Hanuman Jayanti 2021: Hanuman Ji’s Forms Relieve All Sorts Of Problems (Zodiacwise )

This year, Hanuman Jayanti is going to be celebrated on April 27. It is believed that Lord Hanuman was born on this very day.

In this blog, we will apprise you of getting all kinds of benefits as per your zodiac sign by having a vision or meditating on the different forms of Lord Hanuman. 

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Lord Hanuman is considered to be one of the prominent characters of Ramayana and the supreme devotee of Lord  Ram, the eleventh incarnation of Lord Shiva. The devotees of Sanatan Dharma have immense faith in Lord Hanuman. It is believed that one gets rid of all kinds of ailments by reciting the name of Bajrangbali and their life becomes prosperous and peaceful by his grace. This is the very reason any day associated with Lord Hanuman is precious for his devotees.

Hanuman Jayanti: Astrological Significance

Hanuman Jayanti is not only important from a religious point of view but also plays a vital role concerning astrology. This year, the festival is extremely important as the Siddhi Yoda is going to be formed on this very day. As per astrology, the Siddhi Yoga has special importance. During this Yoga, all the auspicious activities can be performed. This Yoga is designed to last upto 08:03 PM. Exactly after this, Vyatipata Yoga will commence and this is not considered favourable so far astrology is concerned.    

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The worship of Lord Hanuman not only removes the hindrances but also pacifies the impact of planets. Especially, those who are badly affected by the presence of Saturn must worship Lord Hanuman. Those natives who face hindrances in their way, again and again, are also advised to worship Bajrangbali. Those who fear the presence of demons must not forget to remember Lord Hanuman.   

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When Is Hanuman Jayanti Going To Be In 2021?

As per Puranas, Lord Hanuman was born on Chaturdashi Tithi, Tuesday during Krishna Paksha in Swati Nakshatra of Mesh Lagna and Libra zodiac sign.

Date & Day : April 27, 2021 & Tuesday

Hanuman Jayanti 2021: Puja Muhurat

Beginning of Purnima Tithi: April 26, 2021, at 12:46:12 PM

End of Purnima Tithi: April 27, 2021, at 09:03:15 PM

The above-mentioned Muhurat is applicable for New Delhi only. Click on Hanuman Jayanti 2021 Muhurat to know the Muhurat of your city. 

Attain Prosperity by Having Glimpses and Meditating on Different Forms Of Lord Hanuman As Per Your Zodiac Sign

Let’s now know how the vision or meditation of different forms Lord Hanuman is going to shower his choicest blessings as per your zodiac sign. 


The natives of this zodiac sign must worship or meditate on the Balaji form of Hanuman Ji. This will help them get the special grace of Lord Hanuman. We duly inform you that the temple of Salasar Balaji is located in Rajasthan.     


Performing Darshan or meditating on the Jakhu form of Lord Hanuman is considered to be auspicious and the Jakhu temple is located in Shimla. It is believed that the Lord Jakhu bestows his grace on devotees.   


People with the Gemini zodiac sign should worship or meditate on Lord Hanuman established in the form of Setu to attain the blessings.  

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Those belonging to the Cancer zodiac sign are advised to visit Hanuman Garhi Mandir in Ayodhya to have the blessings and grace of Lord Hanuman. 


People bearing the Leo zodiac sign are suggested to visit Girjabandha Hanuman Temple, located in Ratanpur which is situated 25 km away from Bilaspur in Chhattisgarh. This will prove to be highly beneficial. 


The natives belonging to the Virgo zodiac sign need to visit the Hanuman temple in Khammam to worship Hanuman ji and his wife, Sulochana. They can also meditate on them at home. 


People having the Libra zodiac sign should visit or Mehandipur Balaji located in Rajasthan. They can also worship him at home and have his special blessings.


Scorpions are advised to pay a visit Hanuman Dandi temple located in Gujarat. This will help the natives get rid of all sorrows and griefs.  


Sagittarians have to pay a visit to the Sankat Mochan temple situated in Varanasi. This will emancipate them from all sorts of pain. 


People with the Capricorn zodiac sign should visit the Hanuman temple in Prayagraj and have the vision of the resting posture of Hanuman Ji. Lord Hanuman will be pleased and bestows his blessings on the devotees.    


People with the Aquarius zodiac sign have to visit the Hanuman temple at Kainchi in Uttarakhand to attain special grace.      


The natives belonging to Pisces must visit the Hanuman temple located in Hanumangarh of Nainital. This will relieve the natives of all their ills and sins. 

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