Guru Chandal Yoga Till October: 3 Zodiacs To Face Troubles In Expenses & Health!

Guru Chandal Yoga: As per ancient Vedic astrology, the luck of natives alters with a swift movement of planets across different houses. It results in the formation of auspicious & inauspicious yogas from time to time with the formation of different alliances or combinations. Aries leads the formation of auspicious & inauspicious yogas that affects the lives of individuals. The yoga is formed with the conjunction of Jupiter & Rahu and the zodiacs need to be careful till October. The special AstroSage blog focuses on the zodiacs to be careful in the period. 

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Timing of Guru Chandal Yoga 

The transiting Jupiter and Rahu formed the conjunction in the Aries zodiac on 22 April 2023 and will last till 30 October 2023. 

Guru Chandal Yoga In Astrology

The Guru Chandal Yoga brings both positive & negative effects to the zodiac’s lives. This yoga is formed with the conjunction of Jupiter and Rahu and it creates complex situations in the lives of natives. It is a unique yoga that impacts the life of individuals in different ways and also brings material & spiritual benefits to the lives of some natives. 

This yoga results in arrogance, misunderstandings, & conflicts in the lives of individuals. Also, in some cases, the conjunction of Guru & Ketu creates auspicious yoga which is known as Ganesh Yoga. Jupiter is one of the auspicious planets and it makes the person generous, liberal, spiritual, and productive. The inauspicious Rahu combines with Guru to create troubling times for some zodiacs and few zodiacs need to be careful about it. 

There are different effects of the combination on all the zodiacs, but few of the zodiacs need to be careful about time. It can result in a tough time for the natives, fights within the family, health hazards, trouble in taking decisions, and others. 

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List of 3 Zodiacs Facing Troubles in Guru Chandal Yoga 


Yoga brings bad times in the lives of Aries natives. It is an inauspicious timeline to start new work or projects. It halts the promotion at your workplace and also prevents the expansion of businesses. The Aries people should take special care of their health as the timeline. There can be tensions in the love relationship and one should make the right effort in the relationship. Also, avoid buying new property or making new investments in your business. Take the help of astrologers to understand the timeline better and fix the troubles in life. 


The Guru Chandal Yoga is one of the inauspicious periods that can create havoc in the lives of Gemini natives. They need to be careful about their moves within the period and the profit levels in your business will go down gradually. There will also be troubles in your job or business life. The rate of expenses rises at a rapid pace and it will be hard to control the outflow of funds. Avoid making any kind of investment in the business unit for expansion. Take the advice of professionals for specific decisions in life so that you get the desirable output for relevant moves. 

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For the Virgo natives, it will be one of the tough timelines to complete your desired tasks or activities. It can also result in different types of chronic diseases that will be hard to manage. There are also chances of accidents till October due to the inauspicious yoga and the elders in your family will face health concerns. Avoid starting a new business or joining a new job within the period. There might be troubles in your family and it can be hard to come out of the inauspicious period. 


How compatible are Jupiter and Rahu?

Ans. The combination of Jupiter and Rahu can develop creative expertise but also brings different challenges in the lives of natives. 

Which zodiac is friendly with Jupiter?

Ans. Leo is one of the friendly planets and can have different effects on the lives of zodiacs. 

Which planet is able to control Rahu?

Ans. The planet Jupiter is able to control Rahu and will be able to impact the lives of people in different ways. 

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