February Planetary Transits 2023: 4 Planets Will Change The Fate Of 5 Zodiacs!

February Planetary Transits 2023: In Vedic Astrology, a very special importance is given to each planet and its movements. When the worlds change the placement of the signs or positions, it causes many great changes in people’s lives. With a total of nine planets mentioned in astrology, every planet remains in a zodiac for a certain period of time and then changes its position or transits into another zodiac. Each of these changes or transits brings significant changes in every person’s life.

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The second month of 2023, February, is considered to be very important in terms of planetary transits. In just this one month there will be four significant planets,  the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Neptune, transiting from one zodiac to another. Along with these, Mercury will be transiting into Capricorn on February 7th, forming the Budhaditya Yoga, which will be beneficial for a lot of zodiac signs. While some zodiac signs will be benefitted from these transits, some will have to be careful. With this blog by AstroSage, we will discuss the dates and times for each of these four planetary transits, along with the lucky zodiac signs that will have doors of progress opened for them!

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Four Important Planetary Transits In February 2023

Mercury Transit in Capricorn 2023

Mercury is said to be a factor of intelligence, focus, speech, skin, beauty, and so on. It is the ruling planet of  Gemini and Virgo.  It is exalted in Virgo, which also happens to be its basic triangle sign.

Mercury will have its first zodiac transit of this year when it enters Capricorn on Tuesday, February 7th, 2023. The planet will move out of Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius and Saturn-ruled Capricorn at 7:11 am and will remain there till 4:33 pm on February 27th, 2023. Later, Mercury will enter Aquarius, the second sign ruled by Saturn, where Saturn will already be present. 

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Sun Transit in Aquarius 2023

The Sun will be transiting into Aquarius on February 13th, 2023, at 9:21 am, where Saturn will already be present along with Venus, forming a conjunction. The Sun will remain in Aquarius till March 15th, 2023, 6:13 am, and later will move to Pisces. This is one of the most important transits of February 2023. 

The Sun, according to astrology, represents the soul and the father. All the planets get light through the Sun.   It is a fire-dominating planet, whereas Aquarius is an air element. The Sun’s transit through Aquarius is considered favorable for beginning new projects.

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Venus Transit in Pisces 2023

Venus, the pleasure factor, luxury, automobile, happiness, wealth, affluence, extravagance, etc., will transit into Pisces on February 15th, 2023, at 7:43 pm, and will stay there till March 12th. This transit is considered very beneficial because Venus is the bestower of all materialistic pleasures and is in its exalted position in Pisces. 

Venus is also called the ‘Morning Star’. The transit of Venus is only for a short time in Vedic astrology, i.e., every 23 days. 

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Neptune Transit in Pisces 2023

The fourth transit of February 2023 will be Neptune’s transit in Pisces on February 18th, 2023, where Venus and Jupiter are already present. Neptune is also known as the “Varun Grah.” Neptune is the planet of achievement, success, and popularity in astrology. Its favorable position bestows success and success in life. 

Due to the transits of these four planets, the month of February will turn out to be extremely beneficial and favorable for five zodiac signs. So let us move forward and find out if your zodiac is one of the lucky five this February!

Five Lucky Zodiac Signs In February 2023


The planetary transits taking place in the month of February 2023 will prove fruitful for the natives of Aries. You will see an increase in your income and your financial conditions will get better. You will receive the money that was stuck somewhere for a while and investing during these transits will prove to be beneficial for you. Along with this, you have the complete support of your parents, which will allow you to complete many of your tasks. 

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This is also a good time for those who want to establish their own businesses. You will also receive the complete support of your friends as a result of the planets’ influence and plans can be made to travel somewhere. The transit of Venus will improve material luxuries, however, you must pay close attention to your health and avoid stress.


Cancerians are going to benefit from the planetary movements happening in February 2023. During this time, you will have the opportunity to acquire ancestral or family property. New business opportunities will emerge as a result of Venus’s influence and your economic situation will improve. However, you must use extreme caution when conducting transactions during this time. Your social status in life will rise as a result of the Sun’s influence. In terms of education, this time will be fantastic for students. On the other hand, employed people will get the benefits of their efforts as well as the support of seniors.


The four transits occurring in the month of February will prove to be wonderful for the natives of Virgo. During this time, young people preparing for government jobs will have several opportunities. You can also organize any religious activities at your home. Your bond with your siblings will be strong, and you will have their support. People who are employed will be able to save money and search for new jobs. If you have been involved in a legal battle, the outcome will be beneficial. This period will also benefit businesspeople.

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The month of February will be favorable to Libras. During this time, you will have the complete support of your life partner, and your mind will be content with the children’s progress. Along with this, you might arrange a pilgrimage, which will be really beneficial. Individuals who run their own businesses will benefit financially during this time due to the influence of the planets. Those who choose to travel abroad, on the other hand, will be able to do so during this period.


The month of February will prove to be beneficial and favorable for the people of Aquarius. The auspicious influence of the planets Venus, Sun, and Mercury will be seen in your life. There will be a peaceful atmosphere in your home. You can travel on pilgrimage with family members and take part in religious activities. You will feel more energized and your decision-making abilities will improve as a result of the planets’ influence. Aside from that, people doing business abroad will have the opportunity to earn during this time.

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