Hans Panch Mahapurush Yoga Ensures Showers of Wealth & Prosperity

Jupiter is considered the Guru or mentor amongst all the Navagrahas. In such a situation, one’s life gets blessed if Jupiter remains positively placed in his/her Kundli. Hans Panch Mahapurusha Yoga is such a rare yoga that is formed in the horoscope of a person with the special grace of Lord Brihaspati.

If the Hans Panch Mahapurusha Yoga is formed, in any person’s Kundli, then his/her personality becomes very attractive. The native’s complexion is clear and the forehead is wide. The additional benefits include a happy married life, good children, good education, a life full of wealth and easy feeling towards people is the speciality of such a person. Readers should also know that in the horoscope of Lord Ramchandra and Lord Krishna, there was the presence of Hans Panch Mahapurusha Yoga.

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Panch Mahapurush Yogas are considered significantly important in Vedic Astrology. One of them is Hans Panch Mahapurush Yoga, which is formed when the planet Jupiter is specifically placed in one’s kundli. This adds to the comforts and leisure in the life of that native. With its effect, that native is counted among the influential, intellectual and respected people of the society. This strengthens his/her status in the society and helps him/her earn respect as well. Any native born under this Raj Yoga tries to walk on the right path while helping people around him/her. 

Through this blog, we will learn in detail about Hans Panch Mahapurush Yoga, but before moving ahead, you should know why Guru Jupiter is entitled as an auspicious planet and how impactful it is.

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Planet Jupiter & Knowledge

Today, the creator of Hans Panch Mahapurush Yoga about which we are going to talk about is the planet Jupiter, which is also known as Dev Guru. One of the features of this planet is that it is counted as one of the most auspicious planets and said to be a factor of growth. Its aspect is equivalent to the Amrit or Immortal Nectar of Life. He is the lord of the zodiac signs Sagittarius and Pisces and remains exalted in Cancer and debilitated in Capricorn. Nakshatras ruled by Jupiter are Punaravasu, Vishakha and Purva Bhadrapada.

Dev Guru Jupiter is the ruling deity of knowledge, which is why its grace makes a person wise and intellectual. Such a native makes progressive growth in life based on his/her intuitive traits. Jupiter plays a substantial role in marital life as well as childbirth. This planet is known to be the benefactor for wealth and riches, and any native under its grace is known to be immensely sharp, intelligent and quick-witted.

The Sun, Mars and the Moon are friendly planets to Jupiter. Placed with Rahu, Jupiter creates the inauspicious Chandal Yoga, whereas with Moon, it creates the highly fruitful and powerful Gaj Kesari Yoga. Anyone being blessed with Jupiter can likely make a career as a Teacher, Professor or Academic Expert. He/She is showered with respect and counted as one of the well-learned people of the society. 

Raj Yogas Formed By Planets

Special types of yogas are created by the planets in a horoscope known as Raja Yoga. To know exactly what Raj Yogas are and how they are formed, Shri Kalyan Varma Ji compiled a great book based on the principles of Vedic Astrology called Saravali. A Shloka from that book below can help us understand better:

स्वक्षेत्रे च चतुष्टये च बलिभिः स्वोच्चस्थितैर्वा ग्रहैः


मालव्यो रुचकः शशोऽथ कथितो हंसश्च भद्रस्तथा

सर्वेषामपि विस्तरं मतिमतां संक्षिप्यते लक्षणम्॥२॥

svakṣetre ca catuṣṭaye ca balibhiḥ svoccasthitairvā grahaiḥ


mālavyo rucakaḥ śaśo’tha kathito haṃsaśca bhadrastathā

sarveṣāmapi vistaraṃ matimatāṃ saṃkṣipyate lakṣaṇam॥2॥

According to this, if Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury are either in their own zodiac sign or exalted sign in an exalted state and positioned in the Kendra or Angular Houses, i.e. first house, fourth house, seventh house or tenth house of the kundli, then Venus forms the Malavya Yoga, Mars creates the Ruchak Yoga, Shash Yoga from Saturn, Hans Yoga from Jupiter and Bhadra Panch Mahapurush Yoga from Mercury. 

Apart from this, other great texts of Vedic astrology such as Phaldeepika, Jatakabharan, Mansagari and Jataka Parijat also shed light on the glory of Panch Mahapurusha Yoga. See this verse:


भौमज्ञजीवसितभानुसुता बलिष्ठाः।

केन्द्रस्थिता यदि तदा रुचभद्रहंस-

मालव्यचारुशशयोगकरा भवन्ति ॥५६॥


bhaumajñajīvasitabhānusutā baliṣṭhāḥ।

kendrasthitā yadi tadā rucabhadrahaṃsa-

mālavyacāruśaśayogakarā bhavanti ॥56॥

Looking at the meaning of this Shloka, it indicates the same thing about the presence of Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus or Saturn in their own sign or exalted sign or Mooltrikona sign and their position in the Kendra Bhavas from Lagna, which leads to the formation of Mahapurush Yogas in a kundli. Accordingly, Ruchak is formed by Mars, Bhadra from Mercury, Hansa from Jupiter, Malavya from Jupiter and Shash from Saturn.

