Formation Of 4 Rajyogas In The Transit Horoscope Of 3 Zodiacs After 500 Years!

4 Rajyogas In The Transit Horoscope: In Vedic astrology, there is great importance on the movement of planets across different zodiacs & houses. This results in the formation of Rajyogas which can impact the natives of all the 12 zodiacs. 4 Rajyogas will be formed in recent times after 500 years and it will change the luck of 3 lucky zodiac signs. This AstroSage blog contains accurate information on the 3 lucky zodiacs and the benefits availed by the natives due to the formation of 4 rajyogas after 500 years. 

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On 16 December 2023, Sun enters the Sagittarius sign; which led to the formation of Budhaditya Rajyoga. Sun God forms this Rajyoga with Mercury and brings money and prosperity into the lives of natives. 

During the Sun’s transit. Jupiter will be located in the Aries sign and will have a vision on the Sun from the ninth house. This resulted in the formation of Rajlakshan Rajyoga. 

Also, the movement of Mars in its own sign creates some kind of interesting Rajyoga. 

Venus will be in its own sign resulting in the formation of Malavya Rajyoga. 

These 4 Rajyogas are very auspicious and formed after 500 years to impact the lives of lucky natives. Good days will start for the lucky 3 signs and will bless the natives with immense financial gains and career growth. Let us move forward and look into zodiacs benefiting due to the Rajyogas. 

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4 Rajyogas In The Transit Horoscope: List Of 3 Zodiac Signs Benefitting Due To Formation of 4 Rajyogas 


The formation of 4 rajyogas in the transit horoscope will prove beneficial for the Aries natives. Therefore, the wealth of people will rise during the period and they can experience faster growth in their careers. The transit also provides natives with success in competitive exams. The incomes of professionals will rise due to the rajyogas. Students wishing to travel abroad for studies can succeed in their efforts in this timeline. The health of Aries natives will remain secure and fill the individuals with enthusiasm. All your plans will be successful due to the rajyoga and the right kind of effort will yield optimal outcomes. 


The formation of 4 Rajyogas results in the best time for Leo natives to complete desired tasks. In this period, your respect and prestige will rise. There are chances of progress in the respective workfields and expect the desired promotions. The formation of 4 rajyogas in the transit horoscope may result in new opportunities for your job. There are chances of traveling abroad for different business reasons and it will prove auspicious for the natives. The daily incomes will also rise. The interest of natives will be towards religious activities and taking part in auspicious tasks. Your efficient investments can yield the best results and profits. 

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The good days will start for the Libra natives with the formation of 4 rajyogas in the transit horoscope. Get the desired results in your workplace with the right efforts. With appropriate planning for auspicious tasks, you can get the best results for different activities. There will be a rise of respect and prestige for the Libra natives. The chances of marriage for the unmarried natives are very high. Your investments will rise with successful planning and the Libra natives will get fruitful results across different plans. 

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Q1. Which is the rarest yoga in the horoscope?

Ans. The ‘Mahapurusha Yoga’ is one of the rarest yogas in the astrology world. 

Q2. Which yoga is considered the king of yogas?

Ans. Raja Yoga is considered to be the king of yogas and it is related to the mind. 

Q3. How to find Rajyoga in the horoscope?

Ans. There are different ways to identify the Rajyoga in the horoscope as the lord of Kendra house forms a combination in a Trikona house. 

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