Become Saturn’s Favorite By Avoiding These Things!

According to the old scriptures, Saturn is the lord of justice and the son of Lord Sun. Just the name of Saturn is enough to scare the people because everyone feels that this planet only punishes and gives unfavorable results. Saturn is said to be the planet of Karma meaning it offers the results based on the deeds of a person. The one who keeps an account of all our deeds is Lord Saturn. This is also the God who brings good luck as well, hence it is also called the giver of fortune. 

If the evil eye of Saturn gets casted upon any person then they have to face the trouble. The problems increase in their life. The natives have to face a financial crunch and not just that, their self-respect is harmed and the conflicts in the family increase. While, if someone gets blessed by Lord Saturn, then their life takes the best turn. Happiness and income, both witness an increase. Favorable outcomes adorn the business or job of the natives. However, there are certain things that if one does, upsets Lord Saturn. The natives can have to face the wrath of the Justice lord for doing those things. 

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In this special blog of Astrosage, we are going to tell you about the habits that are not appreciated by Lord Satun. So, let’s move ahead and know about those things, however before anything, we should first be aware of the importance of Lord Saturn in Vedic Astrology. 

Importance Of Saturn In Vedic Astrology

In Vedic Astrology, Saturn is known as the lord of Justice. The position of Lord Saturn decides the position of money in the birth chart. The negative impact of the Lord Saturn can turn a person from a king to a pauper, but the blessings of the same planet can also make you a king from a poor person.  

In Astrology, Saturn is the planet of age, sorrow, disease, pain, technology, iron, servant, king, poor, prison, etc. It rules Capricorn and Aquarius. Saturn is exalted in Libra, while Aries is considered its lowest sign. Saturn’s transit in a zodiac sign lasts for two and a half years. In astrological language, it is called Shani Dahiya. Saturn is the slowest-moving planet among the nine planets. The Dasha of Saturn lasts for seven and a half years, which is called Shani Sade Sati. 

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Habits That Clashes With Lord Saturn 

Misbehaving With Elders 

The people who misbehave or disrespect the elders, or their parents are not forgiven by Lord Saturn. Their respect in society lessens and they are also weak financially. They have to go through a lot of problems throughout the problems and have to go through mental stress as well. Not only this, disturbing the poor and needy people also doesn’t sit well with Saturn. 

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Rubbing The Shoes Or Slippers While Walking

Some people have a habit of rubbing their slippers or shoes while walking and oftentimes, they are scolded by their elders for the same. It is believed that when we rub our footwear while walking, Lord Saturn gets upset and the person has to face the anger of Saturn. Now, if you also have a habit of walking like this, then you must control it immediately, otherwise you may have to face financial problems in your life. There are even chances of getting stuck in debt or loans for the entire life. 

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Swinging Or Shaking Legs

Several people have the habit of shaking or swinging their legs while sitting on a chair or bed and often, they are told not to do so. The reason behind avoiding this is because it is not considered an auspicious habit. The people believe that these kinds of habits upset Lord Saturn. Following this habit increases stress in the family and the person remains troubled from all over. That’s why you must keep this in mind. 

Not Paying Off The Debt

You will surely find some people who don’t pay off their debts. It is believed that the people who borrow money from others and refuse to pay it back are not appreciated by Lord Saturn at all. Such people can face financial losses and they stay troubled in their life due to the shortage of money. So, if you borrow money from someone the next time, then you must return it to them within the allotted time otherwise you may have to pay its price for your entire life. 

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Don’t Keep Your Washroom And Kitchen Dirty 

If you want to stay away from the outbreak of Saturn and want to please him, then you must take care of cleanliness, especially your bathroom and kitchen. Always clean the bathroom after taking a shower or bathing so that it doesn’t stay wet. Most importantly, clean your kitchen well after cooking the food at night otherwise Saturn can get upset and your house can get surrounded by negative energies. It is believed that unwashed dishes in the kitchen and a dirty bathroom attract negative energies. 

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Remedies To Avoid Saturn’s Wrath 

  • To avoid the evil eye of Saturn, recite Hanuman Chalisa. 
  • To avoid the anger of Saturn, chant the Beej Mantra of Saturn which is, “Om Pran Prin Pran Sa: Shanaishcharaye Namah.”
  • Saturn extremely adores the donation of sesame, oil, and Chaya Daan that’s why you must donate these things. 
  • According to astrology, Saat Mukhi Rudraksha represents the planet Saturn, hence you must wear Saat Mukhi Rudraksha on Saturday or Monday.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What can I do to impress Saturn? 

To impress Saturn, embrace discipline, patience, and responsibility while striving for long-term goals.

How to make Lord Shani happy? 

To make Lord Shani happy, chant Shani stotram and Shani mantras and avoid deceitful or unethical behavior

How to remove Shani from life?

One can worship Lord Hanuman to remove Shani from their life and surely follow the path of righteousness.

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