Follow These Astrological Tips To Control Your Anger!

AstroSage has prepared this blog specially for those readers who often lose their control and hit the ceiling which puts them in trouble. Lets go ahead and learn about the reason why a person gets angry over small things, how it could impact your health and what are the best tips to cope with this issue.

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Let us warn you that getting angry is really bad for your health if you also lose control when you become upset over trivial issues. You are quite affected by your anger, which causes you to experience a variety of health-related issues. Make a pact that yelling at someone won’t make them stop acting out. It is possible to find a peaceful solution to whatever has you enraged. Astrology offers various strategies for handling anger that you can use to manage your own. But before that let’s know the reason behind why people lose their temper.

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General And Astrological Reasons People Gets Angry

One of the worst feelings to witness in a person is anger. A typical stereotype of angry people is that they are uncontrollable and unreasonable. Every now and then, we encounter someone who is frustrated and angry. Anger can lead to injured feelings, disruptive behaviour, and mental distraction. Anger can have many different reasons, including worry, despair, hurt, resentment, lack of sleep, and general discontent in life. A person who is easily irritated could experience constant stress, exhaustion, or tiredness.

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Astrological Reasons:

We could also investigate astrological causes for angry outbursts using Kundali readings based on birth date.

  • A person can become aggressive and violent at times if the Sun and Mars are conjunct.
  • Anger might become more intense when Saturn and Mars are combined.
  • Anger levels may rise if Rahu and Ketu are connected with Mars.
  • A person who is impolite has a weak Venus and Moon combination.
  • A person may become aggressive if the unkind planets make an aspect to the ascendant or the Lord of the ascendant.
  • Malefic or harsh planets in the second house or the twelve houses make a person extremely irritable.
  • A person may become hostile if unfavourable planets are on both sides of the ascendant and the ascendant is ill
  • An afflicted Moon can make someone impatient and cause them to respond violently to even minor situations. 
  • When malefic planets are in the fifth house, a person becomes confused.
  • A person who has a Mercury problem or who is in an aspect with a malefic planet may become furious very readily, and it will be challenging to explain why.

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Astrological Remedies To Control Your Anger

  • Sandalwood should be used if you become more enraged, according to astrology. When used, it relieves Rahu Dosha and calms anger as well.
  • Worship Hanumanji and recite the Hanuman Chalisa to quell your rage.
  • At night, offer water to the moon. Additionally, doing this reduces rage.
  • Wear a silver ring or pendant with a real pearl of a considerable size.
  • In the morning and at night, light a lamp in the east direction. This remedy reduces anger.
  • Offer water to the Sun regularly.
  • Regularly take blessings from elders in order to deal with your anger.
  • Use red as little as possible to avoid being angry.
  • After leaving the bed, avoid talking to anyone for at least 15 minutes.
  • Always maintain your hygiene.

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