Hanuman Jayanti 2022 Is Special, Know The Reason & Auspicious Muhurat

Hanuman Jayanti is the day when we celebrate the birthday of the supreme devotee of Lord Ram, Bajrangbali. Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated every year on the Chaitra month’s Purnima Tithi. According to Hindu Panchang, this year Hanuman Jayanti will be observed on the 16th of April, Saturday. It is considered that if the date for Hanuman Jayanti falls on Tuesday or Saturday then its importance gets doubled. This is because, in a week, it is spiritually considered that only Tuesday and Saturday have a direct connection with Lord Bajrangbali.

Through this special blog on Hanuman Jayanti, we will know why this year is considered auspicious for Hanuman Jayanti? What will be the auspicious Mahurat? Puja Vidhi? What benefits do we get from this Puja? And will understand, how to attain Bajrangbali’s blessings in your life by using Sindoor in the Puja.

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Hanuman Jayanti 2022

This year, Hanuman Jayanti is falling on the 16th of April, Saturday. If we talk about its timings then, it will start on Purnima Tithi of 16th April at 2:25 pm and will end on 17th April at 12:24 am. As there is a special significance in celebrating Hanuman Jayanti in Udya Tithi, so it will be celebrated on the 16th of April, this year.

Auspicious Coincidences On Hanuman Jayanti

As we have already discussed that if Hanuman Jayanti falls on Tuesday or Saturday then it is considered the most auspicious day, and this year, Hanuman Jayanti is falling on Saturday. So, the first auspicious coincidence is that the celebration is going to take place on the day which is directly connected with Lord Hanuman. And the second auspicious coincidence is that this Hanuman Jayanti, there is Ravi Yoga and Harshan Yoga. Apart from these two coincidences, you will witness the presence of Chitra Nakshatra.

It is considered that any task done in these Yogas will be fruitful for you. So, if you perform the Hanuma Jayanti Puja at the auspicious time then Lord Hanuman’s blessings will be showered upon you. If we talk about the timings, then the Ravi Yoga will be on 16th April from 5:55 am to 8:40 pm.

Significance of Hanuman Jayanti

On this auspicious day, it is considered that all the devotees of Bajrangbali should perform a Pavitra Snan. It is said that, by doing so, all the sins and obstructions in life vanish. Apart from this, if you are facing issues related to Shani (Saturn) or you have Dosha in your Kundali then going to the temple and performing Puja on Hanuman Jayanti is considered a must-to-do. Also, you have to light up Diyas with Desi Ghee. If you do these remedies, then the blessings from Lord Hanuman and Saturn will shower you.

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Pujan Vidhi for Hanuman Jayanti

  • Give utmost importance to the cleaning of the house before Puja.
  • Wake up early on this Hanuman Jayanti, take a bath and wear clean clothes, then worship Lord Hanuman.
  • While performing the Puja, Hanuman Chalisa, Sundarkand, Bajrang Baan, and Ramayana lessons can be considered.
  • After this, apply Sindoor in Chameli (Jasmine) oil on Hanuman Ji.
  • Light up Diyas and put Red-colored thread dipped in mustard oil in Diya.
  • In the end, perform Aarti and seek forgiveness from Hanuman Ji if any mistakes were there.

These Sindoor Remedies Will Appease Lord Hanuman

Using Sindoor in Pujan on Hanuman Jayanti is a must:

  • If you or your beloved ones are suffering from a prolonged illness then applying a mixture of Desi Ghee and Sindoor to Lord Hanuman is a remedy.
  • For Wealth, draw Swastik with Sindoor on a white paper and first dedicate the paper near Lord Hanuman’s Murti and then put the paper in your locker.
  • For marriage, bestow Sindoor near Lord Hanuman’s feet and apply Tika from the same sindoor.
  • If you are facing issues in your Job, then bestow Sindoor near Lord Hanuman and then draw a Swastik from the same sindoor on a paper. Keep the paper safe with you.
  • If you are facing loan-related issues for a long time then apply a mixture of Jasmin oil with Sindoor on Lord Hanuman. In addition to this, take Peepal leaves according to your age number and write “Ram-Ram” on each leave and dedicate these near Lord Hanuman.

Special Information: “The Lord of Ashtha-Siddhi Nav-Nidhi”…Know What Is Ashtha- Siddhi Nav- Nidhi?

