Friday Remedies To Attain Blessings Of Maa Lakshmi!

Many of you might know that Fridays are considered to be auspicious to worship Maa Lakshmi. It is believed that to please Maa Lakshmi and attain her blessings many devotees observe fast and follow these remedies. If you also wish to attain Maa Lakshmi’s blessings on Friday then here are the remedies that you need to follow. But before we discuss the remedies let’s talk about the significance of worshiping Maa Lakshmi on Friday.

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In the Hindu religion, every single day in a week is dedicated to some god or goddess. And similarly, Fridays in a week are dedicated to Maa Lakshmi. It is believed that performing Maa Lakshmi Puja with all the rituals will help you to get rid of many problems in life and you will be blessed with the ultimate wealth. The Friday which falls in Kartik month is considered to be very auspicious. In the month of Kartik, some remedies can help you to get auspicious or fruitful results in life. So, despite doing many efforts, if you are still unable to get results according to your wish. 

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Maa Lakshmi Pujan Vidhi On Fridays 

The most auspicious time to perform the puja is on a Friday morning. It is advised that you should buy everything in advance that is required for the rituals. It is believed that goddess Lakshmi stays where there is a clean house so you must clean your house before puja. All you need to do is to make a rangoli near the worship place or puja Ghar in your home. Some other to-do’s are mentioned below:

  • Place the idol or photo of goddess Lakshmi on an elevated platform.
  • Decorate the area and adorn the idol of the goddess with ornaments and beautiful clothes.
  • Besides the idol, you need to place a water-filled conch on the platform.
  • Once you have completed the to-do’s for the puja, just close your eyes and worship the goddess with complete devotion.
  • Now after the puja, just offer prasad to the goddess once you chant the mantras.
  • Complete the puja with an aarti.
  • After doing aarti, distribute prasad among your friends and relatives once the puja is completed.

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Friday Remedies To Attain Maa Lakshmi’s Blessings 

Recite This Story

If you want to please Goddess Lakshmi on Friday, recite Lakshmi Strotra, Shri Sukta, or Kanakdhara Stotra. If you recite this then you will be blessed with wealth and prosperity.

Offer red-colored flowers 

Red-colored flowers are one of the favorite things of Maa Lakshmi. And that’s why on Friday, offer Lotus or Rose to Maa Lakshmi on Fridays. Apart from this, you can also offer hibiscus flowers to Maa Lakshmi.

Things To Include In Aarti 

While performing aarti in puja for Maa Lakshmi take 4 camphor pieces and perform aarti and place 2 cloves in it, this will please Maa Lakshmi.

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Chant this mantra 

On the auspicious day of Friday take a garland of Kamalgatte and chant Maa Lakshmi’s mantra ‘Om Shree Hreem Shree Kamale Kamallaye Prasid Prasid Shree Hreem Shree Om Mahalakshmi Namah’.

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Donate these things

To attain Maa Lakshmi’s blessings on the auspicious day of Friday you need to make kheer and offer it to Maa Lakshmi. Also, distribute this kheer prasad to young and small girls. You can also distribute fruits to these girls. Remember, performing the same remedy continuously for 21 Fridays will fulfill all your wishes along with financial benefits.

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