Through this article, you get detailed information about Hans Panch Mahapurush Yoga formed due to the placement of Jupiter. Read this article till the end to understand about this Yoga. With your personalised Raj Yoga Report, you get a detailed insight about the position of planet Jupiter in your kundli and the formation of Hansa Panch Mahapurush Yoga.

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What Is Hans Panch Mahapurush Yoga?

Hans Panch Mahapurush Yoga is said to be a blessing by the Guru Jupiter. This Yoga is formed due to the special placement of Jupiter in the Kendra Bhavas of a kundli. With the effect of this yoga, a native enjoys all kinds of pleasures and grows intellectually. He/She is able to follow the right path in life and influence the people around him/her. Individuals under the grace of such yoga have the ability to influence others, and people listen to them and abide by their words as well. Such natives are supported by their Gurus and succeed in attaining their blessings for a successful life.

The presence of this significant Raj Yoga in your kundli signifies success, prosperity and progress in your life. With the impact of this yoga, you succeed in getting a desirable life partner and children as well. You become rich and enjoy a loving and blissful married life. Raj Yoga Report based on your kundli helps you understand how Hans Yoga is formed in your kundli through planetary charts and offers you a detailed insight about the impact of this yoga on different aspects of life.

Hans Panch Mahapurush Yoga makes you devoted to your goals. You effectively differentiate what’s right or wrong, and possess great concentration skills. If this yoga is formed in your kundli, consider yourself extremely lucky, since you will lead a luxurious life and rarely face any scarcity in life.

Significance Of Hans Panch Mahapurush Yoga

If you were born under the Panch Mahapurush Yoga called Hans Yoga, your personality will be very attractive. You will always get a chance to enjoy delicious and different types of cuisine and will also possess a moral character. Intellectual and well-educated personalities of the society will be seen praising you, and you will be enlisted as one of the most admired people in society. Your image will be that of a liberal and benevolent person because you always like to dedicate your efforts and work for others.

You will be able to earn a lot of money and enjoy it as well with others without a hint of selfishness. You are bound to attain benefits from Government or government institutions, and will be appreciated as well as rewarded by them from time to time. Raj Yogas in a kundli holds high importance in life, since its positive influence opens the doors of happiness, wisdom and prosperity. This is the reason why any native under the influence of Hans Panch Mahapurush Yoga faces no such difficulty in finding solutions in life and overcomes every challenge with intelligence and wisdom. 

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How Is Hans Panch Mahapurush Yoga Formed?

रक्तास्योन्नतनासिकः सुचरणो हंसस्वरः श्लेष्मको

गौराङ्गः सुकुमारदारसहितः कन्दर्पतुल्यः सुखी।

शास्त्रज्ञानपरायणोऽतिनिपुणः श्री हंसयोगे गुणी 

जातोऽशीतिकमायुरेति सयुगं ८४ साधुक्रियाचारवान।।      

raktāsyonnatanāsikaḥ sucaraṇo haṃsasvaraḥ śleṣmako

gaurāṅgaḥ sukumāradārasahitaḥ kandarpatulyaḥ sukhī।

śāstrajñānaparāyaṇo’tinipuṇaḥ śrī haṃsayoge guṇī 

jāto’śītikamāyureti sayugaṃ 84 sādhukriyācāravāna।।      

Hans Panch Mahapurush Yoga is formed when the planet Jupiter is positioned in the Kendra or Angular Houses in its exalted house, Mooltrikona sign or own sign. Further explaining, it means that when the planet Jupiter is in the first, fourth, seventh or tenth house or Kendra Houses and posited in its exalted sign Cancer, Mooltrikona Sign Sagittarius or own sign Pisces, then this Raj Yoga is formed.

Scriptures based on the elements of Vedic Astrology, Hans Yoga is described beautifully. According to this, if Hansa Yoga is present in your kundli, your legs are beautiful, you are blessed with a toned, long nose, your face shines bright and you come under the Kapha element. The complexion of such natives is fair, and features are just as beautiful as Kamdev himself. He/She is said to be proficient in almost every task, has knowledge about various scriptures and performs good deeds. He/She is counted among wise personalities in the society and attains immense wealth and designation.

Outcome of Hans Panch Mahapurush Yoga

A person born in Hans Panch Mahapurush Yoga is considered extremely lucky. Amongst his/her features, his/her lips, palate and tongue is red in color, which is considered a symbol of happiness and good luck. They have a long nose, beautiful feet as well as voice, fair complexion and belong to the Kapha element. 

