Himanta Biswa Sarma’s Era Begins in Assam : Know What Astrology Has to Say!

A new era of politics has dawned upon Assam as Himanta Biswa Sarma has been elected as the chief minister of Assam. His political experience has been quite a journey. Being elected from the Jalukbari constituency, he is fondly known as “Mama” of Assam. After being somewhat disappointed under Sarbananda Sonawal term, people of Assam are quite hopeful for their upcoming time under Himanta’s leadership. 

On the 10th of May 2021, Himanta Biswa Sarma took oath of the CM of Assam at 12:06 pm.  If one will see the horoscope, the lagna lord is in the ninth and the ninth lord is in the 11th house which is a very auspicious time. The lagna is Leo, a fixed ascendant. I have observed since many years that all the BJP people take oath in fixed ascendant and usually in Aquarius. Anyways, people have very high expectations from him and he is a demigod in Assam as per media reports. 

Assam is going through the turmoil of covid just like any other state in India and there are many other issues to tackle like ULFA and Bodoland issues. People are fed up with all these extortionists and all the other crisis inducing circumstances which are a hindrance to the development of the state. 

Apart from health and these things there is promise of giving jobs and development of Assam which is invariably one of the most beautiful places and people I have seen in India. It deserves to get better and better. Will Sarma be able to do it?

Ketu Dasha is going on till 07-07-2023 and then the Dasha of Venus will begin. Venus is in the 10th house conjoined Mercury and Rahu and also creating a very beautiful Malavya yoga in the 10th house. Venus and Mercury are the two most beneficial planets for Leo lagna and luckily all the three are placed in the right places. 

Till the Dasha of Ketu will be there things are going to be difficult for Mr Sarma and he will face unwanted hindrances and oppositions. There will be a spread of the virus in the remote areas of Assam and things will really get difficult there to control. They already are out of hands of the present governments. 

Coming to finance, gradually things are going to improve and we will see a new rise in infrastructure and development in Assam. Hindus will dominate and the outsiders will be shown the way out. But it will be a very difficult task for him. He is known as the fighter in the local public which he has shown umpteen times. 

There will be investments in the state and the normal public will become better year by year. 

There will be a boost to the musical and other performing talents of Assam and we will see many Assamese performing nationally in the time to come. There will be a boost to Assamese culture overall. Religion will rise whether it is any religion irrespective of anything but in a positive way. 

People will praise the works of the government in the time to come but there will be a big scam in the health sector before 2023 ends. It may or may not be unearthed which is not part of this astrological writing.

Farmers will get better in the state as it is having the best tea plantations, those will have a better life to live. 

Overall I see an era of goodness, Hinduism rising in the state and outsiders thrown away along with multidirectional development projects. 

To know more, go ahead and talk to  Acharya Raman!

We wish Mr Sarma all the best for his upcoming future! 


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