Inauspicious Presence Of Bhadra In Gaj Kesari Yoga, These Natives Need To Be Careful!

The month of May 2021 is full of major transits and Yogas. We are going to give you a very vivid picture of the most special Yoga of Moon and Jupiter, famously known as Gaj Kesari Yoga, that is going to be formed on May 06, 2021 i.e. Thursday. Besides this, Bhadra is also falling during the same period. In this context, the impact of Gaj Kesari Yoga and Bhadra will be observed by the people. 

As per the astrology, it is believed that each and every event happening in our life is due to the movement of planets. It is evident that as the time changes, so does the planet move and therefore, neither the time, nor the movement of the planets or our lives stagnate. It is this very reason that the astrologers throughout the world keep insight the movement of the planets. 

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In this very order, the day of May 06 has captured several special dimensions of astrology. Actually, the conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter is going to take place and this conjunction is termed as Gaj Kesari Yoga in astrology.

What does Gaj Kesari Yoga Mean?

Gaj Kesari is a combination of two words i.e. Gaj and Kesari. Gaj means elephant whereas Kesari means Lion. The meaning of this Yoga is compounded in these two words.  

Whosoever has Gaj Kesari Yoga in their horoscope, they have intelligence and strength without ego like that of an elephant and also, they are active, quick and powerful like a lion. Such people occupy high posts and are good orators. They also command respect in the society and as per the grace of Jupiter, they are never short of money. 

How to Strengthen Gaj Kesari Yoga?

Sometimes, even the presence of Gaj Kesari Yoga does not give desired benefits. In this regard, we are suggesting you to strengthen the Yoga through some of the special remedies. 

The natives bearing Gaj Kesari Yoga should wear a yellow Topaz (Pukhraj) or white pearl to make the Yoga effective. May we inform you that yellow Topaz pleases Lord Jupiter while the Moon is won over if white pearl is worn. Before wearing any stone, one should have the advice of intelligent Pandit. Worshipping Lord Shiva is also helpful in strengthening Gaj Kesari Yoga.  

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Now, let’s know in detail about the impact of Gaj Kesari Yoga during Bhadra, which is going to be formed on May 06, on our lives.

What will be the Impact of Gaj Kesari Yoga on Life?

Since the wonderful conjunction of Jupiter and Moon is going to take place on May 06, the impact will be felt by all the natives having Gaj Kesari Yoga. This Yoga is going to be formed in Aquarius and in this respect, the natives of Taurus, Libra and Scorpio zodiac signs will enjoy the best fruits of their lives. 

The natives belonging to all these three zodiac signs are likely to have financial gains and those who are engaged in business shall also reap good fruits. In addition to this, they will enjoy good health.  

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Hurdles Created by the Presence of Bhadra

Focussing on this conjunction, Bhadra is also taking place along with Gaj Kesari Yoga. In astrology, Bhadra is considered to be inauspicious. During this, all the auspicious activities are usually avoided. It is also suggested not to start any new work or perform Havan, otherwise, there will be hurdles in the way. 

Especially the natives with Aquarius zodiac sign need to be careful and avoid financial dealings as Bhadra is going to remain in this very zodiac sign.   

However, activities such as cremation, arresting enemy, taking part in the battle, etc. can be carried out. It is also believed even if unknowingly auspicious activity is carried out, it bears no good fruits.  

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