Hartalika Teej 2022: Auspicious date, Timings, Significance & More!

Hartalika Teej 2022 is here, therefore, like every other auspicious occasion, AstroSage has curated this special Hartalika Teej 2022 blog for our readers. There are three Teej festivals that are celebrated in India- Hariyali Teej, Kajri Teej, and Hartalika Teej. This day has huge importance for Hindu women and is mainly celebrated in the northern states of India & Nepal. This auspicious day is dedicated to the pious meeting of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva. On this day, women observe Nirjala fast (that is fast without consuming water). It is believed that Goddess Parvati was the 1st woman to observe this fast to get Mahadev as her husband. This is very much similar to Karva Chauth, which is celebrated in the same way, where women observe fast for their husband’s long life.

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According to the Hindu Panchang, Hartalika Teej is celebrated on the 3rd day of Shukla Paksha in Bhadrapada month. As per scriptures, Hartalika Teej is considered to be the most significant teej out of the 3 Teej celebrations. Hariyali Teej and Kajri Teej are celebrated before Hartalika Teej. On this day, people worship Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati with all the rituals. It is believed that if you observe this fast then you will get strong luck. On this day, married women observe Nirjala and Nirahar fast for the long life of their husbands.

Apart from the married women, Hartalika Teej fast is also observed by unmarried girls. It is believed that this fast helps in getting the desired groom. In this special blog on Hartalika Teej 2022 by AstroSage, let’s throw some light on auspicious Muhurat, rituals, date, muhurat, significance, pujan vidhi & more. Before moving ahead, let’s check out what this blog has to offer about Hartalika Teej 2022.

Hartalika Teej 2022: Date & Auspicious Muhurat

Date: 30 August, 2022 (Tuesday)

Pratah kaal Muhurat : 05:57:47 to 08:31:19

Duration : 2 Hour 33 Minute

Note: These timings are applicable for New Delhi. To know the timings as per your city, click here.

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Hartalika Teej Festivities

On this day, both married and unmarried women observe fast for a smooth married life and to get the desired life partner. Many women across the globe observe Nirjala fast on this day. In Hariyali Teej and Kajari Teej, women visit their in-laws’ houses for the rituals and festivities. They wake up early in the morning, take a bath, and wear new clothes and jewelry. They also apply henna to their hands. They receive precious gifts from their in-laws that are also called Sinjara. These gifts include bangles, clothes, henna, sindoor, and sweets, especially Ghevar.

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Hartalika Teej 2022 Puja Rituals

  • Women should wake up early in the morning and get dressed in new clothes.
  • Visit the temple and worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati on this auspicious day.
  • Observe Nirjala fast, if possible.
  • For women, touch your husband’s feet after returning from the temple.
  • In the evening, the women must take a bath again and dress up like a newly wedded bride.
  • Make Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati idols out of sand or clay for performing puja.
  • Light up a Diya and offer Bilva leaves, incense sticks, and flowers to the gods. 
  • Recite Hartalika Teej Katha and conclude the puja by offering various holy things to Ma Parvati and seeking her blessings for a happy married life. 

Pujan Vidhi For Hartalika Teej 2022

  1. In Hartalika Teej worship Shri Ganesha, Lord Shiva, and Mata Parvati.
  2. First of all, you have to make 3 idols and offer tilak to Lord Ganesha and offer Durva.
  3. After this, offer Dhatura Flowers, Belpatra, Shami Patra leaves to Lord Shiva and offer a shringar kit (makeup box) to Mata Parvati.
  4. After offering clothes to all three deities, recite or listen to Hartalika Teej Katha.
  5. Do Shri Ganesha, Lord Shiva, and Mata Parvati aarti and then offer Prasad as bhog to them.

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Rules For Observing Hartalika Teej Vrat 

  • Those women who are observing fast for the first time must make sure that if they start it, then they cannot skip or break it in between.
  • If during Hartalika Teej, a woman is having menses then they should not touch the idol of the god and also should listen to Katha from a distance.
  • On the day of Hartalika Teej, women do Jagran and worship Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati. It is believed that those people who sleep at the night of this fast, will take rebirth as a python.

