Solar Eclipse 2022: Lucky & Unlucky For Which 3 Signs?

The very-first Solar Eclipse of the year 2022 is predicted to happen very soon. It will take place on 30th April 2022 and will impact human lives as the event of Solar Eclipse is an important celestial incident. This incident is also considered very critical in Vedic Astrology. Sun is a source of light for planet earth and is known as the father and the soul of the galaxy.

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When the sun comes into an Eclipse state and is in a victim position, then there is an impact on each human. If we talk about the Solar Eclipse this year, then there will be two solar eclipses this year. The first one will be held on 30th April 2022 and the second solar eclipse will take place on 25 October 2022. Both of them will be partial solar eclipses.

This Solar Eclipse 2022 article is specially created by Astrosage for you. In this article, you will get to know the information related to the very first Solar Eclipse of 2022 and remedies for the same. Also, you will learn how impactful the sun will be on your lives, the places where you can see the Solar Eclipse, the impact on different Zodiac signs, and which zodiac signs will get benefits from this Solar Eclipse? Let’s understand such important factors related to Solar Eclipse 2022 through the blog.

Solar Eclipse 2022: Date and Time

According to Hindu Panchang, the very-first Solar Eclipse will take place on 30th April 2022 at 00:15:19 midnight (1st May 2022) till evening 04:07:56 PM. This solar eclipse will be a partial eclipse. Those who are living in the Atlantic area of Antarctica, the Pacific ocean, and southern parts of South America can witness the Solar Eclipse. This event will not take place in India and that is why the religious impact and Sutak will not be considered.

The second Solar Eclipse will take place on 25 October and that will also be the partial one. For more information on the second Solar eclipse, stay in touch with Astrosage, as we will bring information related to that too in our upcoming blogs.

What Is A Solar Eclipse?

We are the inhabitants of a galaxy in which each planet transits in its path. In the milky way galaxy, the planets rotate and transit around the king of the planets “Sun”, and one of these planets is our Earth. Earth’s natural satellite Moon moves in Earth’s orbit. Sometimes, there is a situation wherein Sun, Moon, and Earth come adjacent to each other, and the moon comes in between the Sun and the earth, as a result, the light from the sun doesn’t fall on some of the Earth’s regions. And this is what we call Solar Eclipse.

This is a very important event that occurs due to the speed of the stars and sometimes we can witness such events with our bare eyes. To see Solar Eclipse, there is a proper way and during the solar eclipse, there are both negative and positive impacts on the human that should be considered.

What Is A Partial Solar Eclipse?

According to Hindu Panchaang, the Solar Eclipse takes place at Amavasya Tithi (New moon). There can be different variants for the solar eclipse such as Purna (Complete) Solar Eclipse, Partial Solar Eclipse, and Ring-shaped Solar Eclipse. The solar eclipse that is about to take place on 30th April is the Partial Solar Eclipse as during this event the distance between Moon and Earth will be copious, due to which Sunlight will not reach Earth’s surface completely. There will be partial regions in which light will not reach and that is why it is known as a Partial Solar Eclipse.

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Khagras Surya Grahan & Its Astrological Equations 

The Solar Eclipse that is about to be witnessed on 30th April 2022 will take place in Aries and Bharani Nakshatra. Aries owns Mars, which will be present with Saturn planet. Venus owns Bharani Nakshatra, which will be present with Pisces and Jupiter. Likewise, those who are born with the Aries zodiac sign in Bharni Nakshatra will be impacted by this Solar eclipse. However, the impact of the solar eclipse will reflect on the people living in the area where the Solar eclipse will be seen. And it is said that those areas in which the solar eclipse is seen will have the Sutak Kaal and significant impact.

Sun is known as the primitive planet in the Galaxy and has a very important place, in this situation, Sun gets afflicted by Rahu Ketu and coming in the state of the eclipse will increase the impact of the Solar Eclipse.

Sun is considered the soul or any big character in a galaxy and the Moon is seen as the queen, mind, and water. When there is a new moon night, both moon and sun get adjacent to each other, and with the impact of Rahu-Ketu, the Solar eclipse forms and this impacts human lives.

