Hanuman Jayanti: Bajrangbali Will Shower His Blessings On 4 Zodiacs!

Hanuman Jayanti 2023: Hanuman, who is an ardent devotee of Shri Ram, is also known as Bajrangbali, Sankat Mochan, and Mahavir. According to religious tradition, Lord Hanuman was born on the day of the full Moon in Shukla Paksha during the month of Chaitra. Hanuman Janmotsav is a national holiday observed with much fanfare on this auspicious day. Hanuman Jayanti is observed, twice a year. The first is observed during the month of Chaitra, and the second on the Chaturdashi day of the Krishna Paksha during the month of Kartik.

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Sankat Mochan Hanuman is known as the God of Kalyug in Sanatan Dharma because he still roams the earth and grants the desires of his devotees. According to a popular belief, those who worship Bajrangbali on the day of Hanuman Jayanti will reap benefits equivalent to those of worshiping lord Hanuman throughout the entire year, even if they are unable to do so. It is believed that all of life’s problems can be resolved by worshiping lord Hanuman. 

The festival of Hanuman Jayanti will be observed this year on Thursday, April 6, 2023. In a situation like this, Bajrangbali will bestow special blessings on four zodiac signs, and through his kindness, April will prove to be fortunate for these signs. Let’s know which zodiac signs will receive Hanuman ji’s benefits in this special AstroSage blog without further ado. 

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These 4 Zodiacs Will Have Success In Every Task


With Hanuman’s blessing, the entire month of April will be productive for Aries natives. You’ll have opportunities to get money during this period, which will help your financial situation. All of your desires will also come true. During this time, you can purchase a piece of property or make a significant investment, both of which can be advantageous. 

Other than that, people will notice you enlarging your social circle and spending time with both old and new acquaintances. For those who are working, this is a favorable time. During this time, you can also expect promotions and rise in your status.


For the Taurus people, this period will be particularly memorable. You’ll notice an improvement in your assurance during this. Career-wise, there will be new possibilities. There is also a possibility that you and your younger siblings will launch your own business.   

For those who work for MNCs or want to do business abroad, this is going to be an especially wonderful time. You might have to make a long journey during this period, but it will be worthwhile for you. This time will bring much pleasure into your family life. Your mother and older sibling will fully support you, which will make the road ahead even simpler.  

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For those born under the sign of Leo, this time will be extremely fortunate. They can succeed, especially if they want to pursue a higher education or find employment overseas. In addition, those who are planning a family vacation abroad are also very likely to have a successful time during this time. You will also notice a change in your financial situation together with this.  

Along with this, your financial situation will also change. You can purchase any kind of property during this period. You’ll be content if you suddenly earn money. You will advance in every area. If you do your task well, you’ll achieve success in your field and become more dominant at work. In addition to this, you will have the opportunity for work advancement and pay raises.


The Scorpio zodiac sign will benefit from this time frame. You will be more drawn to spiritual pursuits at this time, and you may decide to embark on a journey. You will reap the rewards of your efforts during this time, and an increase in income is possible. As a result, your financial situation will improve. 

You can make money by investing in real estate or other types of property, and you can then spend it comfortably. In your daily life, you’ll experience success. With your job, you can improve the reputation of your family. Single natives will have chances to get married. It’s possible for someone at work or a close acquaintance to attract you towards them. You will continue to be active and stress-free in terms of your health. 

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Special Remedies To Remove Barriers On Hanuman Jayanti

  • On Hanuman Jayanti, write Jai Shri Ram with red sandalwood on 11 or 21 banyan leaves, create a garland out of it, and put it in the neck of Bajrangbali if you are having financial difficulties. It is believed that by doing this, one can overcome a financial problem.
  • Apply vermilion Tika from the shoulder of Bajrangbali on the patient’s forehead on the day of Hanuman Jayanti if he has been suffering from a serious illness. One can cure themselves of any illness by doing this.   
  • On the day of Hanuman Jayanti, visit the Hanuman shrine, light an oil lamp, and recite the mantra “Om namo hanumate rudravataraya sarvasatrusamharanaya sarvaroga haraya sarvavasikaranaya ramadutaya svaha” 108 times if you are still not seeing any progress despite your efforts.
  • Recite Sunderkand at home on the day of Hanuman Jayanti and distribute Boondi Laddoos to the poor as Prasad. This is believed to be able to resolve issues regarding children.
  • On this day, hang a red flag bearing a picture of Hanuman ji on the roof of the house to drive away evil and negative energies.

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