First Lunar Eclipse 2024 In Holi: These Zodiacs Will Get The Benefits!

First Lunar Eclipse 2024: In astrology, there is specific importance of eclipses and in the year 2024, there will be a total of five eclipses, and in that, there will be three lunar eclipses and two solar eclipses. In 2024, the first lunar eclipse will occur on 25 March. Both solar and lunar eclipse have their own significance. As per the Hindu calendar, when the eclipse occurs on 25 March, the Moon will be present in Virgo and Rahu will also be positioned there. Thus, there is the conjunction of Rahu and Moon in Virgo. This AstroSage blog contains accurate information related to First Lunar Eclipse 2024. 

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First Lunar Eclipse: It Is Visible On Holi 2024 

The festival of Holi falls on Purnima Tithi on 25th March 2024 and the first lunar eclipse 2024 also happens on the same day. The Purnima Tithi starts on 24 March, at 09:57 pm, and ends on 25 March, at 12:32 pm. 

First Lunar Eclipse: When Will It Occur In 2024?

The first lunar eclipse 2024 will occur on the full moon date of Shukla Paksha of Phalgun month, on 25 March 2024. It will start at 10:23 am in the morning and will continue till 03:02 pm. The first lunar eclipse 2024 won’t be visible in India but will be visible across areas like Ireland, England, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, Southern Norway, Switzerland, North and South America, Japan, and in the Eastern Part of Russia. 

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First Lunar Eclipse: These Zodiac Signs Will Get The Benefits 

As per astrology, all the zodiac signs will be affected by the Lunar Eclipse occurring on 25 March 2024. But some of the signs will get special benefits from the eclipse. The luck of natives of some zodiacs will shine due to the first lunar eclipse effects and they will get a lot of financial gains. Let us check the details of lucky zodiac signs –


The first lunar eclipse 2024 is happening on 25 March 2024 will be very beneficial for the natives of the Gemini sign. You can complete all your pending tasks in the period and feel mentally calm on this day. Get rid of problems you have been facing till now with appropriate planning. Your health will remain good and get relief from all the mental stress. You will get time to spend quality time with the family and there will be a rise of love & trust among the family members. The Gemini natives will spend their money wisely and have the right amount of savings. It is a suitable time for married life and getting good support from the partner.


The Leo natives will get a lot of benefits in their lives due to the effects of the first lunar eclipse 2024. You will feel very happy with your career and personal life. You will be able to spend money wisely now and it will help you save money in a good amount. This is the best time for your investment. The investments made in this period will yield top benefits and thus natives will be able to strengthen their overall financial condition. There will be new income sources in your life and feel quite satisfied with them. The family environment will be cheerful and will be able to sit with the family to share happiness & sorrows. This is the best time for business persons and will be able to expand their operations successfully. Get a good amount of profit from your business. 

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The first lunar eclipse 2024 will provide the best results to the Capricorn natives. If you have been preparing for the competitive exam, then the period will provide you with good success. Get support from your parents for completing work and it will increase the self-confidence of natives. There are chances of getting success from different fields and also thus completing all your work successfully. If you have been suffering from health troubles till now, then it is the best time when your health will improve and get rid of different health concerns. Apart from that, you can get rid of mental stress and feel happy in life. Also, all the plans of the natives will be successful in the lunar eclipse. 

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