Guru Chandal Dosha Ends In Aries: Delight For 3 Zodiacs!

Guru Chandal Dosha Ends in Aries zodiac on 30th October which marks the end of negativity and darkness that has been prevailing for the past 5 months. This time period was especially difficult for some zodiac signs. This Yoga was casting its negative shadow bringing problems in health and relationships.

Astrologers defined Guru-Chandal Yoga as the conjunction of Planets Jupiter and Rahu, where Guru is attributed to  Planet Jupiter and Chandal is referred to as Rahu.  In Vedic scriptures, the teacher of all the deities is Jupiter or Dev Guru Brihaspathi. It is associated with positivity, knowledge, wisdom, spirituality, intelligence, etc. While Rahu was a demon who veiled his identity and drank the nectar disguising himself as a deity at the end of Samudra Manthan.

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So, both of these planets have opposite personalities and characteristics and their conjunction leads to the production of negative and confusing results. This Guru Chandal Dosha was formed on 22nd April and will last till 30th October 2023. Now, it is going to end on 30th October bringing a sigh of relief for the natives. The malefic planet Rahu is changing its zodiac and it is transiting from Aries to Pisces on 30th October. So, the Guru Chandal Dosha formed in Aries will end and it will bring good luck, positivity, prosperity, progress, happiness, good health, and mental peace to the natives of some zodiac signs.

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Let us not waste any time and gain insights about those Lucky zodiac signs that will be highly benefited due to the end of Guru Chandal Dosha.

Guru Chandal Dosha Ends: 3 Zodiacs Getting Maximum Blessings


The Guru Chandal Dosha was formed in the Aries zodiac itself. So, from 30th October the destiny of this zodiac will change. The natives of Aries will get success in every sector of life due to the support of their luck. They will get the special blessings of Planet Jupiter due to the end of this Dosha. Your respect in society will increase and there will be an increase in money and prosperity. The works which were stuck for a very long time will get started once again. New sources of earnings will open. The natives will get a chance to buy a new property or a new vehicle.

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Due to the transit of Rahu in the Pisces zodiac, the ill effects of Guru Chandal Dosha will be eliminated from the Cancer Zodiac. The natives will have a great time with their families. The natives will achieve positivity, happiness, growth, prosperity, and wisdom from all the spheres of life. They will witness an increase in happiness, peace, and money.  The search for a new job will end. Your work and skills will be appreciated at your workplace. Due to this, you may get a big responsibility along with promotion. You may also get good news related to children. Your financial situation will be strengthened.

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Due to the end of Guru Chandal Dosha, the natives of Capricorn will get special benefits. Lord Saturn’s Sade sati is also continuing in this zodiac sign, so the removal of this Dosha will also make Saturn at peace. Your confidence will get stronger and the natives will achieve success in every sphere of life. The natives may be able to crack a big deal in their business for which they have been waiting for a long period. The problems related to married life will also end.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1.  How to lessen the effect of Guru Chandal dosha?

Answer 1. The natives should honor their parents and worship Planet Jupiter.

Question 2.  What is the gemstone for Guru Chandal Yoga?

Answer 2.  The natives should wear a Yellow Sapphire ring to get the blessings of Jupiter on their side.

Question 3. How to strengthen Rahu in your zodiac?

Answer 3. Wearing a Hessonite (Gomed) gemstone and chanting Rahu’s mantra will strengthen Rahu in your Horoscope.

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