Grand Transit Of Nine Planets After Decades!

The first month of Hindu New Year i.e. April 2022 is special in many ways this year. Decades later, in April, a very rare Mahasanyog is being formed due to the change of zodiac signs of all 9 planets. Today in this special blog by AstroSage, we will enlighten you with the information related to the zodiac changes of all the nine planets together! We will also cover the below-mentioned points-

  • Which zodiac sign will gain immense prosperity?
  • Which zodiac sign will have a good day?
  • Which zodiac sign will be showered with money?
  • Who will be lucky?
  • And whose fate will change?

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As we all know, every planet moves from one zodiac to another only after a certain period of time, which is called transit from an astrological point of view. In astrology, it is believed that from the Sun, the king of planets, to the elusive planets Rahu-Ketu, all move from one zodiac to another at a fixed interval. Jupiter and Saturn are the two planets that spend the most time in any one zodiac sign. Although both of these planets transit in their fixed time period, their movement keeps on changing to direct and retrograde during this period.

Each Planet Changes Zodiac Sign At This Time Interval

  • The Moon changes its zodiac every two and a half days i.e. about 54 hours. Moon is said to be the karaka planet of the mind, so it transits from one planet to another at a rapid pace of the mind.
  • The Sun, the king of planets, Mercury, the benefactor of speech, and Venus, the benefactor of happiness, change in about a month.
  • Mars, the benefactor of courage and energy, transit after staying in the same sign for 45 days.
  • Jupiter, the benefactor of knowledge and prosperity, changes the zodiac sign after spending about 13 months in one sign.
  • On the other hand, the shadow planets Rahu and Ketu transit after staying in one zodiac sign for 18 months. The special thing is that Rahu-Ketu always changes the zodiac on the same date only.
  • Saturn, after staying in one zodiac for the longest period i.e. about two and a half years, changes the zodiac sign at a very slow pace.

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With the beginning of Vikram Samvat 2079, the zodiac changes of the planets will be just like we have mentioned. On the one hand, due to the changes in the positions of the planets, wealth is being created for some zodiac signs, while there is a possibility of great upheaval in the life of some zodiac signs. In simple words, this change in the movement of planets will have a very auspicious effect on the people of some zodiac signs, but some natives may also have to face difficulties.

To read the detailed information related to the transit time, date, and zodiac-wise effects of all the planets, click on the links given below.

April 7, 2022Mars Transit in Aquarius
April 8, 2022Mercury Transit in Aries
April 12, 2022Rahu Transit in Aries
April 12, 2022Ketu Transit in Libra
April 13, 2022Jupiter Transit in Pisces
April 14, 2022Sun Transit In Aries
April 25, 2022Mercury Transit in Taurus
April 27, 2022Venus Transit in Pisces
April 29, 2022Saturn Transit in Aquarius

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This is not all! Till now, festivals like Hindu New Year, Ugadi, and Chaitra Navratri have added to the charm of April month, and there are many more festivals like Baisakhi, Hanuman Jayanti, Tamil New Year, Good Friday, Bengali New Year to come. In addition to this, the first Eclipse of the year will also be observed during the month of April in the form of a Solar Eclipse on April 30, 2022.

Although in India, this Solar Eclipse will be partially observed, its impact will be seen on the natives in some or other way. Now coming to the visibility of this eclipse, it will be visible in South/ West South America, the Pacific, Atlantic, and Antarctica. For more information on the Solar Eclipse, click here.

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