In this Solar Eclipse, Sun will be present with Aries along with Rahu and Ketu with Libra. Also, Mercury will be present with Taurus, likewise, Mars and Saturn will be with Aquarius, Jupiter and Venus will be with Pisces. However, as it cannot be witnessed in India, there will be no direct impact on the people from India, but there is a possibility that the solar eclipse can indirectly impact the Indians. Let’s discuss more about it and how and what will be the impacts.

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Khahras Surya Grahan: Impact On Nation & World

This is also known as Khagras or partial solar eclipse that is taking place in Aries and Bharni Nakshatra. Those with the Aries zodiac sign and Bharni Nakshatra will be impacted by the Khagras Surya Grahan. As a result, some of the impacted states can be seen struggling with each other.

Even there are chances that you might see the presidential chances in a state. There will be some strict rules and regulations that might be stated which will be opposed or considered by the common people.

The impact is mostly seen on those who are forming some sort of army or are working as governmental authorities and those who are into marriage-related businesses such as wedding planners, managers, tent houses, and more. For females also the solar eclipse plays a significant role as it impacts their health and wealth too.

Aries is the zodiac sign for Fire Tatva, in which the sun is Fire Tatva and the moon is the Water Tatva. When the solar eclipse takes place, the Aries will be affected and as a result, there will be a state of Aagjani in some of the provinces.

Those who are living in the above-stated provinces are recommended to do meditation as by doing this you can take control of your mind and soul. It also helps you to move into a progressive state with good health. 

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 These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Benefit From This Solar Eclipse

Generally, a Solar eclipse is not considered a good thing, however, it’s a myth that it is always bad luck. Some Solar Eclipses have a positive impact on zodiac signs. If we talk about Solar Eclipse 2022 then it will be good for Gemini, Virgo, and Aquarius. Let us begin to learn how these three zodiac signs are getting benefits.

If we talk about the positive impact of the Khagras solar eclipse then Gemini, Virgo, and Aquarius will get the benefits.

  • Those with the Gemini sign will get good wealth and income-related results. There will be a boost in your income. Your regular income status will get improve and the monetary/ financial issues (if any) will come to an end.
  • Those with the Virgo sign will surprisingly see a boom in their financial status. Whatever important deeds that were stuck for long will now happen. However, they only need to take good care of their health but the wealth remains intact.
  • Those with the Aquarius sign will stay courageous and become risk-takers, there will be an advancement seen in their respective businesses. All your plans will give you fruitful results and you will get the full support from your fellow mates.

These 3 Zodiac Signs Need To Be Cautious During This Solar Eclipse

  • This solar eclipse is taking place in Aries and that is why those with the Aries as their zodiac signs need to be careful because there can be heath or mental stress-related issues. 
  • Those who have the Leo zodiac sign stay utmost careful while planning for long trips as they can get affected by health-related concerns.
  • Those with the Capricorn zodiac sign can face certain changes in the family. Fights between family members, and the mother’s heath getting affected and such issues can occur.

Astrological Remedies for Khagras Surya Grahan

According to Vedic astrology, there is a huge significance of the Sun and it is also considered the king of the other nine planets. It is said that Suryaa Dev impacts human beings to stay healthy, so in such cases, if there is a solar eclipse then the positive impact of the sun changes. There are certain Astrological remedies to ease the impact of the Solar eclipse. 

Apart from this, some Mantras will help you to lessen the negative impact of the Solar Eclipse, here are some of the preventive measures to be kept in mind:

  • During Solar Eclipse 2022, praying to Surya Dev is very important, and during that phase, it is mandatory to do a regular Jaap of mantras that will be fruitful for you, like this Mantra “ॐ आदित्याय विदमहे दिवाकराय धीमहि तन्नो: सूर्य: प्रचोदयात”/ oṃ ādityāya vidamahe divākarāya dhīmahi tanno: sūrya: pracodayāta।
  • If you want to get rid of some prolonged illness then in Surya Kaal, do the Jaap pf Mahamrityunjaya Mantra dedicated to Lord Shiva.
  • During Solar Eclipse, keep your mind on religious or spiritual books and with God.
  • During the Eclipse phase, donations and taking bath in holy water are considered very important.
  • Lord Shiva is considered the father of the universe and that is why during a solar eclipse you can do Jaap of any Shiva Mantra.
  • If you want to prove any Mantra then the time of Solar Eclipse is considered auspicious as during this phase the benefits you get doubled.

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