Astro Tips: Follow These Clove Remedies To Remove Your Life Issues!

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Indeed, everyone wants to make a lot of money these days and keep moving up the success ladder. Today, however, not everyone has the chance to experience this. According to astrology, the bad energy existing in our surroundings is frequently the cause of the numerous troubles we encounter in life. So, if you like, you can use some clove-based remedies. This will drive away bad energy and it will also please the deities. 

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Let’s explore the Effective Clove Remedies To Remove Your Life Issues. Before that let’s discuss the astrological value of Cloves and its impact on your life.

Significance Of Clove In Astrology

Hinduism considers clove to be extremely sacred. In addition to taste and food worship in homes, the use of cloves has been proven effective in astrology measures. Astrology states that cloves have been regarded as a carrier of energy, so following the clove remedies can restart your halted tasks. Try some of the well-known cures and remedies if you wish to improve your luck and achieve your goals. Despite the fact that they lack a scientific foundation, people have been using the clove remedies for years and receiving success.

If Rahu and Ketu are bothering you and their placement in your horoscope is unfavorable, then it is advised that you donate cloves on Saturday. You can also offer cloves on Shivling if no one is taking them. This must be done without interruption for 40 days. This will bring prosperity to the home and put an end to their negative consequences.

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Clove Remedies To Remove Your Life Issues! 

  • Put cloves and camphor in a silver bowl and burn them together before going to bed. This will strengthen the financial situation and lessen the negative energy in the house.
  • To banish negative vibes from the house and maintain family love, burn cloves and camphor together every morning. This will be quite helpful and beneficial.
  • Negative energy may also play a role in a family member’s frequent illnesses, according to astrology. Burn two cloves with a small amount of camphor in a bowl once every two to three days. Negative energy will be removed by doing this. Furthermore, the surroundings will be free of bacteria.
  • Visit the Hanuman temple on Tuesday if you are constantly surrounded by some sort of difficulty. Burn camphor and five cloves in an earthen lamp while worshiping Lord Hanuman. Say your wish as you do this.
  • Burn 11 or 21 cloves with camphor on Amavasya or a full moon night if your money is stuck somewhere and someone is unwilling to return. It will be advantageous for you. After that, meditate on Goddess Lakshmi during your meditation and tell her about your issue. This will release any stuck money for you and clear the way for increased money.

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  • Put two cloves in your mouth before you leave the house, and then throw some clove remains at the place of employment if you want an interview or other work-related trip to be successful. After that, pray for career success while meditating on your Ishta Deva. Your job and interview will undoubtedly be successful if you follow this advice.
  • Even after working hard, if you are still not getting fruit adequately, light a jasmine oil lamp with two cloves in it in front of Hanuman’s statue on Tuesday. Recite the Hanuman Chalisa after that, and after doing Aarti, say Hanumanji about your issue. Do this for 21 consecutive Tuesdays. You will reap the rewards of your effort by doing this. All of your plans will begin to materialize.
  • While worshiping Goddess Lakshmi, it is advised by Tantra Shastra to offer the mother with two cloves and rose petals each day. If daily life is not possible, try to follow this practice on Friday. In addition, bind five clove buds to five clams in red fabric and store them in a safe or cabinet. This will revitalize the home and clear the way for money.
  • If your finished job is ruined or the auspicious task is halted then burn three to four cloves in an oil lamp every Saturday and place it in the most dimly lit area of the house.  By doing this, the home’s negative energy will go and everyone will continue to be in good health. Furthermore, your chores will begin to be completed gradually. 

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