Gopashtami Puja Today: Worship Lord Krishna & Gau Mata & Seek Blessings

This Gopashtami Puja, worship Lord Krishna and Gow Mata to obtain fulfilling results and prosperity in abundance. 

India is a land where the Holy Cow is given the status of mother. As per Hindu religion, many divine beings reside inside Gow Mata. In such a situation, those natives who worship the holy cow with a devoted heart and mind, they become worthy of receiving the blessings of all Gods and Goddesses. 

Gopashtami 2019: Shubh Muhurat 

Each and every year, Gopashtami is celebrated during the Ashtami Tithi of Kartik month’s Shukla Paksha. On this day, fasts dedicated to Lord Krishna and Gow Mata are observed by devotees and they are also worshipped in special ways. This year, Gopashtami will be celebrated on Monday, 4 November 2019. Religious considerations state that on this special day only, Lord Shree Krishna completed the training of cattle breeding along with his brother Balram and became a full fledged Gwala. To commemorate this day, the festival of Gopashtami is celebrated. 

Gopashtami 2019 Muhurat 

Ashtami Tithi Begins   At 07:04 AM on 4th November 
Ashtami Tithi Ends  At 09:40 AM on 5th November 

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Gopashtami & Its Mythological Importance

Considering the reason given above, the importance of Gopashtami increases to a great extent, as this very day is considered the most auspicious to worship Lord Krishna and the holy cow. As per the mythological considerations, Lord Shree Krishna obtained good virtues during his childhood when he used to offer services to Gow Mata along with his brother Balram in Gokul. In accordance with the name, Gokul was considered the city of shepherds and the Gwalas (a community of shepherds) were known as Gai Palak (cattle breeders). During that time, Lord Krishna and Balram also underwent training to protect and take proper care of the cows. The day on which they received complete knowledge about cattle breeding (Gai Palan) came to be known as Gopashtami later. 

Religious Importance of Gopashtami 

As per the Hindu Sanatan Dharma, the Cow has always been given a celebratory status. It is believed that just like a mother has nothing but love in store for her children, in the same way, the Holy cow who is humble abode of many Gods and Goddesses, loves each and every human being without disparity. Just like a mother, the holy cow also provides many benefits to us human beings. Out of the many, Cow produces exquisite dairy products like milk, Ghee (clarified butter), curd, cottage cheese, butter milk and many more which are sources of rich nutrients and proteins. Not only this, the urine of cow is also considered to be beneficial for health as it has medicinal qualities. In today’s world too, painting cow dung on the house walls is considered auspicious. Considering how beneficial the cow is for mankind, it is our responsibility to take good care of her and protect her. The Gopashtami festival arrives every year to remind us of our duties towards Gow Mata and teaches us to take care of her just like Lord Krisna and his brother, Balram.  

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 Gopashtami 2019: Complete Puja Vidhi 

  • There is a special tradition of venerating the holy cow on the day of Gopashtami. 
  • To do the same, it is advised to wake up early in the morning and take a holy bath and then proceed to touch the feet of Gow Mata. 
  • To commemorate the rituals of Gopashtami by abiding to all rites and rituals, one should seek the guidance of a Pandit or a specialist. 
  • Help Gow Mata and her calf take a bath in the morning and decorate them properly.
  • As mentioned above, Gow Mata should be decorated well on this day. She should also be decked up with ornaments like anklets and many more.  
  • During the Puja, fold your hands and circumambulate around the Gow Mata. Perform this circubukation in the morning hours and then take her out for grazing later. 
  • There is also a ritual of making donations to Gwalas(shepherds) on this day. 
  • Offer new clothes to Gwalas and apply Tilak on their forehead. If possible, feed meals to them.
  • When Gow Mata returns home after grazing in the fields, then offer prayers to her along with all the family members and offer her something special to eat. Green fodder should be specially fed to her. 
  • Those natives who do not breed cows at home can visit a cow shed nearby and offer prayers to Gow Mata and earn their blessings. 
  • While worshiping the cow, offer them Gangaajal, flowers, and apply tilak to the cow and light a lamp of pure clarified butter (ghee)in front of her and lastly make offerings to jaggery to her.
  • Lord Krishna is also venerated on this day.
  • Many people also donate food and other similar items in Gaushala (cow shed) during this festival.

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We hope that you will receive the blessings of Gow Mata and Lord Krishna during Gopashtami. Thankyou for staying connected with AstroSage!!


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