Bhole Nath’s Special Graces On 4 Zodiacs On Fifth Sawan Somwar!

Fifth Sawan Somwar: In Hindu religion, The Sawan month is one of the holiest months in the year. The Sawan Somwar is the auspicious day in the Hindu calendar and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Fasting and effective rituals on the day will bring fruitful results to the devotees. This year the Shravan month is celebrated for two months and the period is here after 19 years as per Hindu Panchang. This is the biggest reason why the month is referred to as ‘Malamas’. The period brings luck & prosperity to a few zodiacs and the AstroSage blog highlights the relevant details.

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Fifth Sawan Somwar: Date & Time

In the year 2024, the month of Sawan or Shravan started on 04 July 2024 and ends on 31 August 2023. The Fifth Sawan Somwar falls on 07 August 2023. Ravi Yoga starts on 07 August, 05.46 am and ends on 08 August, 01.16 am. Also, the Shool Yoga starts on 06 August, 08.27 pm to 07 August, 06.18 pm.

The five faces of Lord Bholenath or Shiva are indicative of the five great ghosts and due to it the fifth Monday Sawan has special importance. Auspicious yogas like Ravi & Shool will be formed on the day and the devotees will commit to the worshiping to acquire the blessing of the lord. The Sawan Somwar shines the luck of a few lucky zodiacs and accurate information on the signs will keep the natives prepared for the situation.

Accurate List of Lucky Zodiacs on Fifth Sawan Somwar


The Taurus natives are able to spend quality time with their life partner and acquire peace in the relationship. Their minds will remain happy and will have the idle time to start a new work or project. You’ll get different kinds of assistance from family & friends to overcome different troubling situations. Also, there will be chances for religious travel and experiencing a rise in spiritual feelings. The time is also suitable for timelines for vacations and fixing multiple troubles in life creating havoc in life.


The Sawan Somwar is the best time to come out of troubled timelines in life. It is also the right time for Gemini natives to spend quality time with family & their life partners. The period also suits different types of investments in your business and plan the expansion accordingly. Your interest in religious activities will also increase and also the chances of religious travel will rise. Fix all your misunderstandings with your partner so that you can enjoy a happy married life. You’ll also gain wealth and earn profits from your new deals.


The day & period will be wonderful for the Capricorn natives to fulfill their unfinished wishes. You’ll get the opportunity to enhance your job & business outcomes in relation to your life. There will be chances of wealth gain and your monetary situation will improve with effective moves. Spend quality time with your love or partner to enjoy a happy time in the relationship. The day will be result-oriented and try to complete the unfinished agenda within the auspicious timeline. The period is also right for buying a new vehicle for transport.


There will be money gains for the Aquarius people and the right moves will ensure accumulation of wealth. It is also a fitting time to enjoy quality time with the partner and the chances of marriage will also rise gradually. Marriage talks on the day will be successful and it is also the best time to travel for vacations with your partner. Get all the support from the family to complete unfinished agendas and earn the goodwill of people.


Which is the auspicious day in Sawan Month for Goddess Lakshmi?

Ans. The Fridays in Sawan month are the best time to worship and pay tribute to the goddess Lakshmi.

What are the offerings to be made to Lord Shiva during Sawan?

Ans. Offer items like honey, curd, ghee, milk bel leaves, kheer, halwa, & fruits to lord Shiva during the prayers.

How many Mondays will occur in the Sawan 2023?

Ans. There are a total of 8 Mondays in the Sawan month of 2023.

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