Gajkesari & Trikon Rajyoga; Fabulous Time For 3 Zodiac In August!

Gajkesari-Trikon Rajyoga: The month of August is auspicious for zodiacs and creates some kind of impact on all the signs. Jupiter and Saturn create Gajkesari and Trikon Rajyoga that will favor the three zodiacs with good fortune & wealth. These Yogas are formed due to the transition of planets from time to time, and affecting human lives. It forms good times for the 3 zodiacs and results in a sudden gain in money and progress. To know further details, contact our renowned astrologers and also find accurate answers to your queries.

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The Significance of Gajkesari and Trikon Rajyoga 

In August, Gajkesari Rajayoga is formed 4 times and Trikon Rajyoga once a month. The AstroSage blog focuses on 3 zodiacs that benefit from the period. 

Gajkesari is a powerful rajyoga that brings good times for the lucky zodiacs. ‘Gaj’ means Elephant and ‘Kesari’ means Lion. The Rajyoga in the Kundli results in good times for the individual and can bring success in life. The strong existence of Jupiter in the horoscope makes the natives confident & attractive in the surrounding environment. 

Trikon Rajyoga is also a strong Rajyoga promising favorable times to the natives. It is formed as the lord of the Kendra (1st, 4th, 5th, or 10th house) in conjunction with the lord of Trikon (1st, 5th, or 9th house) and creates a positive impact on the native’s life. It brings prosperity to the careers of individuals and also creates the wisdom & creativity of zodiacs. 

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3 Zodiacs Benefiting From The Gajkesari and Trikon Rajyoga


For Aries natives, the Rajyogas provide flexible outcomes in your life. For students taking part in competitive exams, it will be the time to make the best of the opportunity with hard work. It is also a crucial time to accumulate wealth and achieve sustainable success in life. You’ll be able to make the right decisions in your family and also start a new journey. Travel abroad with your partner to resolve your marriage troubles and enjoy a quality life with your love. Also, the chances of creating new income sources will increase and secure the profit levels. 


The Rajyogas create a favorable time for the Libra zodiac and improve the overall financial condition. Invest the correct amount of money in your business for expansion and increase profit levels. For persons involved in court cases, it will be the right time to come out of it. The timeline is also favoring the persons involved in creativity, art, music, and theater performance. Spend quality time with your life partner and share happy moments with your love. The health of family members will remain intact and the chances of success in different projects also increases. There are also chances of promotions in your job profile. 

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The development of Gajkesari and Trikon Rajyoga will be the best time for Capricorn natives to come out of troubled times. It will also be the right time to buy some property or a new vehicle. Get appreciation at your workplace and the chances of monetary benefits also rise. There will be peace in your family and also the fight with your partner will resolve. You will get the support of your near & dear ones on specific decisions. It is also the best time to travel abroad for business matters and also join a new association for boosting your career. 


Q1. What are the effects of Gajkesari Rajyoga?

Ans. The Gajkesari Rajyoga is one of the favorable times for enhancing intellectual abilities and also brings wealth to lives. 

Q2. What is the impact of Trikon Rajyoga?

Ans. With the right kind of formations, the natives will be able to achieve fame and prosperity in their lives. 

Q3. What is the power of Rajyoga in the Kundli?

Ans. It always favors the natives to come out of troubled times and also acquire the right kind of wealth for all success. 

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