Grahan Yoga On 14 April: 3 Zodiacs Might Suffer!

Grahan Yoga 2023: The 14th of April marks the transit of the Sun, the king of the planet This Sun Transit In Aries will be considered quite special like the upcoming first Solar Eclipse of the year on April 20. On April 14, the Sun will transit in Aries from the Pisces zodiac sign at 14:42. Sun is said to be particularly powerful in Aries because it produces excellent results there. However, since Rahu, Sun’s adversary, is already there, it is evident that Grahan Yoga will be formed and it has been anticipated that people of three astrological signs need to exercise extreme caution due to this Grahan Yoga 2023.

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Today in this exclusive blog by AstroSage, we will provide you the intrinsic details about the Grahan Yoga 2023 to our readers. You will know its significance in Vedic Astrology and its impact on natives’ lives. Also, we will discuss the 3 zodiac signs who need to be a bit cautious during the formation of Grahan Yoga 2023. 

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Grahan Yoga 2023 In Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology refers to a situation as Grahan Yoga when the Sun and Moon are located in the birth horoscope between Rahu and Ketu. Due to Grahan Yoga 2023, the unfavorable planets Rahu and Ketu may cause problems in a person’s life. Other planetary moves in the birth chart may be impacted by these planets. It has long been held that Grahan Yoga occurs in the native’s horoscope if Rahu and Ketu bother the Sun and Moon.

An individual might experience difficulties with their audacity, self-reliance, imagination, management skills, low immune system, mental and physical well-being, schooling, and even with their aging parents when Rahu and Ketu harm the Sun and Moon. Due to anticipated issues, a person might not pay attention to different phases of life.

He or she might experience unforeseen issues as a result of Grahan Dosh in horoscopes. A person might encounter difficulties brought on by the Sun and Moon in their natal chart. For instance, if Sun is the first house ruler in the birth chart, that person may experience issues from Grahan Yoga 2023 with their general health and way of living. Similar to this, if the Moon rules the seventh house in a person’s birth chart, they may experience relationship problems.    

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Grahan Yoga 2023: These Zodiacs Needs To Be Careful

Now, let’s discuss the three zodiac signs that could be negatively impacted by the Grahan Yoga that will appear on April 14, 2023. 


For Taurus natives, one of the two major planets, Sun and Rahu will conjoin in the twelfth house which is the house of spending. During this period, there is a possibility that Taurus natives might have to face emotional stress due to the lack of support from your family. You might have an argument with your beloved mother which could drain you emotionally and mentally. So, you are advised to keep your temperament in control and do meditation; this will help you to protect your relationship with your loved ones and keep a peaceful atmosphere in the family.  

During this period, there is also a possibility of an increase in your expenses and if you are on business trips or traveling abroad, you might not find this journey beneficial for you. As a result of exhaustion, your physical health could also be impacted so, you should not overlook any kind of illness that could cause major health problems in future.


For Virgo natives, the conjunction of the Sun and Rahu is taking place in your eighth house which is the ruler of, mystery, power and death. This combination will therefore have unfavorable effects on your physical well being as well your economic life. During this period, there is a chance of injury so you should be cautious while driving, traveling or doing any major tasks at home or at the workplace. Along with this, this time could also bring health issues and make you unfit. So, you are advised to keep a regular health check and carefully listen to the advice of your doctor. If possible, maintain a diet chart and strictly follow it to remain robust and healthy.

Talking about your economic life, during this period of time you should avoid borrowing money as you might put yourself in trouble by doing this. If you are investing or lending some of your money, then there is a possibility that you might get your money back. Talking about your personal life, Virgo natives, you will have to mind your speech during this time as because of the problems arising in your life, you might become irritable due to which you could burst out and hurt your loved ones. To maintain a healthy atmosphere in your family, try to be composed and control your speech.

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For Capricorn natives, the alliance of Sun and Rahu will now be forming in the fourth house which is the house of home and family. There is a possibility that you might have to experience conflict with family members as a result of this conjunction in the fourth house. There could be some misunderstandings in the family and with your romantic partner which could be the major cause of disputes. So, you are advised to stay relaxed and listen carefully to your parents, siblings and life partner, then come to a conclusion. By doing this, you will be able to maintain a good image in front of your family members or lover and you will be able to solve problems arising in your family and love life.

At the workplace also, you might have to face some very challenging times at this time. Be careful of your opponents as they might plan a plot against you and try to put you and your job in problem. So, you must keep an eye on every step of your adversaries. It would also be better if you avoid making any sort of money agreement at this time. Apart from this, you could also expect a sudden increase in your expenses and later you might have to struggle to manage your budget. So, from the beginning itself, keep a check on every type of spendings you are making to avoid the money problem in future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How is Grahan Yoga formed?

In a birth chart, when Sun-Moon comes between Rahu-Ketu, Grahan Yoga is formed.

Q2: What are the effects of Grahan Yoga?

This yoga can lead to mental stress, overall imbalance, health issues, etc.

Q3: How to remove Grahan Yoga?

Making donations at the time of Grahan and other remedies can be done to remove Grahan Yoga.

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