February 2024: Note The Dates For Auspicious Festivals In February 2024

February 2024: The second month of the year, February 2024, captivates everyone’s attention with its unique beauty in nature. But when January comes to an end and February begins, a lot of questions about this month probably cross our minds. February will thus see a lot of fasts and festivals, just like every other month, which will increase our zeal.

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In addition, each of us has hopes for the upcoming month, and we will only enter February with these hopes in tow. In a situation like this, we can’t help but wonder if the outstanding work will be finished this month. Will there still be love in the family, or will there be a lot of conflict? Will there be harmony in your relationship, or will there be discord? Will your career see you promoted, or will you run into issues? All of these queries have answers in this AstroSage special blog. So let’s begin reading this blog.

February 2024 Astrological Facts & Hindu Panchang 

As we bid goodbye to January and welcome February with various fasts and festivities, it is vital to understand the schedule for this month. Let us tell you that the second month of the year 2024, February, will begin on Shashthi Tithi of Krishna Paksha under Hasta Nakshatra, January 1, 2024, and finish on Panchami Tithi of Krishna Paksha under Swati Nakshatra, February 29, 2024. Because 2024 is a leap year, February will have 29 days instead of 28 this year.

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February Month Religious Significance

Every day and month has significant significance in Hindu religion, which distinguishes each month from the others. We’ve already told you about the calendar for February 2024, but now we’ll tell you about the religious significance of the month. 

February, like every other month, will see a lot of major fasts and festivals observed with zeal. In terms of religious importance, February 2024 will begin in the month of Magh and end in the month of Phalguna. Magh will begin on January 26, 2024 and end on February 24, 2024. The month of Magha is the eleventh month of the Hindu calendar and ranks eleventh in Vikram Samvat. Magh, on the other hand, usually falls in January or February in the Gregorian calendar. 

We’ve also mentioned in previous articles that the names of months in Hindu religion are based on constellations. The month is called after the constellation that contains the moon. Similarly, on the full moon day of Magha month, the Moon is in Magha Nakshatra, which is why this month is named Magha. In religious literature, the month of Magh is associated with Lord Krishna.  Because of his name “Madhav,” Lord Krishna is adored with ceremonies during this month. Devotees who worship them with a pure heart receive eternal happiness and a place in Goloka after death.

Bathing in the Ganga is considered exceedingly sacred in Sanatan Dharma. Taking a bath in Ganga in Magh is particularly fortunate in this sequence, as it is in other months. According to beliefs, giving charity, bathing, fasting, etc. throughout this month is beneficial to devotees. In addition, after bathing in the holy river Ganga in the month of Magh, offering Arghya to the Sun God receives Lord Vishnu’s blessings. February begins in the month of Magh and ends in the month of Phalgun. The month of Phalgun will begin on February 25, 2024, and end on March 25, 2024, according to the Hindu calendar. 

The month of Phalgun is religiously significant in its own right. This month follows Magh and is the twelfth and final month of the Hindu calendar. Festivals such as Maha Shivratri and Holi are celebrated with tremendous zeal throughout this month. Worshiping the Moon God, Lord Shiva, and Shri Krishna throughout the month of Phalgun is beneficial. However, just as in the month of Magh, practicing charity in the month of Phalgun is beneficial.  If you offer seasonal fruits, cereals, garments, mustard oil, pure Ghee, and other necessities to the poor and needy during the month of Phalgun, the devotee will gain enormous virtue. Furthermore, the blessings of these three gods remain with you. 

February 2024 List Of Fast And Festivals 

February is the second month of the year 2024, and it is about to begin. We’ve told you about the almanac and the religious significance of this month on our site. But, now we’ll explain the significance and dates of the fasts and celebrations that will take place in February 2024. Let’s go on and look at the fasts and festivals for this month.

6 February 2024, Tuesday Shattila Ekadashi 
Pradosh Vrat (Shukla)
8 February 2024, Thursday Masik  Shivratri 
9 February 2024, FridayMagha Amavasya 
13 February 2024, Tuesday Aquarius Sankranti 
14 February 2024, Wednesday Basant Panchami
Saraswati Pooja 
20 February 2024, Tuesday Jaya Ekadashi 
21 February 2024, Wednesday Pradosh Vrat (Shukla)
24 February 2024, Saturday Magha Purnima Vrat 
28 February 2024, WednesdaySankashati Chaturthi 

February 2024 Fasts And Festivals 

Shattila Ekadashi (6 February 2024, Tuesday): Shattila Ekadashi is one of the 24 Ekadashis that occur each year. This Ekadashi is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, the sustainer of the world, and it is traditional to worship him in Vaikuntha form on Shattila Ekadashi. Sesame is considered auspicious during this Ekadashi, hence washing with sesame, applying sesame paste, havan with sesame, tarpan with sesame, and other rituals are performed.

Pradosh Vrat (Shukla) (7 February 2024, Wednesday): In Hinduism, Pradosh Vrat is extremely important. Pradosh Vrat is observed on the Trayodashi date of Shukla and Krishna Paksha of each month, according to the Hindu calendar. On this day, followers fast and worship Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati in order to receive their blessings.  Pradosh Vrat will be held this year in February on Wednesday, February 7, 2024. According to beliefs, the devotee receives the blessings of long life by keeping this fast.

