Gopashtami 2023: Measures Of Shri Krishna That Bring Immense Prosperity

Gopashtami 2023: There are specific kinds of fasts and festivals in the Hindu religion that are dedicated to Lord Krishna, one of which is referred to as Gopashtami. This festival signals the love and affection of Lord Krishna towards cows. As per mythology, Lord Krishna lifted the weight of Govardhan mountain on his finger from Pratipada Tithi Saptami Tithi of Kartik Paksha to protect cows & Gop-Gopiyas. After eight days, the ego of Lord Indra was broken. After the miracle, the Kamdhenu cow performed the abhishek and then Lord Krishna came to be known as Govind. It marked the start of the Gopashtami festival. 

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On Kartik Shukla Ashtami, the celebrations are done for the Gopashtami festival dedicated to Lord Krishna and Mother Cow. In Vrindavan and Mathura, the festive celebrations are done with full enthusiasm and on this day, cows are worshiped along with the calves. Talking about the festival, the belief is that on Gopashtami day, Nand Maharaj had instilled the responsibility to Lord Krishna for taking care of the cows and taking them to the forest for grazing. 

Among the Braj people, Gopashtami has great importance. On this day, worshiping Shri Krishna and Lord Vishnu will provide prosperity and mental satisfaction. Just as cow & calf are worshiped on the Govatsa Dwadashi day in Maharashtra, a similar worship method is followed on Gopashtami in Mathura & Vrindavan. There is the tradition of worshiping cows along with the calf on the day. 

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Gopashtami 2023: Date And Time 

On 20 November 2023, the Gopashtami 2023 celebrations are done with great pomp & enthusiasm, across many states in the country. The Tithi starts on 20 November at 05.23 am and continues till 03.18 midnight. On this day, Shukla Yoga is being formed. 

Auspicious Yogas Formed On Gopashtami 2023 

On 20 November 2023, on the day of Gopashtami 2023, Shukla Yoga will be formed and it is the 24th Yoga out of 27 Yogas. As per astrology, Shukla Yoga is taken as one of the very auspicious yogas and is also ruled by Mother Parvati. 

To start auspicious tasks, Shukla Yoga is the best timeline and during this period, worship & rituals can be performed. The activities done during Shukla Yoga definitely bring happiness, success, peace, and prosperity to the lives of natives. In this yoga, doing the right charity provides great importance. 

Gopashtami 2023 Worship Method 

  • On Gopashtami day, the worship done with the relevant methods will impress Lord Krishna and all the wishes of the devotees will be fulfilled. 
  • On Gopashtami day, prepare the cow and her calf after their bathing in the Brahma Muhurta. 
  • After that, circle around the cow mother and take her to roam around for some time. 
  • It is considered very auspicious to make donations to the cowherds. Bring the cow back to your home and in the evening follow the right worship method. 
  • The cow & its calf should be fed green fodder, green peas, jaggery, etc. In case, if you don’t have a cow, the devotees can visit the cow shed and also feed them the right fodder. 
  • Also, offer flowers and Gangajal to the cow and worship her by lighting a lamp. Donating the right food items in the cow shed will deliver auspicious outcomes. 

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Relevant Astrological Measures For Gopashtami 2023 

  • For the long life of children, women need to worship cow mother on Gopashtami 2023 day. The women should circumambulate the cow to fulfill their desires. 
  • Offer Kheer and add Tulsi to it before offering it to Lord Krishna. This will please the lord and the remedy will provide devotees unlimited wealth. 
  • Use saffron milk to do the abhishek of Lord Krishna. 
  • For 27 days, offer coconut or almond to Krishna temple to get all your wishes fulfilled timely. 
  • Recite Santan Gopal Stotra to resolve troubles faced by your children. 

List Of Zodiac Signs That Blessed By Lord Krishna

Out of the 12 signs, some zodiacs are considered very dear to Lord Krishna, and the natives of the relevant signs are showered with the immense blessing of the lord. 

Taurus: As per the Vedic astrology details, Lord Krishna is believed to have the Taurus sign. The natives with this sign will hold a special place in the heart of the lord and Gopashtami will bring a lot of progress in the professional life of natives. 

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Cancer: According to mythological beliefs, the Cancer zodiac people are considered very lucky and they are very dear to Lord Krishna. The grace of the lord will result in Cancer natives with the right fortune and property gains. Other than that, the lord also solves different troubles of devotees and delivers them mental peace. 

Leo: The Leo natives are very hardworking and committed in their life and this is the reason Lord Krishna likes them. They are showered with the blessing of a happy and successful life. Other than that, the natives get desirable outcomes for their hard work with the grace of Lord Krishna. This results in respect and prestige in the lives of natives. 

Libra: As per Hindu mythological beliefs, the Libra sign is liked by Lord Krishna. They bless natives to find balance and peace in life and also open up the door of their destiny. The grace of Lord Krishna will result in prosperity and wealth in the lives of Libra people. 

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