Life-Changing Gaj Kesari Raj Yoga In Your Kundli: Know It All!

Gaj Kesari Raj Yoga is known to be one of the auspicious Raj Yogas in Vedic Astrology. Any native-born under this yoga is expected to be intellectual, strong and living a good life. Raj Yoga Report based on your birth details reveal the presence of such auspicious Raj Yogas in your kundli and sheds light on the golden period of your life.

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अचिंत्या व्यक्त रूपाय निर्गुणाय गुणात्मके।

समस्त जगताधार मूर्तये ब्रहम्णे नमः॥

aciṃtyā vyakta rūpāya nirguṇāya guṇātmake।

samasta jagatādhāra mūrtaye brahamṇe namaḥ॥

According to astrology, the planets posited in the native’s horoscope reveal the occurrence of upcoming auspicious and inauspicious events. Multiple planetary conjunctions, yoga formation, aspects and inflictions etc. lead to the formation of numerous auspicious yogas in a kundli. These planets, where on one hand, help native reach heights of success, their inflicting conditions can make a native undergo several struggling situations and phases.

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Gaj Kesari Raj Yoga In A Kundli

If Gajakesari like Raj Yoga exists in the birth chart of a native, then such a native is expected to enjoy a ride full of success, popularity and comfort. Under the influence of Gajakesari Yoga, the native is skilled, bright, majestic enjoys various types of pleasures and attains a high status in society. He/She is proficient in areas that require head-to-head debate such as Politics and Speech etc. If such an auspicious Raj Yoga resides in your kundli but you are unable to reap benefits under its influence, you can click here and get a detailed, personalised astrological evaluation now.

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When Is Gaj Kesari Raj Yoga Formed?

The favourable and unfavourable outcomes derived from Gaj Kesari Raj Yoga depend on the twelve houses of a kundli, zodiac sign, nakshatra and placement of the planets Moon and Jupiter. This is because the exalted or strong placement of both the Moon and Jupiter forms the Gaj Kesari Raj Yoga in a kundli. If Kemdruma Yoga is also forming in that kundli itself, Gaj Kesari Yoga becomes unfruitful in such a case, and just like other common planets, churns out results accordingly.

Gajakesari Yoga has been considered a powerful and auspicious yoga in astrology. If Gajakesari Yoga forms in a specific house (fifth-ninth) of a kundli, that native is blessed with immense power equivalent to that of an elephant or Gaj and financial prosperity. However, it is not mandatory for everyone to incur such fruitful outcomes of Gaj Kesari Raj Yoga. 

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Outcomes Of Gaj Kesari Yoga

Let us understand the results obtained from Gajakesari Yoga through an example. The horoscope given below is of Virajit Mukesh Sharma, who is currently working in the Education Department in Uttarakhand.


15-05-1988, 21:25, Dehradun

When evaluated, it can be said that glorious Gaj Kesari Yoga forms in the fifth house of his kundli, which makes him skilful in all his works and performance. He has always been honoured professionally and offered various responsibilities due to the auspicious impact of this yoga itself. Due to the placement of Jupiter-Moon in the fifth house of Mukes Ji’s kundli, he has been instilled with such qualities that are attained when Jupiter and Moon are posited in the fifth house.

As per my astrological observation, when such yoga is formed in the fifth house, then it indicates an inflow of money and financial prosperity with the help of knowledge and intellect. The native becomes intelligent. Such a person can also become a good school teacher, scientist, new inventor or a well-learned writer. He/She is blessed with children, leads a happy life and his kids are expected to achieve high positions in their career. All these qualities reside within Mukesh Ji.

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