First Sawan Somwar: Luck of These 3 Zodiacs Will Change!

The month of Sawan holds special significance for Hindus, particularly the first Monday, which is considered the day of Lord Shiva. Devotees visit Shiva temples and offer special prayers and rituals on this day. The auspiciousness of worshiping Lord Shiva on Mondays is believed to be several times more than on other days. It is believed that worshiping Mahadev on this day brings immense blessings and helps in overcoming obstacles in various areas of life. It strengthens family bonds, enhances marital harmony, and provides protection from adversities.

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Let’s take a look at how the first Monday of Sawan will impact the luck of three zodiac signs:

Sawan Somwar: Zodiac-Wise Predictions


Aries individuals may embark on a religious journey with their family members during this time, which may involve higher expenses. Emotions may run high, so it is important to maintain a balanced approach. Practice moderation in your diet and avoid indulging excessively.


Taurus individuals may face mental distress or conflicts with their life partners today due to differences in opinions or misunderstandings. Business-related travel is possible, but there may be disputes or losses during the journey. Stay cautious and avoid getting into arguments in crowded places.


Gemini individuals may experience pressure to complete work on time in their profession or business. There is a possibility of significant improvement in the business sector, with financial investments leading to progress and better partnership in business. However, physical discomfort may arise.

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Cancer individuals may find themselves involved in family and business-related celebrations. They can utilize the day for renovating or starting new ventures related to family or business. Financial gains are likely, and there may be an improvement in domestic and professional partnerships.


Leo individuals might spend the day with their immediate family members and participate in family festivities. Engaging in familial activities throughout the day amidst high energy will bring peace and contentment.


Virgo individuals could face opposition or conflicts that need to be resolved with their intellectual prowess and influential personality. Success in resolving disputes and gaining recognition in your work will bring appreciation and accolades. Maintain regularity in your diet as irregularities may cause discomfort.


Libra individuals could have the opportunity to engage in discussions or negotiations to resolve conflicts with their partners. The day favors efforts to establish better understanding and cooperation in work or partnerships. However, irregularities in dietary habits may cause discomfort.

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Scorpio individuals might find success in resolving disputes or conflicts through their intellectual abilities and influential personality. This will lead to recognition and appreciation of their work in their surroundings. Be cautious about maintaining a balanced and regular diet to avoid any health issues.


Sagittarius individuals may dedicate their time and energy to social work or the study of their children. Today, they will be prepared to complete their projects or studies. However, there is a possibility of physical discomfort.


Capricorn individuals might face obstacles or delays in their studies or professional work. They may not be able to accomplish their tasks related to their business or job. However, they can consider purchasing clothing or accessories within their budget. Focus on completing tasks within your limitations.


Aquarius individuals may have discussions with their partners to resolve conflicts or differences of opinion. This may require traveling, but it will help in finding a solution or compromise. Be cautious while using electronic gadgets to avoid any disputes or losses.


Pisces individuals may experience hindrances or delays in their work or studies. They may also face conflicts or unexpected outcomes related to financial investments. Practice caution and avoid getting involved in disputes or losses due to electronic gadgets.

It is important to note that these predictions should be considered as general guidance and not taken as definitive. Consulting an astrologer for personalized advice is recommended before making any significant decisions.

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