…This Is Why Henna Is Applied On Hartalika Teej

The reason behind applying henna on hands on the auspicious day of Hartalika Teej is because without henna the shringar or dress-up is incomplete. It is believed that Mata Parvati has accepted Lord Shiva as her husband in her mind. To please Bholenath, Mata Parvati observed fast and applied henna on her hands, when Shiv Ji saw red-colored henna on her hands he was god impressed and accepted Mata Parvati as his wife.

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Essential Hartalika Teej Mantras

Shanti Mantra:

ॐ द्यौः शान्तिरन्तरिक्षं शान्तिः पृथिवी शान्तिरापः शान्तिरोषधयः शान्तिः। वनस्पतयः शान्तिर्विश्वेदेवाः शान्तिर्ब्रह्म शान्तिः सर्वं शान्तिः शान्तिरेव शान्तिः सा मा शान्तिरेधि॥ ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः॥

oṃ dyauḥ śāntirantarikṣaṃ śāntiḥ pṛthivī śāntirāpaḥ śāntiroṣadhayaḥ śāntiḥ। vanaspatayaḥ śāntirviśvedevāḥ śāntirbrahma śāntiḥ sarvaṃ śāntiḥ śāntireva śāntiḥ sā mā śāntiredhi॥ oṃ śāntiḥ śāntiḥ śāntiḥ॥

Kshama Mantra:

जगन्मातर्मातस्तव चरणसेवा न रचिता न वा दत्तं देवि द्रविणमपि भूयस्तव मया। तथापि त्वं स्नेहं मयि निरुपमं यत्प्रकुरुषे कुपुत्रो जायेत क्व चिदपि कुमाता न भवति॥

jaganmātarmātastava caraṇasevā na racitā na vā dattaṃ devi draviṇamapi bhūyastava mayā। tathāpi tvaṃ snehaṃ mayi nirupamaṃ yatprakuruṣe kuputro jāyeta kva cidapi kumātā na bhavati॥

Goddess Parvati’s Mantra:

ओम् उमयेए पर्वतयेए जग्दयेए जगत्प्रथिस्थयेए स्हन्तिरुपयेए स्हिवयेए ब्रह्म रुप्नियेए”

“om umayī parvatayī jagdayī jagatprathisthayī śantirupayī śivayī brahma rupniyī”

Lord Shiva’s Mantra:

“ओम् ह्रयेए महेस्ह्अरयेए स्हम्भवे स्हुल् पद्येए पिनक्ध्रस्हे स्हिवये पस्हुपतये महदेवयअ नमह्”

“om hrayī maheśvarayī śambhave śul padyī pinakdhraśe śivaye paśupataye mahadevayā namah”

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Remedies According To Your Zodiac Sign On Hartalika Teej 

Aries: Women who belong to the Aries sign are advised to keep a red-colored piece of cloth while performing the puja and feed cows with sweet chapati and help a needy person. 

Taurus: Women in the Taurus sign should plant Tulsi or bamboo trees for good outcomes. Water trees and plants in some gardens.

Gemini: Women of this zodiac sign should seek the blessings of the elders in the family. Donate medicines to needy persons.

Cancer: Women with this sign should try to fulfill the wishes of elders in the family and apart from this, take rice or silver from an old member of the family and keep it forever with you. 

Leo: The Leo ladies must restrain their feelings and donate walnuts and coconut to the poor people on the evening of the Hartalika Teej Day. 

Virgo: The ladies of this zodiac sign are advised not to hurt the feelings or sentiments of anyone on this very day and speak harsh words. Donating a black handkerchief or any black cloth would be good for them.    

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Libra: Women who belong to these zodiac signs are recommended to feed chapatis to cows. And take care of their parents’ health.

Scorpio: Women of this zodiac sign must serve sweet chapatis to poor people. They must not deceive anyone. 

Sagittarius: Women of this zodiac sign should help the poor people and if possible, they should take someone unable to visit on pilgrimage.  

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Capricorn: The Capricorn zodiac sign should serve the small living creatures. They can feed cows and other animals. Also, they can avoid indulging in any sort of dialogue and wrong activities.   

Aquarius: Women of this zodiac sign should donate grains while facing south. Over and above, it is auspicious to offer milk at a Bhairav temple. 

Pisces: Women with Pisces zodiac signs, are recommended not to borrow money from anyone. Apart from this, they should respect the elders by giving due respect to their feelings and emotions.

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