Ganda Yoga: Financial Troubles Coming Along For These Zodiacs!

Ganda Yoga 2023: Ganda Yoga is the 6th yoga among the 27 yogas in Vedic astrology. It is calculated by the degrees of moon and sun starting from Ashwini Nakshatra. Ganda Yoga is inauspicious and is said to bring misfortune, financial troubles and other ill impacts on individuals. Ganda Yoga will start on 18th June, 2023. The lord of this Yoga is Fire (Agni) and impacts all zodiac signs but is extremely harmful for a few zodiacs. Let us read about those zodiac signs and the remedies to be followed. 

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Ganda Yoga: These Zodiacs Will Be Negatively Impacted


The Aries natives will be the most impacted by it. During this period one should not sign any business deals or finalize any deals as it may result in huge losses. Be careful to not lend money to anyone as that money may never find its way back in your hands. Make sure to not start any auspicious event during this yoga. You may make wrong decisions regarding work or business and may find yourself in a sticky situation. Make sure to keep yourself calm all through the day and not make any major decisions regarding personal or professional life.

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 Virgo natives should be careful when dealing with people from their professional networks or when signing new deals or contracts. You may end up making a deal with the wrong people. Think twice before doing any such thing. Someone from your professional networks may try to tarnish your image or cheat you in some way. Some individuals could also receive bad news related to work. Lay-offs or other related news may upset you on this day. Your expenditure may also rise. 


 The Sagittarius natives may experience losses in business and may also encounter fights, conflicts and arguments with family which may disturb the home environment and disrupt your mental peace. Financial losses or theft could be encountered. Also, hold your horses and control your temper during this yoga. Letting your anger out of control may result in losses, so much so that you may even end up getting in trouble with your authorities at work and in extreme cases one could even lose their job. Refrain from any kind of investment during this yoga.

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Capricorn natives may experience an unsettled environment at home. Your married life could be disturbed due to which your entire family would suffer. You could be dragged into family disputes over property or family businesses. Your relationships with your near and dear ones could suffer and you may have to face unnecessary fights and conflicts. Along with it you may face financial issues or may be cheated with money. Expenditure may increase. Business owners may experience a sudden and sharp downfall in their sales on this day or may encounter problems if a new project is started on this day. 

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Ganda Yoga: Impactful Remedies

  • Donate food and clothes as well as other necessities to the poor and the needy
  • Offer prayers to lord Ganesha and offer Durva grass and ladoos as Prasad
  • Perform rudrabhishek and worship lord shiva
  • Visit Hanuman temple and recite the Hanuman Chalisa
  • Donate water in areas where required. It brings positivity in an individual’s life.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Ganda Yoga auspicious?

Ans. No, Ganda yoga is an inauspicious Yoga

2. Does Ganda Yoga impact the wealth of a native?

Ans. Yes, Ganda yoga may impact the wealth and gains of an individual negatively and bring poverty. It brings ill health as well.

3. Which God rules Ganda Yoga?

Ans. Agni (Fire)

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