Ghatasthapana 2021: Muhurat, Significance & Other Things to Know!

Ghatasthapana or the installation of the urn takes place on the very first day of Navratri. This is also known as Kalash Sthapana in many places around the country. This day has a special significance in the realm of Hinduism. It has been said that Navratri’s beginning is marked with this day’s observation. The Pratipada Tithi of Chaitra and Sharad Navratri is the day when the Ghatasthapana takes place by following all the due rites and rituals. 

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Sanatan Dharma follows the practice of worshiping Lord Ganesha before any Puja or auspicious work. In Hinduism, the Kalash is considered equivalent to Lord Ganesha and hence there is the tradition to establish Ghat on the first day of Navratri. Let us now go further and know some special rules associated with Ghatasthapana and discover some additional information associated.

When is the Ghatasthapana in 2021?

7 October, 2021 (Thursday)

Ghatasthapana Muhurat 

Ghatasthapana Muhurat  :  From 06:16:56 until 10:11:33

Duration : 3 hours 54 minutes

Note : The Muhurat given above is valid for New Delhi area only. Click Here to know the Muhurat as per your city! 

Things Required For Ghatasthapana

First and foremost, let us discuss which items are required for the process of Ghatasthapana. 

  • Seven types of cereals/grains
  • A clay pot
  • Some clay brought from a holy place
  • A vase or urn
  • A bit of gangajal or plain water
  • Mango or Ashoka leaves
  • Betel Nut
  • A coconut, possibly grated
  • Akshat
  • A piece of red cloth
  • Some clean and fresh flowers

Ghatasthapana : Puja Vidhi

  • First and foremost, collect an earthen pot and place all the 7 types of grains in it.
  • After this, fill some water in the urn and tie Kalava in its upper part and then keep it in an earthen pot.
  • Place Ashoka or mango leaves on the Kalash/Ghat.
  • After this, wrap Kalava in a coconut.
  • Now, wrap the coconut in a red clean cloth and place it on the top of the urn and in the middle of the leaves.
  • Invoke the concerned deity after completion of the Ghatasthapana.

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Navratri Day 1 : The Day of Goddess Shailputri

Along with Ghatasthapana, there is also a tradition of worshipping Maa Shailputri on the first day of Navratri. Mata Shailputri was born to Himalaya, the great mountains and that is the reason she was named Devi Shailputri. Maa Shailputri’s vehicle is a bull or Vrishabha and holds a trident in one hand and a lotus flower in the other.

Significance of Goddess Shailputri’s Worship

Beliefs state that by worshiping Maa Shailputri duly on the first day of Navratri, happiness comes flowing to a person’s life, all the wishes of the person gets fulfilled and one’s married life also becomes fruitful. 

Goddess Shailputri Worship: An Astrological Take 

According to astrology, the nine Goddesses worshiped during Navratri also have connections with the nine planets, which are very crucial to astrology, and therefore, if nine forms of Goddess Durga are worshiped lawfully, then the malefic effects of the concerned planets can be avoided or removed. Since we are talking about Goddess Shailputri today, we would like you to know that Maa Shailputri is believed to be related to the planet Moon and by worshiping her duly on the first day of Navratri, the malefic effects of the Moon present in any horoscope can be lessened.

Goddess Shailputri Bhog  

The first day of Navratri is dedicated to Maa Shailputri. In such a situation, if you offer pure cow Ghee to her on this day as Bhog, then she is pleased with it and blesses her devotees with good health and a prosperous life.

Goddess Shailputri Mantra 

vande vāṃcchita lābhāya caṃdrārdhakṛtaśekharām‌ .
vṛṣārūढ़āṃ śūladharāṃ śailaputrīṃ yaśasvinīm‌ ॥

वन्दे वांच्छित लाभाय चंद्रार्धकृतशेखराम्‌ .

वृषारूढ़ां शूलधरां शैलपुत्रीं यशस्विनीम्‌ ॥

Ghatasthapana : Important Rules & Regulations to Keep in Mind

Before moving ahead, we would also like our readers to know that if you are conducting the Ghatasthapana or Kalash sthapana at your home, then there are certain rules and precautions which should be taken into account. We are noting them down below. 

It is said that the process of Ghatasthapana should be commenced before one third of the day gets over. Apart from this, if you are setting up a Kalash/urn at your house, then Abhijit Muhurat of the day is considered to be the best and fruitful for this process. Apart from this, if we talk about Nakshatras, then the most auspicious ones for the establishment of Ghat are Pushya Nakshatra, Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra, Uttarashada Nakshatra, Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra, Hasta Nakshatra, Revati Nakshatra, Rohini Nakshatra, Ashwini Nakshatra, Mool Nakshatra, Shravan Nakshatra, Dhanishta Nakshatra and Purnvasu Nakshatra.

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Ghatasthapana : Significance

Beliefs state that if the Ghatasthapana is commenced systematically in a particular household, then that one household acquires the special benediction of Maa Annapurna and there is never any shortage of happiness, wealth and prosperity in that house.

Why is Water Kept in the Ghat or Urn?

While setting up the Kalash or the Ghat, it is specially advised to take special care that the Kalash should never be empty. Always fill the Kalash with water. But the question arises is why water should only be used and nothing else? While answering this question, we would like to tell our readers that it has been mentioned in the scriptures that the Kalash should never be established without water. Betel leaves, Saffron, Akshat, Kumkum/vermilion, flowers, betel nut, cotton, coconut, Molly and grains etc. are always kept in the Kalash. By doing so, happiness, prosperity, positive energy, etc. remains in the life of the person and in the house.

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Things Prior to Ghatasthapana Which Should be Kept in Mind 

Before Ghatasthapana takes place, there are certain things which should be taken special care of. Let us know what they are:- 

  • Let your home and mind be pure and clean. Stop eating any Tamasic food one or two days before Navratri. Also, clean your house thoroughly because Goddess Durga has great fondness for the cleanliness of body, mind and surrounding places.
  • Before Navratri begins, purify your place of worship with Gangajal. Especially in the northeastern direction because this place is considered to be the most auspicious for the installation of the Ghat/urn.
  • Before setting up Ghat on Chaitra Navratri, paint a Swastika sign at the main door of your house. This sign is considered very auspicious, not only for Navratri but also for getting overall success in life.
  • Try not to talk for a few hours before Ghatasthapana. Practice silence as a virtue and it will be very useful for you. 

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