Vikram Samvat 2077: Moon Sign Based Predictions For Your New Year!

Vikram Samvat 2077 has begun from today. How this new year proves to be as per your zodiac signs, we have mentioned in this blog. But before moving forward, here’s a good news for you. AstroSage has taken advantage of this occasion and introduced “Navratri Sale” for you, where you can get huge discounts and bumper deals on astrology services. Know more about it by clicking HERE. Now moving on to Vikram Samvat 2077.

As per the Hindu Panchang, the first day of the Chaitra Shukla which is called the “Pratipada Tithi“ marks the beginning of the Hindu New Year.

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The day on which this date falls is titled the “King” of the cabinet that New Year. Since, this time the date is falling on Wednesday whose lord is “Mercury”, so the king of this year would be Mercury. As this planet rules the Business, Communication and Trading, this indicates that the mark of the New Year will bring in good gains for the businessmen and people in professional fields like CA, CS etc..Those in public dealing sectors are also likely to benefit during this year. The Minister of the council will be “Moon” as the day when the “Baisakhi” festival will be celebrated will fall on Monday. This indicates that it will be auspicious for women and people involved in works related to creativity and arts.

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Hindu New Year 2020 for All Moon Signs

This Samvatsar will be called by the name “Prammadi”. Generally, it is a tradition to prepare the horoscope on the date when the Chaitra Krishna Paksha Amavasya ends and the Partipada tithi Begins. Based on that, the yearly predictions for all the Moon signs are prepared.

This time the planetary alignments on that day are as follows-


So, now according to this placement of the stars, let’s see what the New Year has in store for all the Moon signs-

Predictions are based on the Moon Sign. To know yours, click here: Moon Sign Calculator


Aries natives are going to benefit from the land related matters, sale and purchase of property will bring in gains and profit for them during this year. It also indicates that your lifestyle and status are likely to improve. The position of your Moon sign lord Mars in exalted state in career and profession indicates that major changes will happen on the career front. They are likely to achieve higher positions of authority this year. However, stay away from haste and aggression.


This Hindu New Year 2020 will bring auspicious results for the natives who are working in multinational organisations or looking for foreign settlement, as the Moon sign lord Venus is transiting in their twelfth sign of foreign. The planetary placements also indicate that your efforts are likely to go in the desired direction bringing name, fame  and appreciation. Good news from mail, internet can also come in this duration. However, taking care of your health is of paramount importance. Involving yourself in creativity and arts will bring good results for you.


The placement of planets in Vikram Samvat 2077 indicates that luck will favor you in most of your endeavors as your Moon sign lord Mercury is in the ninth house of fortune. Spiritual journeys are on the cards for some.The individuals of this sign may come across many opportunities that will help them multiply their income. Good year to divert your energies into investments and savings which are going to secure you and your family future. However, some ups and downs in the relationships can be foreseen, which can become a source of worry. So, try to have proper communication with your beloved.


Cancer natives will enjoy the fruits of their past deeds during this year as their lord Moon will be positioned in the house of fortune and luck. The placement of tenth lord Mars in its exalted  state will help them initiate and implement tasks to their proper execution. This will bring in praises and appraisal for some. Businesses will also yield profits. Some auspicious happenings in the home can be predicted for some.

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Leo individuals have to take care of their health, otherwise you are going to spend most of your money on keeping yourself fit during this year. This year demands not to push for things and taking decisions after weighing in pros and cons, otherwise, you are likely to incur losses in the bargain. Taking advice from your mentors, idols and teachers will be crucial, as that will stop your efforts from going in vain. Try to be optimistic and social, which will bring in positive results.


The placement of planets this New Year will bring success, riches, profits coupled with recognition and appreciation for Virgo natives. Placement of Moon sign Mercury indicates that professionals are likely to get new opportunities in their desired fields. Businessmen will get good gains and profits. However, you can be a little stubborn which can create some difficulties in the relationships. Married natives can see some auspicious happenings during this year.

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The placement of planets this New Year are activating your house of professions, this indicates that auspicious happenings on the professional front can be foreseen for some. The placement of the Moon sign lord Venus in the house of partnerships will bring new energy in relationships. You will be in the pink of health during this whole year. However, the position of two malefic planets on your fourth house indicates some health problems for mother and disturbances in the home environment.


Their Moon sign lord Mars in exalted position indicates that you will be able to overcome your obstacles and struggles through your sheer will power and strength. The ascendant sign of the New Year Cancer will activate your house of fortune and luck, indicating new opportunities coupled with higher incentives for professionals. Business establishments will flourish. However, do not promise what you cannot fulfill, otherwise, your image can get tarnished. It is a good year for seeking new forms of knowledge and fulfilling your spiritual inclination.


The placement of the ascendant sign of the New Year Cancer is positioned in your eighth house of uncertainties which indicates some insecurities, anxieties. This can also create some difficulties on the health part. However, the position of your Moon sign lord Jupiter in the ascendant itself will provide some relief. The position of the second house lord Saturn in its own house  will help you get good riches and wealth, but sustaining it can be a little difficult. Some rudeness or harshness in speech can create problems in the family front, so keep a tab on your choice of words.

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The New Year will see the Capricorn natives entering into the new relationships and business agreements as the ascendant sign of the New Year Cancer will be positioned in their seventh house of partnerships and relationships. Undertaking voyages will be successful for many. However, the position of Mars and Saturn in your ascendant can make you aggressive and seek validation which may result in wastage of your energy. Indulging in physical activity will be a must for you to channelize your aggression.


Aquarius natives will see the placement of the New Year ascendant sign Cancer in their sixth house, which can lead to an increase in their enemies and debts. So, be aware and alert in your workplace and try to keep a balance between your income and expenditures. Problems in the health, accidents and injuries can be foreseen, so try and drive slowly during this duration. Be social and try to meet your friends as they will be your saving grace during this year. However, those natives looking for foreign settlement are likely to benefit during this year.


Family expansion is on the cards for the Pisces natives as the ascendant sign of the New Year Cancer will be placed in their fifth house of progeny, love and romance. Students are also likely to succeed in their academics. Professionals will see their ideas getting appreciation, businessmen will see their policies yielding profits and success. Single natives will meet their special someone, married natives will find harmony and happiness. The conjunction of the second house lord Mars and eleventh house lord Saturn will bring in riches, success and profits for them. Fulfillment of deep longing desires can be foreseen for Pisces natives.

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