Use These Remedies For 7 Consecutive Wednesdays To Eliminate Problems & Achieve Goals!

Welcome to the Wednesday Remedies blog by AstroSage. We have come up with some fantastic remedies which will help you to fight with life problems and fulfill your desired wishes. The thing you have to do is to follow these remedies for seven consecutive Wednesday without skipping any and then see its magic. 

We’ll also discuss Wednesday’s significance in Hinduism and astrology, as well as what activities you should avoid doing on Wednesday. Are you anticipating learning? Let’s continue and read this blog post through to the end. 

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Significance Of Wednesday In Astrology And Hinduism

According to Hindu mythology, each planet in our solar system is a celestial body, and each day of the week is devoted to a different god. Mercury is worshiped on Wednesday, and Budhdev is the Lord of Mercury. On this day, Lord Ganesh and Lord Buddhdev are worshiped by the majority of followers. 

For the start of any new endeavor, Wednesday is regarded as being extremely lucky. Those with weak Mercury in their horoscopes should undertake a fast on Wednesday and worship Lord Ganesha. According to popular belief, those who observe fasts and worship Lord Ganesha with a good heart and a clean soul are granted peace, prosperity, and tranquility. In addition, all of the obstacles in their path begin to disappear.

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Astrological Remedies To Be Followed For Seven Consecutive Wednesdays

Let’s now look at the following remedies that will enable you to solve your difficulties and achieve your goals.

  • Feeding green grass to a white cow until the seventh Wednesday can be helpful if you’ve been dealing with financial hardship or problems for a while. By doing this, the house will have more riches and grains, according to astrology. As a result, the individual’s advancement opportunities will expand.
  • Donate green vegetables to the Lord Ganesha temple till the seventh Wednesday if there is persistent conflict in a person’s home in order to keep the peace and happiness there. This enhances a person’s life with happiness and success.
  • Offering jaggery to Lord Ganesha constantly for seven Wednesdays will allow you to fulfill an old wish. According to popular belief, doing this helps someone finish up their unfinished task quickly.
  • According to astrology, you should visit Ganesh ji’s temple for 7 consecutive Wednesdays and offer him vermilion if your issues don’t seem to be getting any better and are keeping you up at night. The person’s issues at work and in their personal life are resolved by using this remedy.
  • If you want your kids to succeed academically, Wednesday is the day to use this remedy. The students will benefit if Moong Laddus are constantly offered to Lord Ganesha for seven Wednesdays.

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These Activities Are Prohibited On Wednesdays

In addition to implementing the aforementioned remedies, you should be aware of the Wednesday activities you should abstain from carrying out because they could have a detrimental effect on your life. The following is a list of things to avoid doing on Wednesdays:

  • On Wednesday, no financial transactions should be made. Anyone who lends or borrows money on Wednesday could experience financial difficulties all of their life.
  • Wednesday is not a favorable day to invest anything because it could result in losses. If you really want to do so then prefer to make investments on Friday.
  • On Wednesdays, keep your tone soft with everyone as this day belongs to Lord Ganesha and Lord Mercury who are the lords of speech and dialogue. By doing this, you can prevent a lot of monetary issues.
  • Wearing black on Wednesday could cause issues in your marriage, so avoid wearing black on this day.
  • Additionally, Wednesday is not a favorable day to travel west because it is considered unlucky.

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We sincerely hope that you found the information to be both useful and enjoyable. We greatly appreciate your continued support of AstroSage!


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