Mercury Transit 2022: Fortunate Days Will Begin For These Zodiac Signs

In astrology, Mercury has been regarded as a lucky planet. As a result, the outcomes are consistent regardless of where Mercury is located in the horoscope. Mercury is, among other things, the planet of intellect, speech, logic, and communication. In such situations, it is fascinating to consider how the impending Mercury transit may affect the native’s life. The Mercury Transit in Sagittarius, which is going to be quite special for all the zodiac signs. Numerous doors will open and favorable developments will occur in the lives of the 12 zodiac signs as a result of this transit. 

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Today in this blog by AstroSage, we will talk about the effects of Mercury Transit in Sagittarius on the life of those lucky zodiac signs whose best days are about to start from 3rd December, 2022. You’ll also discover how to optimize the positive effects of these results on your life while minimizing the bad ones by following certain measures. First of all let’s find out when this transit will occur.

Mercury Transit In Sagittarius 2022: Date And Time

This Mercury Transit in Sagittarius will take place on Saturday, December 3, 2022, at 6:34 am. If we talk about Mercury, it can be easily impacted by other planets, zodiac signs, or Nakshatras because it is our solar system’s second-smallest and fastest-moving planet after the Moon. The planet Mercury is also characterized by Vedic Astrology as a youthful, handsome boy who is intelligent, rational, and well-spoken. This Mercury Transit In Sagittarius on 3rd December, 2022 is going to provide strong benefits to some of the zodiac signs. Do you really want to know if your zodiac sign is included in the list or not? Then let’s move ahead and take a look at the fortunate zodiac signs during this transit 2022.

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Mercury Transit In Sagittarius 2022: List Of The Lucky Zodiac Signs

Out of 12 zodiac signs, there are a total of five zodiac signs who will benefit the most from Mercury Transit in Sagittarius on 3rd December, 2022. Curious to know? Read the list below:

  1. Taurus

Taurus natives will profit greatly from Mercury transit in Sagittarius The marriage life of these natives will be fantastic and there will be strong relationships. The family will live in happiness. There is an opportunity to gain advantages from the public sector. For natives who are single and ready to get married,  this is the time when your marriage can be confirmed or fixed. In a competitive exam, there is a good probability of success. Apart from this, there will be strong economic growth.

  1. Cancer

Mercury’s transit will be advantageous for Cancer natives too. The students will particularly profit from this time. The love life will be wonderful. The wishes of those who want to get married in love can come true. Those who are planning for a baby may receive good news. Keep your plans a secret while working and you will gain profits.

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  1. Leo

Leos will experience wonderful fortune in December. They will use their money in a useful manner. There will be considerable economic growth. You’ll be able to save money and receive unexpected funds. Property matters will be resolved in your favor. If you have always dreamt of buying a new card then this is the time when your dream will come true. Including this, you can learn useful information.

  1. Libra

The persons born under the sign of Libra will profit greatly from Mercury’s transit. Large financial gains are anticipated. The state of your finances will improve. You’ll work on improving your speaking ability to make it more powerful and impressive. You’ll gain more respect and the level of responsibility will rise.

  1. Capricorn

Capricorns will see many advantages in December 2022 which begin with Mercury Transit In Sagittarius. Your income will rise and you will acquire additional sources of revenue. There will be a significant development in your favor. Your romantic relationships will be stronger. You can receive assistance and support from the ruling administration as well as from your family.

Mercury Transit In Sagittarius 2022: Mercury Remedies

  • Plant a (Tulsi) basil plant on Wednesday to benefit from Mercury’s luck.
  • On Wednesday, feed green fodder to the mother Cow. 
  • Donate plants with broad leaves and plant them to boost the planet Mercury.
  • On Wednesday, try to get a eunuch’s blessing by giving some money.
  • On Wednesday, offer green-colored bangles to Goddess Durga. Also, offer green clothes and handkerchiefs to nine females.
  • Donate green Moong (lentil) in the Ganesha temple.

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