Jupiter Transit : How will it Impact all the 12 Zodiac Signs?

Jupiter is considered to be the most sacred and holy planet and its transition will influence and affect various aspects of life. Jupiter is all set to transit in Capricorn once again on November 20, 2020.

The beneficial planet, Jupiter will transit in Capricorn and remain in the same state until April 6, 2021. Jupiter with Saturn in Capricorn, the drive of Jupiter in Capricorn will not be easy.

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Jupiter will somewhat be suppressed as it will  feel uncomfortable  in Capricorn. However, it will provide growth, generosity and abundance by following the house rules of Saturn. And with all the limitations and restrictions, Jupiter will amplify in all the areas of life represented by the house in which it is transiting. Hence, the impact of Jupiter transit and Capricorn will be worth watching.

Jupiter Transit in Capricorn : Impact on India and the world 

Jupiter will enter the earthy sign of Capricorn on November 20, 2020, at 2:55 PM. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. Jupiter becomes debilitated in Capricorn, but the good news here is because the conjunction of Jupiter with the ruling lord of the house will cancel the debilitation which will in turn minimise the bad effects. 

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Jupiter transit in Capricorn in the company of discipline master Saturn. Hence, it will be a unique transit. Effect of this transit will be long-lasting and some major events are predicted during this transit by Jupiter.

Saturn and Jupiter are in the Nakshatra of Uttarashada because of which Automobile Industries will see a hike, Gold prices will increase as Jupiter will become powerful, New signs of wars, diseases and pandemic will be seen especially in the west, North west from India and North east part of the world. Jupiter with Saturn and their combined rays on Earth will inflict fear and misery on the citizens of the world and people will start choosing unethical and false vaccines. Therefore, it is advised not to go for any unnatural way as it can harm you more.

There is a strong possibility of earthquakes happening in some parts of the world. Even in India earthquakes are likely to take place. The transit of Jupiter can lead to political turmoil in some places, with Jupiter and Saturn’s conjunction, there will be mass propaganda, the ethical sense of public and government will go away and they will lose power on right and wrong. Common man can suffer much during the transit of the debilitated Jupiter in the company of Saturn that some places can be cruel and lead to major disturbance.Therefore, it is advised to stay close to nature and avoid the use of unnatural resources, It is very important to make your immunity strong until April. After April 06, 2021, as Jupiter and Saturn are separated, the new beginning of the whole world will start  and things will start getting better and the pandemic will come to an end gradually. 

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Jupiter transit in Capricorn 2020 – predictions for all Moon Signs


For Aries natives, Jupiter is transiting in the tenth house of career, name and fame. Career and business persons will face a challenging time as you need to connect with many persons of different traits. Finances will remain satisfactory due to the aspect of positive vibes of Jupiter over the second house. Health wise there are no major health issue concerns for you, minor health issues can trouble you. Therefore, you need to take good care of your health. Personal life will be satisfactory during this period and there will be peace and harmony in all your relationships.


For Taurus natives, Jupiter is transiting in the ninth house of luck, destiny, long-distance travel and spirituality. For career and business natives, you may get some major breakthroughs for your work. However, progress of work will be at a slow pace. On the financial front, there will be no major gain during this period but there will also be no major expenses during this period. Personal life will be happy and comfortable and you will be involved in activities that will refresh you mentally during this period. Healthwise, you’ll enjoy good health in general during this period.

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For Gemini natives, Jupiter is transiting in the eight house of longevity, gain from inheritance and sudden gain/loss. Careers and business natives need to work more hard in order to achieve the desired results. Business natives may get major repeat orders from their customers. On the financial front, you will remain in a good position and you won’t have to bear any major expenses during this transit. Personal life can see some ups and downs. Therefore, keep yourself engaged in some creative activity so that you feel comfortable. Healthwise, because of the transition of Jupiter in the eighth house, longevity is assured. But there can be some old health issues that need to have regular checkups therefore take proper measures as advised by your physician to keep things under control.


For Cancer natives, Jupiter is transiting in the seventh house of marriage and partnership. Jupiter aspects the third and the eleventh house. Therefore, you need to keep the communication alive with the persons who matter for you the most to enhance your prospects. Aspection of the eleventh house works well for you monetarily wise. For career and business natives, there may be some constraints that may hold your business from delivering goods, material timely and you might have to face challenges to achieve targeted outputs. On the financial front, you need to have effective checks or wasteful expenses to remain in a comfortable position. Personal life will be a little unhappy with some conflicts therefore shake off the negative vibes and try to get involved in other activities that makes you comfortable and stress free. Healthwise, you may face common cold and cough issues and you should also take care of your digestion during this transit. 

