Havan Ashes Remedies: Blessings Will Knock At Your House Door!

A Havan is necessary on several occasions in India or in any Hindu, god-fearing family. Every member of the family sits together during a havan as the Pandit chants Mantras, whether it be for a celebration, a new home or building, or the naming of a baby. But did you know that Hawan Rakh (the ashes of the Hawan) is as beneficial as Hawan and following certain Hawan ashes remedies can bring happiness and peace in your house and make your life easier. So today in this blog by AstroSage, we will discuss how Hawan Ki Raakh can be used after the Havan ends and what benefits it can provide you in your life.  Along with this we will also learn about the scientific benefits of performing Havan and its traditional values.

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Havan Practice In Hindu Religion

Since the beginning of Hinduism, havan has been a tradition. Performing Havan at home is said to eliminate negative energy. Havan purifies the air in the house, which attracts good energy. According to astrology, performing Havan on a special occasion is seen to be lucky. This results in the full fruit of worship. When performing Havan, it is crucial that the Havan material is accurate. The material from Havan contains a lot of things.

The scriptures state that Havan material is offered in the fire while conducting Havan. The Havan filters the air with the smoke that is released. In order to feed the sacred fire during a Havan or Yagna, numerous herbs and food items are added. Ingredients for a Havan include leaves, herbal roots, ghee, milk, seeds, incense, and grains. These are known as Samagri. Aside from those ingredients, it also contains dry coconut, Guggal, Agar wood, Amla, bach, bay leaves, green cardamom, cloves, Chharil, Turmeric, Deodar, Dhawai phool, dry eucalyptus leaves, Kapoor Kachari, and nutmeg. Other religions like Jainism and Buddhism also practice it. A Havan is believed to purify both the surroundings and the devotee. 

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Special attention has also been placed on the ashes left behind from the Havan. According to Astrology, there are various remedies using Havana ashes that can be used to keep blessings in the home. The house is blessed by Mother Lakshmi, and any bad energy is expelled. The Havan ashes are preserved safely in many homes, while others allow them to flow in the water. But before that let’s know the importance of Hawan Ashes.

Use Of Havan Ashes In Hinduism

Vibhuti, or sacred Havan Ash, is used in a variety of ways. First of all, it is a fantastic medium for energy transmission or transfer, and it has the power to guide and regulate the energy body. The blessings and energies of the deities invoked are present in it. You can use it to guard yourself and it will protect you from all harm. 

Moreover, Ash represents our first unity with the divine because, ultimately, Ash is all that remains of us in our unalloyed state. Plus, there is a symbolic meaning associated with applying it on the body. It’s like you’re constantly wearing mortality on your body, serving as a continual reminder of the transient nature of existence.

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Astrological Remedies Of Havan Ashes 

Now let’s know the astrological remedies as there are numerous miraculous qualities in the Havana ashes.

  • According to Vastu Shastra, using the ashes from a Havan helps keep bad energies out of the dwelling. Astrologers claim that, rather than throwing the ashes of Havan, you should sprinkle them around your home or place of work to drive away any evil spirits that may be there.
  • According to astrology, the Havan ashes can also be used to banish the evil eye. According to Vastu Shastra, the ash from Havan is used in order to shield the residents of the home from the evil eye. By doing this, one is liberated from the evil eye and the evil eye disappears.
  • Store the ashes carefully only after the Havan if you want prosperity and blessings in your home. Then, after the ash has cooled, bind it in a red cloth and store it in the vault. The individual who follows this remedy is blessed with wealth and is relieved of any financial concerns.
  • The ashes of Havan can also be used to get rid of nightmares someone may have at night. The frightening dreams stop occurring at night if you sleep with Havana ashes on your pillow and one should follow this practice for four consecutive days and then they stop seeing scary dreams. 

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