Gaj Kesari Yoga & Trigraha Yoga Graces The Lives Of These 5 Zodiacs Today!

This Wednesday is not a usual day in the lives of many zodiacs as various fortunate phenomena are taking place today. It is the second day of Shukla Prasad of Chaitra month and on this day, the second form of Maa Durga known as Maa Brahmacharini, is worshiped. Also, today is the day when the Moon will transit in the zodiac of Mars, Aries, where Jupiter and Mercury are already present, which will create Gaj Kesari yoga, and Trigraha yoga. Along with these auspicious yogas, on the second day of Chaitra Navratri, a fortunate combination of Ravi Yoga, Preeti Yoga, and Bharani Nakshatra is also taking place, due to which the importance of the day has significantly increased. 

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According to Vedic Astrology, 5 zodiacs will get the most benefits because of these many auspicious events on the second day of Chaitra Navratri. There will be various benefits in their life such as more profits, increased wealth, and the best relationships due the blessings of Maa Durga. Along with the prediction for the day, we have also listed the astrological remedies, to help you strengthen the position of Mercury in your horoscope which will increase the blessings of Lord Ganesha and Maa Durga in your life. 

So, without further ado, let’s know about those zodiacs and the importance of Gaj Kesari yoga and Trigraha yoga along with other promising events.

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What is Gaj Kesari Yoga And Trigraha Yoga? 

Gaj Kesari yoga is one of the most powerful and promising yogas in Vedic Astrology. This yoga is formed when the Moon and Jupiter come together in a house. The effect of Gaj Kesari yoga includes achieving great heights in career, fulfilling ambitions, gaining wealth, property, land, and many more materialistic comforts. They always get royal happiness and respect in society. 

Trigraha yoga is another significant planetary conjunction, according to Vedic Astrology and it leaves various powerful impacts on the lives of the zodiacs. It occurs when the three planets are present in the same zodiac with proximity in degrees. As for its effect, this yoga is considered as a time of transformation, spiritual growth, and self-discovery. It brings out unique chances, opportunities, and challenges in the life of the individuals. 

Gaj Kesari Yoga And Trigraha Yoga Makes April 10 A Big Day For These 5 Zodiacs 


Today is going to be an important day for Taurus natives. Their pending or stuck works will be completed today, also the money-related problems will be resolved. An auspicious event can also take place in the family which will bring happiness and you will be able to maintain everyone’s respect. You will remain focused on your goals and your health will also be at its best. The employed natives will be able to lead strongly and will also be very satisfied with their work. 

Due to Chaitra Navratri, the natives will participate in religious activities and can also go to the Navratri fair with their children. The atmosphere in the family will be at peace and filled with happiness. Also, you will be able to fulfill your domestic responsibilities, which will impress your parents. Now, talking about your marital life, if you were involved in a rift with your partner before, then it will be resolved now. Love and trust will prevail in your relationship today. 

Remedy: To get free from financial troubles, offer vermilion to Lord Ganesha and make a bundle by tying five handfuls of the whole green moon in a green cloth and floating it in the water with Ganesh mantras. 

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Today is another beneficial day for the Cancer zodiac. The natives will spend money to their heart’s content on materialistic luxuries and there are even chances of traveling abroad. If you have made any investment previously then you will get a good return today and can also go on a trip with your friends. You will be able to overpower your opponents or enemies in business and will keep trying all the ways to increase your wealth. The young unemployed natives can get good news. Due to the support of the seniors, the employed natives will be able to accomplish their tasks on time and will also appear satisfied with their career progress. At last, the love life of the natives will be at its best and your relationship with your partners will strengthen. The two of you can also discuss the future. 

Remedy: To get relief from obstacles and diseases, donate green clothes to trans women and donate green moong to a temple or the needy on Wednesday. 


Today can become the best day of Libra natives’ lives due to the formation of Gaj Kesari yoga and Trigraha yoga. The pending work from long can be accomplished today. There will be newfound sources of income and your financial condition will improve as well. Today, you may take your mother to meet your maternal house, where you will meet many loved ones. If luck happens to be on your side, then you will get ultimate success in your field of work and your influence in the same will increase too. If you have been waiting to invest in a property for a long time now, then your wish can be fulfilled today. Now, mentioning your family life and children, it will be amazing and your mind will be at peace witnessing the development of your children. 

Remedy: To get your wishes fulfilled, offer moong ladoos to Lord Ganesha for seven Wednesdays. 


Today is going to be a pleasant day for Sagittarius natives filled with favorable results. The natives are going to take care of the interest of all and there will also be an increase in their comforts plus luxuries. With the blessings of Gaj Kesari yoga and Trigraha yoga, the Sagittarius students will get relief from the problems they were facing in education, and will also get the support of their fathers and teachers. You can get a big position in social programs which will make you happy, which can help you participate in important discussions. You will be successful in earning good profits by joining a government scheme or two. Also, today is the day of goodness as you may hear good news from a relative which will make you extremely happy. The natives who are running their business will earn great profits and their business credibility will increase too. The employed natives can get a good job offer from an amazing company today which will bring them satisfaction in their career and their salary will increase too. 

Remedy: To increase your luck, offer things made of milk to Lord Ganesha and recite Ganesha Chalisa. 

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Remedy: For financial progress, tie 7 whole cowries and a handful of green moong dal in green cloth and keep them on the stairs of the temple on Wednesday. 

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The Pisces natives are blessed with phenomenal luck by Gaj Kesari yoga and Trigraha yoga today. It is going to be an important day for Pisces as their wishes are going to be fulfilled. If you invest today, then you will be profitable later and your confidence is going to be increased as well. The atmosphere at home will be pleasant as you can get approval from your parents for marriage. You can receive valuable items as a gift from a loved one. Your emphasis on your values and traditions will even impress the outsiders. If you made a promise with someone in the past, then you will be successful in keeping it as well. Lastly, mentioning about your married life, love and mutual coordination between you and your partners will increase. Your relations with the family members will be amazing and you will actively participate in charitable work due to Navratri. 

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