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For Leo natives, Jupiter transits in the sixth house of debt, enemy and diseases. Jupiter will aspect the second house and tenth house. For career and business natives, work can be a little challenging as there might be stiff competition on the work front. On the financial front, the flow of money will increase and you will gain from different sources. Personal life may be at unease due to some issue or the other and therefore you need to keep your cool and avoid conflict. Healthwise, issues related to digestion can concern you therefore take proper care.


For Virgo natives, Jupiter will transit in the fifth house along with Saturn. For career, business natives the movement of Jupiter Will be good for business persons who are in trade or manufacturing as they will have more freedom to perform and add strength to their position. Career oriented folks remain happy with future growth perspectives as it looks encouraging. On the financial front, there will be good flow of money and you will gain good profits. In personal life, you will enjoy a pleasant time and you will remain busy partying and enjoying life with your close friends. Healthwise, no major health issues can catch up. However, minor issues like common cold and cough can concern you.


For libra natives, Jupiter will transit in the fourth house of comfort, mother and property. For career in business natives, you will remain motivated to improve your performance. Business natives have to work more hard to achieve desired results and they have to keep looking to strike more profitable deals. On the financial front, you have some good savings to back you up and therefore, you will remain in a comfortable position. It is advised not to make any fresh investments for higher returns here. You may also buy a new vehicle or a new residential place during this period. Relationship wise, you will get mixed results but most of the time you will enjoy a pleasant time. Healthwise, some health and skin issues can concern you during this period. Therefore, take the necessary precautionary measures to save yourself from the prevalent viral infection.


For Scorpio natives, Jupiter will transit in the third house of siblings, courage and communications. For career and business specific natives, you will see good growth and will also get a suitable opportunity during this time. Short-term travels are also on the cards. On the financial front, no major financial gain is seen for you here and you will be able to manage the team and sudden expenses comfortably. Relationship wise, there are no major concerns for you and you will enjoy a pleasant time most of the while. Health wise, you need to be careful for minor health ailments and take necessary precautionary measures to save from viral infection. Also take care while travelling in public transport.


For Sagittarius natives, Jupiter will transit in the second house of family, wealth and speech. For career and business natives, you will have to work hard in order to achieve growth. Career natives can look for some suitable and optional employment opportunities where high growth prospects are encouraging and also pays more. On the financial front, you will remain satisfied, family related expenses may increase here but you will manage them easily. Relationship wise, some issues can put you at unease. Therefore, you need to keep your cool and have patience on your side. Some health issues can concern you. However, the influence of Jupiter works well and it will recover you fast, you need to take good care of your eyes during this transit.

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For Capricorn natives, Jupiter transits in the first house of self and personality in conjunction with Saturn. For career and business specific natives, you need to stick on the present work and put more effort to achieve higher growth. Business professionals need to work on increasing the contacts and building a strong network so that you can get good opportunities to strike good profitable deals. On the financial front, you will remain in a comfortable position and you will be able to manage all your expenses during this time. Relationship wise, you can get hurt with someone you are close to. Spend some quality time with the concerned persons to sort out differences of opinion and maintain peace and harmony in relationships. Healthwise, some kind of viral infection can get you in trouble. Therefore, take the necessary precautions to keep yourself safe and sound.


For Aquarius natives, the transit of Jupiter will take place in the twelfth house of salvation, loss and foreign gains. For business and career natives, you might have to toil hard to keep the work going. Business natives need to refrain from spending money for development. On the financial front, things do not look bright. Therefore, do not make any fresh investments to get higher returns and plan your finances with a long-term view. On the personal front, things may not hold high in your relationship as humans remain fresh for one reason or the other. Therefore, you need to keep your cool and have patience. Healthwise, you need to take care of your well being. As there may be some health issues that can trouble you, so keep yourself safe from the viral infection which is prevalent around. Middle aged people and above should have to go through regular checkups to become aware about the changes. 


For Pisces natives, Jupiter will transit in the eleventh house. Career and business dominated natives will see growth, career natives will see good opportunities and will get incentives for their hard work. Business natives will get the opportunity to strike a big deal with good customers. On the financial front, you will get your wishes fulfilled and you will remain in a strong position on the financial front. With handsome financial gains, you will remain motivated during this transit. Relationship wise, you will have a pleasant and enjoyable time and you will develop a new relationship. Health wise, there will be no major health issues and you will enjoy stable health conditions most of the time.

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