Guru Chandal Yoga: 6 Months Period Could Bring Trouble For 5 Zodiacs!

Astrology has explained the significance of the planets as well as the alliances that these planets might make. When multiple planets are located in the same astrological house, this is referred to as a conjunction. On April 22, when Jupiter and Rahu were conjunct in Aries, something similar occurred in Aries. 

Astrologers believe that Chandal Yoga results from the conjunction of Rahu and Jupiter. According to astrology, Chandal Yoga is not lucky. Due to this combination, there will undoubtedly be a disturbance in this situation, and all zodiac signs might anticipate major upheaval in their life.

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Let’s learn some extremely crucial information about Guru Chandal Yoga through this blog, including which zodiac signs it will affect the most and some other vital details.

Chandal Yoga Could Wreak Havoc On 5 Zodiacs 

Aries: This really unlucky Yoga has formed in Aries. In such a situation, there are indications of money troubles, investment-related problems, health-related problems, and unfavorable business results in the lives of Aries people for the following six months. Rahu might cause business losses, and if you make investments during this time, you might also lose money on those. If possible, avoid investing in such a situation and reconsider your decision to invest. Take extra precautions with your health.

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Gemini: Gemini natives are advised to proceed with extreme caution for the next six months. When making judgements about your business or investments, don’t act hastily; failing to do so could result in losses. Work patiently, whether you are doing a job or running a business; else, you risk getting into serious problems. You should watch what you say or your relationship might suffer. Additionally, there are also significant chances of financial loss.

Virgo: Following this, Virgo will be the third sign of the zodiac to experience the effects of Guru Chandal Yoga. Your financial situation could become quite risky for the next six months, and your extravagance may also worsen. You might be forced to take out a loan during this time, which you might find difficult to repay later. There are signs of family discord as well as stalled work and poor health.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius is the fourth sign of the zodiac that Guru Chandal Yoga could lead to problems for. Employees could be having a disagreement with their employer at this time. Additionally, businessmen might encounter a loss of revenue. Investments are not at all recommended at this time. Your financial situation could be problematic. In addition, drive cautiously otherwise there are some indications of an accident.

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Capricorn: The fifth and final sign for which Guru Chandal Yoga is going to be extremely unlucky is Capricorn. During this time, your family life won’t be favorable, arguments might spontaneously break out at home, your married life could also be negatively impacted, your financial situation might remain precarious, and you might experience disappointment and career obstacles. Extravagance could also make you more stressed out mentally. 

Note: Since Jupiter and Rahu are both present in Aries at the same time and are forming an alliance, Guru Chandal Yoga was formed in Aries on April 22. This union will continue for the following six months.

This alliance as well as Guru Chandal Yoga’s influence on the zodiac signs will end when Rahu leaves Aries and enters Pisces on October 30. That is, from April 22 to October 30, all zodiac signs will experience the effects of Guru Chandal Yoga.

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Remedies To Prevent Guru Chandal Yoga

Guru Chandal Yoga has been characterized as an extremely severe form of Yoga in astrology. As we previously stated, the unfavorable planet Rahu and the god of wisdom Jupiter combine to create this yoga. When this negative Yoga forms in this case, the lives of such people experience major upheavals. 

You can eliminate or lessen the negative consequences of Guru Chandal Yoga in your life by following the suggestions provided below by astrologers. 

  • Apply yellow Tilak on your forehead daily. 
  • Worship the Sun daily and offer Arghya to it. 
  • Worship lord Vishnu and recite Vishnu Sahasranamam. 
  • Respect and seek blessings of your elders, parents, grandparents and teachers. 
  • Worship lord Hanuman. 
  • Recite Hanuman Chalisa and Hanuman Ashtak. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How long is Guru Chandal Yoga going to last? 

Ans: This Yoga will last till 6 months from April 22 to October 30, 2023.

Q2: What is the effect of Guru Chandal Yoga?

Ans: This Yoga makes the native less confident and  causes health related issues. 

Q3: Which Gemstone should be worn to prevent negative impact of Guru Chandal Yoga?

Ans: One should wear Blue Sapphire after consulting expert astrologers.

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