There is one line in Hanuman Chalisa where it states that Lord Hanuman provides 8 types of Siddhis and 9 types of Nidhis to his devotees. The blessing/ Vardaan to shower Siddhis and Nidhis was given to Bajrangbali by Goddess Janaki.

The question here arises what are these 8 Siddhis and 9 Nidhis? Let’s discuss and know what are these 8 Siddhis and 9 Nidhis along with their spiritual meanings.

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Ashta Siddhis & Their Meanings 

  1. Anima: With the help of this Siddhi, Bajrangbali gets the minute shape.
  2. Mahima: With this Siddhi, Lord Hanuman can get as much as bigger shape.
  3. Garima: This Siddhi helped him to get as havier as a rock mountain.
  4. Laghima: With this Siddhi, Lord Hanuman can become lighter than the weight of an ant.
  5. Prapti: With the help of this Siddhi, Lord Hanuman can easily get anything with just a click of time. Not only this, he can understand the language of birds and animals.
  6. Prakaamya: With this Siddhi, Bajrangbali can touch the depth of ground and even fly to the sky and beyond. Also, he can stay in the water as long as he wishes to stay.
  7. Ishitvaa: With this Siddhi, Lord Hanuman was blessed with a Divya Shakti.
  8. Vashitva: This Siddhi made Lord  Hanuman capable enough to control his Indriyas.

Nava- Nidhis & Their Meanings

  1. Padma Nidhi: With this Nidhi, one gets wealthy and healthy and does Daan Punya. 
  2. Mahapadma Nidhi: With this Nidhi, one donates his wealth to the devotees and the devotional activities.
  3. Neel Nidhi: This Nidhi gives the utmost beauty to the person.
  4. Mukund Nidhi: This Nidhi drives the person with passion.
  5. Nand Nidhi: With this Nidhi, one gets the “Rajas” and “Tamas” qualities.
  6. Makar Nidhi: With this Nidhi, a person gets a collection of objects in need.
  7. Kacchap Nidhi: This Nidhi is complete with the “Tamas” qualities.
  8. Shankh Nidhi: This Nidhi is for the sufferer of any sort of problem.
  9. Kharva Nidhi: With this Nidhi, a person can face different changes and can easily ascertain its results.

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Zodiac-Wise Remedies

  • Aries:  During Hanuman Jayanti, it is suggested to read “Mesh Jaatak Ekmukhi Hanuman Kavach”, and make Boondi Prashad for Bajrangbali and distribute it to poor people.
  • Taurus: On this day, read “Raamcharitramanas” and make sugar-coated chapattis. By doing this, you will get blessings from Lord Hanuman.
  • Gemini: The Hanuman Jayanti day is very auspicious for devotees to read Sundarkand and make Boondi Prasad for Lord Hanuman. 
  • Cancer: Reading Panchamukhi Hanuman Kavach and bestowing red Chola to Lord Hanuman will shower his blessings upon you.
  • Leo: Reading Baalkaand Paath from Ramcharitramaanas and serving food to Lord Hanuman is recommended. All your wishes will come true if you do so. 
  • Virgo: Those with the Virgo zodiac sign read Lanka Kaand Paath in Ramcharitramaanas and light up 6 Diyas with desi ghee in Hanuman Mandir.
  • Libra: It is recommended to read Baalkand Paath from Ramcharitramanas and make Kheer for Lord Hanuman. After Puja, distribute Kheer to Poor kids.
  • Scorpio: Reading Hanuman Ashtak on Hanuman Jayanti is suggested, apart from this, making jaggery rice for Lord Hanuman is also recommended.
  • Sagittarius: Reading Ayodhya Kaand from Raamcharitramaanas is recommended and giving Honey to Lord Hanuman is also suggested as it will bring peace to your life.
  • Capricorn: On Hanuman Jayanti, read Kishikandha Kaand from Raamcharitramaanas and dedicate Masoor Dal to Lord Hanuman.
  • Aquarius: On Hanuman Jayanti, reading Uttarkaand Paath in Raamcharitramaanas and making sugar Rotis for Lord Hanuman is suggested.
  • Pisces: It is recommended to read Hanumant Baahuk Paath and go to Hanuman Mandir and dedicate red clothes to Lord Hanuman.

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