop between rival countries and the world could continue to experience periods of unrest.
  • Winter crop costs might go up, but there will be more rain, even though there might not be as much of it as is needed.
  • In Samvat 2080, there could be political unrest as well as a condition of hostility and conflict between the heads of state. It could be seen that the state and the federal government are accusing and disputing one another. In many nations, a state of conflict is possible.
  • This year, women will hold significant power, and it won’t be shocking to see them in prominent roles in society.
  • Adultery in movies will rise, and people will become more drawn to dancing, singing, and other forms of music and movement and the impact of cunning and dishonest people will grow and they begin acting dishonestly at any level for their own gain.
  • An influential politician might experience agony comparable to mortality at the start of this year.
  • The global economic downturn will also have a unique effect on India’s economy, for which the government will need to make persistent efforts.
  • The rival countries may become more competitive for the use and accumulation of nuclear weapons as a result of humiliating one another.
  • An epidemic like the Coronavirus, or issues linked to it, might come back on a global scale.
  • The Russia-Ukraine war will first build up speed before slowing down and then picking back up.
  • The price increase brought on by the Pingal year might worry the people.
  • It will be particularly helpful for those working in the technical and medical fields, as well as for authors, lawyers, judges, teachers, and those engaged in intellectual pursuits.
  • Various scholars will exhibit a veiled form of diplomacy, which could lead to the outbreak of war.

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We wish you luck in the upcoming Hindu New Year, Chaitra Shukla Pratipada 2023. We also hope for a bright future for you.


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