Hanuman Puja 2023: Perform Hanuman Puja On Diwali To Resolve Issues

It is believed that Hanuman Ji is the only God present on earth for the protection of humans. Hanuman Ji resolves all the sufferings of devotees who take the lord’s name. All over the country, there are many temples of Hanuman Ji where Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated with full devotion. Hanuman Ji is the ardent devotee of Shri Ram and the Hanuman Jayanti is worshiped with great pomp across the temples. Only a few people know that before the Diwali celebrations, there is the tradition of worshiping Hanuman Ji. The Hanuman Puja 2023 will be held on Kali Chaudas day on 11 November 2023. The belief is that on the Kali Chaudas night, the strength of evil forces strengthens and thus Hanuman Ji provides the relevant courage to devotees to tackle the evil forces. There is the tradition of worshiping the Hanuman on Kali Chaudas day to attain power & strength and get protection from evil spirits. 

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The belief regarding the Hanuman Puja is that the Diwali festival is celebrated to cherish the return of Lord Ram to Ayodhya after 14 years in exile and killing Ravana. Watching the devotion and dedication of Hanuman Ji, Shri was very pleased, and hence, the lord blessed Hanuman Ji that devotees would need to worship Hanuman Ji in the world, before worshiping Lord Ram. From that point, there has been the tradition of worshiping Hanuman Ji just a day before Diwali celebrations. 

On the day of Hanuman Puja 2023, Shri Hanuman Jayanti will be celebrated in the Hanumangarhi temple of Ayodhya. 

When Is Hanuman Puja 2023 Held?

Hanuman Puja in 2023 is performed on 11 November 2023, on Saturday. The day is also known as Kali Chaudas and on the day of Hanuman worship, Preeti Yoga is also being formed. The Chaturdashi Tithi starts on 11 November 2023 at 01.59 pm and ends on 12 November 2023 at 02.46 pm. 

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Formation Of Auspicious Yoga For Hanuman Worship 

On 11 November 2023, Preeti Yoga forms on Hanuman Puja 2023. The Yoga starts at 05.04 pm on 10 November and continues till 04.57 pm on 11 November. 

In astrology, Preeti Yoga is considered one of the auspicious timelines for holy activities. The devotees will get positive outcomes for work, plans, projects, or rituals during the Preeti Yoga. It will result in a happy married life and there is guaranteed success on the tasks started in this yoga. 

Four Zodiac Signs Loved By Hanuman Ji 

Hanuman Ji is believed to remove the troubles and pain of all the devotees. But, there are specific four zodiac signs getting the blessing of Hanuman Ji. Let us check the zodiac signs that are cared for by Hanuman Ji. 


Aries is the first zodiac in the list of horoscopes and has the special blessings of Lord Hanuman. The natives of the sign are blessed by Hanuman Ji and they have strong willpower. Such people also possess great skills, knowledge, and intelligence. On Tuesday, the Aries natives should worship Lord Hanuman and it will fix different troubles in their lives. 

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Lord Hanuman has its blessing on the Leo zodiac and thus they have the ability to overcome different troubles. They are able to deal with different problems coming their way. There will be peace and positivity across the home environment. The blessings of Hanuman Ji will result in the gain of wealth and a fixup of financial troubles. 


The natives of the Scorpio zodiac will have the blessing of Lord Hanuman and will get all the desired outcomes in work life. The lord’s affection toward the zodiac will help to correct the spoiled works and get success in life. Such people also achieve financial prosperity in their lives. 


Hanuman Ji’s blessing will result in the removal of all obstacles and hindrances from your life. They get to live a happy and joyful life. The overall financial condition also improves. On Tuesday, the Aquarius natives need to visit the Hanuman Ji’s temple. 

Astrological Measures To Get The Blessings Of Hanuman Ji 

  • There is great significance in worshiping Lord Hanuman on Tuesday and Saturday. The Hanuman Puja this time falls on Saturday only. If you face troubles in completing your tasks or have negative feelings or energy around you, then get solutions by putting a red flag on the roof on Hanuman Puja 2023. The Lord will protect the devotees against all kinds of troubles. 
  • Providing food to the needy and poor people on the day of Hanuman Ji will help devotees get out of financial crunches. Before that, don’t forget to offer food to Hanuman Ji. It is one of the suitable ways to strengthen the financial condition of devotees. 

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  • The Pitra Dosha in the horoscope will result in different troubles in your life and thus recite Ramayana in your home on the Hanuman Puja 2023. This results in attaining salvation for the ancestors and the elimination of Pitra Dosha. 
  • In case you suffer any kind of disease and it is not being cured, then recite Hanuman Chalisa 108 times on the day of Hanuman Puja and it will help you get rid of health troubles. 
  • In the Hanuman Puja 2023, offer Sawamani Prasad to Hanuman Ji if you face troubles in building a house or completing the auspicious tasks in the family. Offer prayers to Hanuman Ji to remove different kinds of obstacles from your life. 
  • If you’re involved in legal cases or falsely accused in some way, place a red flag on the top of a temple. This will help you win against different scenarios in life. 

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