The Hermit Tarot Reading: Mirroring With The Divine Tarot Card

The Hermit Tarot is a card of solitude in the literal sense and deeper meanings reflect on the self-realisation. The ninth Tarot Card of the Major Arcana is all about finding something. Know how to read the Hermit Tarot and what is the impact of this card on the lives of natives.

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The Hermit Card symbolizes showing light to the world. The picturisation goes with the fact that an elderly man with a white beard, draped in an unattractive earthy coloured cloak. This man holds a wand in one hand and a lantern in the other hand. It looks downward holding his torch high as if to show light or see what is underneath as he stands on a frozen ground covered with ice. The picture imposes the fact that he is standing in freezing cold weather on a hilltop trying to help people find their way amidst the cold breeze and isolated ways. It portrays maturity and golden experience of life, which has not brought stability and understanding of the Journey.

The Hermit Tarot Reading

The Hermit card shows the completion, in lieu of the same, it resonates to the person who is a jack of all trades. They have burnt their hands in knowing all the ifs and buts of life and are the best buddies to seek for advice and counselling sessions. They are experienced beings in their particular field and will never fail in handing things at their best. Their maturity and superiority is the best medicine or solution to the challenges of life. They are good at carving out ways not only for themselves but also for anyone and everyone they find in their surrounding. It shows their inner intent and calmness, along with the selfless attitude. 

A truly helpful being will not mind standing themselves out in an uncomfortable position to give their true services to the society. A grounded and stable being, does not get carried away with the fanciness of the world nor is charmed up by material possessions. They hold their knowledge high but do not believe in posing it off instead they cover it up in their humble gestures and sage words. 

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The Hermit Card As A Seeker

The Hermit Tarot reflects the energy of searching, it draws out the aspiration of finding the soul food. The more about quenching the thirst of knowledge and achieving spiritual goals. It is about experiencing life minutely and realising its true purpose. Hermit is just about being an empath, where the sensitivity towards materialistic comforts and discomfort’s combat a battle at heart to know the individuality and originality of existence. 

The aftermath of this battle defines the stage of Hermit. This is a chosen solitude to find the light of being and reflecting within themselves to seek true answers of originality. Furthermore, it reaches to the point of uplifting the energy of the soul into the formation of light. The brightness of this light shows the way to the world. It is about the desire of merging back to existence and inspiring the sphere to follow the footprints towards serenity and fulfilment of wishes. It’s about attaining contentment and forever happiness from inside out, a peak of stability where nothing deteriorates the inner peace and calm of mind. It’s about attaining the perfect alignment of mind, body and soul.

The Hermit For A Relationship

This tarot card evokes the energy of finding a new relationship which can surf all the needs and comforts of an individual. If already in a bond then it represents the fact that about the distance between the partners. Also, at times it shows the cold attitude of either of the partners. It resonates to the fact that the connection between the two is truly karmic but one needs to find a point of conversation and communication with the other one.

With Hermit Tarot Reading, we can conclude that this is a card of solitude where one is feeling aloof and not truly enjoying the company or missing some emotional bondage from their dear one. It also rings around the fact that despite being in a relationship you are all by yourself due to the missing attention and comfort of your partner. This card also draws an inclination that a couple needs some sincere advice and counselling for maintaining a healthier bond. 

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The Hermit Tarot Card As A Lesson

The unerring message of the Hermit Card is to lead an unbiased life and find your true happiness. It emphasises the importance of being true to oneself and finding inner peace and comfort. The reversal of the card also draws attention to the fact that one is cutting themselves off from everything and leading a life of a loner. At times, it shows the acute depression and isolation an individual is going through in their life. 

The major focus is to leave any kind of bondage and focus on finding contentment and merriment in life. Be it at the spiritual plane or worldly sphere the aim should be finding your way out to be joyful. It also suggests the fact that sometimes being a light to other people may be the true sense of finding joy within yourself. Therefore, it also teaches the art of being pleasant and kind to society. 

The other important message from Hermit Tarot Card is to be humble, grounded and stable as this will lead to maintaining a balance in life. Due to the extreme temperatures pictured in the card, it states that come what may, one should know how to lead their life towards betterment. The prime goal of living should be finding the best within yourself and helping others to achieve the same.

The Hermit as a Cure

The servitude and assisting nature of the card draws attention to the balance energy and strong will power. The best remedy is to meditate and draw a few minutes in a day to reflect upon the actions performed and outcomes of the same. Practising tratak by focusing on the light of a lamp is another way of gaining strength. Wearing bright coloured clothes like red or orange will also energise the energy. Also, applying a dark red tilak or bindi will bring vitality.  Keeping a red jasper in the south direction of the place will also enhance the energies. 

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