Raj Lakshan Rajyoga After 12 Years; 3 Zodiacs To Get Huge Success!

Raj Lakshan Rajyoga: There are different types of Rajyoga impacting the lives of zodiacs and Raj Lakshan Rajyoga is one of the effective ones that bring success & happiness to natives. In the astrological world, the Sun is considered the king of planets and its movement across different signs impacts the lives of natives. The Raj Lakshan Rajyoga forms due to the movement of the Sun in the Sagittarius zodiac and it impacts the lives of natives with success in the year 2024. 

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The sun is the kind of celestial body that moves across different signs every month. It has an auspicious & inauspicious impact on all the 12 zodiacs. On 16 December 2023, the Sun will enter the Sagittarius sign. Along with it, Jupiter will be residing in the Aries sign and they will have a ninth vision or aspect on the Sun. It results in the formation of Navpancham Rajyoga and this further leads to the creation of powerful Raj Lakshan Rajyoga. This is one of the auspicious Raj Yogas that brings success and respect to the lives of natives. 

Without further delay, let us check the lucky signs due to the formation of Raj Lakshan Rajyoga. 

List Of Lucky Zodiacs Due To Raj Lakshan Rajyoga In 2024 


Jupiter will be located in the Lagna house of the Aries zodiac. In such conditions, the formation of Raj Lakshan Rajyoga will be very auspicious for the Aries natives. They will be able to get profits from the work and receive appreciation from others. Your long-awaited tasks will be completed timely due to the formation of this Rajyoga. 

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There will be new opportunities for the natives and they will get success in their lives. You can get relief from legal matters and there will be chances of finding a new job in the new year. There are chances of traveling abroad for studies and you can buy a new property or vehicle in this period. 


The Raj Lakshan Rajyoga forms good fortunes for the Leo natives and they will be able to complete specific tasks timely. There will be happiness in married life and you can travel with your partner across varied locations. Expect good news from your children and get possible relief from stalled activities. You can also get the chance to join higher education. 

The natives can get relief from diseases and the expenses will reduce significantly. Spend quality time with the family and expect the best results from your family tasks. The Rajyoga results in auspicious outcomes in the lives of Leo natives and they can expect good news from their children. 


Sun is arriving at the Lagna house of the zodiac and will provide immense benefits to the natives. The planning of Sagittarius natives will be successful and they can earn huge profits from different deals. The Raj Lakshan Rajyoga enhances the overall confidence of natives and they will be able to complete the assigned tasks within the stipulated timelines. 

Your long pending tasks will be completed in this period and your health will remain protected. Many of your wishes will be fulfilled and expect the right outcomes from the efforts. There are chances of salary hikes in the period and the natives can also expect promotions in their career. 

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Q1. Are Rajyogas helpful for zodiacs?

Ans. Yes, it is one of the strong yogas that impacts the lives of zodiacs in different ways. 

Q2. How much time does the sun spend in the Aries sign?

Ans. It will stay around 30 days as the Sun is expected to transit signs in 30 days. 

Q3. What are other benefits expected from Raj Lakshan Rajyoga? 

Ans. Expect the rise of wealth and unwarranted profits from different deals due to the Rajyoga.

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