The beauty of such a person is described equivalent to that of Kamdev. He/She seems highly skilled and well-read. People born in this yoga are found to have a lot of qualities and earn a name and status in the society for themselves due to their good nature and deeds. This is why people born under this yoga live a life full of comforts and achieves success in different aspects of life.

रक्तास्योन्नतनासिकः सुचरणो हंसः प्रसन्नेन्द्रियो

गौरः पीनकपोलरक्तकरजो हंसस्वरः श्लेष्मलः।

शंखाब्जांकुशदाममत्स्ययुगलः खट्वांगचापांगदश्चिह्नः

पादकरांकितो मधुनिभे नेत्रे च वृत्तं शिरः॥३७॥

सलिलाशयेषु रमते स्त्रीषु न तृप्तिं प्रयाति कामार्तः।

षोडशशतानि तुलितोऽड्गुलानि दैर्घ्येण षण्णवतिः॥३८॥

पातीह देशान्खलु शूरसेनान्गान्धारगंगायमुनान्तरालान्।

जीवेदनूनां शतवर्षसंख्या पश्चाद्वनान्ते समुपैति नाशम्॥३९॥

raktāsyonnatanāsikaḥ sucaraṇo haṃsaḥ prasannendriyo

gauraḥ pīnakapolaraktakarajo haṃsasvaraḥ śleṣmalaḥ।

śaṃkhābjāṃkuśadāmamatsyayugalaḥ khaṭvāṃgacāpāṃgadaścihnaḥ

pādakarāṃkito madhunibhe netre ca vṛttaṃ śiraḥ॥37॥

salilāśayeṣu ramate strīṣu na tṛptiṃ prayāti kāmārtaḥ।

ṣoḍaśaśatāni tulito’ḍgulāni dairghyeṇa ṣaṇṇavatiḥ॥38॥

pātīha deśānkhalu śūrasenāngāndhāragaṃgāyamunāntarālān।

jīvedanūnāṃ śatavarṣasaṃkhyā paścādvanānte samupaiti nāśam॥39॥

According to the great text Saravali authored by Shriman Kalyan Varma, natives born in the Hansa Yoga attain similar outcomes. Such a person is born with beautiful physical features (long nose, bright face, beautiful feet, happy heart, fair complexion, chubby cheeks and beautiful nails). He/She speaks softly, and possesses lines such as Shankh or Conch, Ankush, Rajju, Two Fishes, Shaiyya, Dhanush etc. in his/her palms and feet. The forehead of such a person is round. They are fond of sea-side locations and can be overburdened by work at times.

Those born in this yoga are said to be the crown rulers of Shoorsen, Gandhar and countries located between Ganga-Yamuna and leave this mortal world after the age of hundred in the jungle. In fact, these verses are appropriate according to the time when these texts were composed, but in the present time, the results can be known according to the country and time. This indicates that a native born under the Hansa Yoga is intelligent and wise, and is capable of differentiating between right or wrong. 

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The impact of this yoga in the life of a native born under it is visible from the very beginning, but things take a favourable turn when the Mahadasha of Jupiter begins. During this major period, the native attains the fruits of Hansa Yoga. Apart from this, when the Antardasha or Pratyantar Dasha of Jupiter begins under the Mahadasha of the auspicious planet, the results of this Panch Mahapurush Yoga is acquired.

One thing to be noted here is that the creation of this yoga in the horoscope isn’t the only responsible factor when it comes to enjoying the fruits, but one has to evaluate the position of Jupiter, its characteristics, whether it is in a inflicted or debilitated state, is it being aspected by malefic planets and much more.

Apart from this, even if Dev Guru Jupiter in Navamsha Kundli is in its debilitated sign, enemy sign or inflicted state, then a native fails to enjoy all the benefits of this Yoga. This is the reason why people are often heard complaining that despite having Raja Yoga in their kundli, they fail to live a king-like life or enjoy the luxuries and comforts. There are times when Jupiter fails to undergo its Mahadasha or faces a delay. This is why such natives fail to enjoy the fruits of this Yoga. Therefore, after considering all these points, one should talk about the outcomes of this Raj Yoga.

Examples Of Hans Panch Mahapurush Yoga 

Above we found out that the formation of the Hans Panch Mahapurush Yoga is based on the placement of Jupiter. Below we have added some kundlis as an example for you to understand easily.

download (6)

 (Kundli – 1) 

The above kundli-1 is of Gemini ascendant, the planet Jupiter is placed in the Kendra or Angular house of this sign, which is the seventh house, with its Mooltrikona Sign Sagittarius. In this manner, Dev Guru Jupiter is forming the Hans Yoga in this kundli.

download (8)

(Kundli- 2)

As for the above kundli, it is of Aries ascendant, where Jupiter is posited in the fourth house in its exalted sign Cancer. Such placements are creating the Hansa Yoga in the kundli as well. You can also find out more about the formation of several Raj Yogas in your kundli through your personalised Raj Yoga Report.

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