Blessing Of Rahu Until 2025 – Prosperity & Happiness For 3 Lucky Zodiac Signs!

Among all the planets, Rahu and Ketu are referred to as shadow planets. They don’t have any zodiac sign or house of their own. However, among the Navagrahas, these two planets are considered very special. As per astrology, due to the inauspicious positioning of Rahu in the person’s horoscope, their lives can be destroyed in different ways. This is because Rahu is considered a cruel planet. 

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To transit from one zodiac sign to another, Rahu takes around 18 months. Last year, on 30 October 2023, Rahu left Aries, the sign of Mars planet, at 02:13 pm and entered Pisces in the retrograde position. Till 18 May 2025, Rahu will be positioned there and after that, Rahu will transit in the Aquarius sign. 

During the Rahu’s transit, the natives of some zodiac signs will get auspicious outcomes. And, people with some signs may also face different troubles. This AstroSage blog contains information on specific zodiac signs that will likely benefit from Rahu’s position in Pisces till the year 2025. 

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List Of Zodiac Signs That Will Benefit From Rahu Till 2025 


Taurus is the first zodiac sign that will get benefits due to Rahu transit till 2025. Rahu will stay in their eleventh house. In this period, the natives can earn a lot of money and this will strengthen their financial condition. Their income will rise and they can fulfill their needs & also their family. 

There are clear signs of sudden financial gains for the Taurus natives. People can complete their unfinished tasks or wishes. They will have the opportunity to get rid of all their stuck work. In this period, their lives will be filled with happiness. They can save their money and can meet their needs easily. The persons doing business have chances to travel abroad and they can get excellent benefits from it. 

They have the chance to buy a new vehicle or property, etc. This will be an auspicious time to make relevant investments. There are possibilities of long journeys for various purposes. They won’t be able to give proper time to their family. The time will prove very favorable for the careers of Taurus natives. 


As Rahu enters Pisces sign, the Gemini natives will get immense benefits in their careers. Rahu will transit in the ninth house of the zodiac sign. Thus, people will get full support of their luck and there are possible chances of foreign trips. The financial condition will be very auspicious in this period. 

It will be a suitable period for the employed people. They can handle their expenses smartly. The natives can perform brilliantly in their workplace and there are chances of promotions & salary increases for the natives. They can succeed in different fields across their lives. 

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Rahu transits in the fifth house of the Scorpio zodiac. In this transit period, the natives will spend happy time with their families and thus can get full support of their luck. They can get huge success across different fields. Along with it, there are chances of financial gains. 

The new source of income will open up for people. There are chances of gains from investments in the share market. They will get the opportunity to double their income. There are chances of sudden gains of money from different areas. The concentration and intelligence of Scorpio natives will increase hugely in this period. 

The natives are advised to take care of their health during this period. There can be concerns with the future of your children. 

Effects Of Rahu In The Horoscope Of Famous Personalities

Let us check the changes in the lives of famous people and personalities due to Rahu’s effects. 

Yogi Adityanath 

In the horoscope of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, Rahu has played a vital role in the sixth house of the horoscope. Due to this, he received the title of Mahant of Gorakhnath Math. He is also the founder of Hindu Yuva Vahini. 

Rahu increases the spiritual feelings of the persons and thus Rahu has played a similar role in the life of Yogi Adityanath. 

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Mukesh Ambani 

In the life of the country’s biggest industrialist Mukesh Gandhi, Rahu has shown wonderful results. Rahu will be positioned in the twelfth house in the horoscope and this will ensure immense success for the business persons. 

Effective Remedies To Cool Down Rahu 

In case you’re suffering from the wrath or bad effects of Rahu in your lives, they can get rid of various troubles using specific measures. 

  • To please Rahu, the natives can wear blue-colored clothes. 
  • You need to respect your father-in-law and offer your services to sick people. 
  • Avoid the consumption of alcohol. 
  • You can keep a dog at home and also feed the stray dogs. 
  • To please Rahu or cool down the planet, the natives need to worship Maa Durga, or 12th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. 
  • The worship of Kaal Bhairav also pleases Rahu. Other than that, they need to recite Shri Durga Chalisa. 
  • To get the blessing of Rahu, observe the fast of Mother Durga or Ashtami Tithi. 


Q1. Rahu owns which zodiac sign?

Ans. Rahu doesn’t have ownership of any zodiac sign. 

Q2. How long does the effect of Rahu last?

Ans. Rahu will remain in Pisces sign till 2025.

Q3. What is Rahu’s Lucky Number?

Ans. The Moolank number of Rahu is ‘4’. That is also considered as the lucky number of Rahu.

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