Masik Shivratri (8 February 2024, Thursday): The Hindu religion observes the Shivaratri fast once a month to seek Lord Shiva’s favor. There is a rule in the Panchang to observe the monthly Shivratri fast on the Chaturdashi date of Krishna Paksha of each month. The prevalent belief surrounding this fast is that the individual who observes the monthly Shivratri fast, with the blessings of God, has even the most difficult issues erased from his life and all of the devotee’s wishes fulfilled.

Magh Amavasya (9 February 2024, Friday): Magh Amavasya is the new moon day of Krishna Paksha in the Magh month. It is also known as Mauni Amavasya. According to holy traditions, on the day of Magh Amavasya, one should keep a silent fast. Aside from that, bathing in holy rivers, ponds, and ponds is also extremely lucky. On the new moon day of the month of Magh, doing charity, bathing, and moral deeds, among other things, proves fruitful.

Kumbh Sankranti (13 February 2024, Tuesday): Sankranti refers to the transit of the Sun, and there are 12 Sankranti in a year. Sankranti is the day when the Sun God leaves one zodiac sign and enters another. Thus, each month’s Sankranti has its special importance, and the Sun moves through all twelve signs of the zodiac one by one. Let us tell you that the Sun God takes around a year to complete the cycle of 12 zodiac signs. The Sun is known as Kumbh Sankranti when it enters the Aquarius sign.

Basant Panchami (14 February 2024, Wednesday): Basant Panchami is regarded as a very auspicious day because it is devoted to the goddess of education, Saraswati. The Hindu calendar states that on the Panchami date of Shukla Paksha in the month of Magh, the festival of Basant Panchami is observed with tremendous fanfare. Additionally, spring officially arrives in the nation as of this day. The greatest day to get the blessings of the goddess of wisdom, Saraswati, is Basant Panchami.

Jaya Ekadashi (20 February 2024, Tuesday): It is traditional to fast and worship Lord Shri Hari Vishnu, the world’s protector, on the day of Jaya Ekadashi. Lord Vishnu is the focus of the Hindu holiday of Ekadashi fast. The Panchang states that the Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha in the month of Magh is referred to as Jaya Ekadashi annually. This year, on Tuesday, February 20, 2024, the Jaya Ekadashi fast will be held. Jaya Ekadashi is related with a belief that those who observe fast on this day are freed from the sin of Brahmahatya.

Magh Purnima Vrat: Magh Purnima is particularly significant from a religious and spiritual perspective. This full moon is known as Magh Purnima because it falls in the month of Magh. It is seen as a highly auspicious day for giving, taking a bath, reciting Mantras, and other activities. Held at Prayagraj, Triveni Snan begins on the day of the full moon in the Paush month and ends on the day of Magh Purnima. A person’s entire wish list gets fulfilled by bathing in the Ganga on this full moon.

Sankashti Chaturthi (28 February 2024, Wednesday): The fast of Sankashti Chaturthi is observed with the appropriate rituals in order to get the blessings of Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles. This is a well-known Sanatan Dharma celebration. Sankashti Chaturthi means “the Chaturthi that removes troubles” if we discuss its meaning. As is well known, Lord Ganesha is worshiped in Sanatan Dharma as the destroyer of barriers and sorrows. As such, during Sankashti Chaturthi, followers maintain fasts in order to appease the god. Devotees fast from daybreak until the moon rises on this day.

February 2024 Eclipse And Transits  

Up till now, we have discussed the February 2024 calendar, religious importance of fasting and festival days, and this blog. However, we will now go on and inform you about the planetary transits and eclipses that are taking place this month.

Firstly, let’s discuss transit. Two planets will shift positions during the four major planets’ transit in February. Let’s know which planets they are and when the position or sign of the zodiac will change.

Mercury Transit In Capricorn (01 February 2024): Mercury, the planet responsible for intelligence, speaking, and communication skills, will transit into Saturn’s zodiac sign Capricorn at 02:08 pm on February 1, 2024, according to astrology. 

Mars Transit In Capricorn (05 February 2024):  Mars, the planet of war and command, will enter Capricorn on February 5, 2024, at 9:07 p.m.

Mercury combust in Sagittarius (08 February 2024): Mercury will change its position again in the month of February, this time setting in Sagittarius at 09:17 pm on February 8, 2024. 

Saturn combust in Aquarius (11 February 2024): In astrology, Saturn is regarded to be the giver of justice and Karma, and it will now set in its own zodiac sign Aquarius at 01:55 am on 11 February 2024, having an impact on all zodiac signs, as well as the country and the world. 

Venus Transit In Capricorn (12 February 2024): Venus is the planet of love and material pleasures, and it will transit Saturn’s zodiac sign Capricorn on February 12, 2024, at 04:41 a.m.  

Sun Transit in Aquarius (13 February 2024): Sun is known as the king of the nine planets in Vedic astrology, and it will shortly leave its son’s zodiac sign, Capricorn, and enter Aquarius at 03:31 p.m. on February 13, 2024. 

Mercury Transit In Aquarius (20 February 2024): Mercury, the prince of planets, will change signs once again. In this order, Mercury will transit in Aquarius at 05:48 a.m. on February 20, 2024.

Note: There will be no eclipse in the month of February 2024.

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