Family Horoscope 2023: Upheaval Or Blessings, What Is 2023 Bringing For Your Zodiac’s Family Life?

The first gift that our fate has given us as soon as we are born is our family. Our family is the most important and valuable part of our lives. Family is our first lesson in handling relationships, the people who give us the utmost comfort and security, first people we learn to love and share responsibilities with. With the new year here with us, all of us are curious to know how 2023 will treat us, especially with our family dynamics. Do not worry! The most experienced astrologers at AstroSage have predicted how each zodiac sign’s family dynamics will be this year. 

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As per Vedic Astrology, every family member is represented by a planet. For example: Sun represents the father, Moon represents the mother, Mercury and Mars represent younger sisters and brothers, Jupiter represents elder brother, and so on. Hence, the movements of these planets have an effect on the horoscope of each zodiac sign. And this blog will discuss every ups and downs of each zodiac in 2023! So without further ado, let begin digging in!

Zodiac-Wise Family Horoscope 2023


Here are the details of how what the Family Horoscope 2023 has to say about the natives of Aries:

  • This year will begin with a few ups and downs in your family lives. Since you will be busy at work, you wont be able to spend much time with your family and might even have to move away from them due to work commitments. 
  • However, towards the middle of the year your attention will be back to your family and certain auspicious tasks will also be performed at your home.
  • There will be peace and harmony among family members as Saturn enters the eleventh house and Jupiter enters the first house. There will be a religious and spiritual environment, and all family members will have a wonderful time together.

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Here are the details of how what the Family Horoscope 2023 has to say about the natives of Taurus:

  • Good news is coming towards the natives of Taurus. With your top priority being your family in the beginning of the year, you will be able to give your entire attention to their happiness despite the mental pressure.
  • Between April and August, you might face a bit of conflicts in your family and feel anxious due to a loved one’s health issues. Towards the time between September and November, you will see your family living in a happy and calm atmosphere. And the month of December will be moderate with no ups or downs.
  • Having performed auspicious functions, the ambiance in the house will remain holy and religious and there will be positive energy in the air.

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Here are the details of how what the Family Horoscope 2023 has to say about the natives of Gemini:

  • 2023 will be treating Geminis very well with respect to their family dynamics. Jupiter will be in the 4th house of your horoscope and will be aspecting completely over the other houses as well, and hence, there wil be less stress in your household. Jupiter will make a transit in your 11th house on April 22nd, increasing the family’s prestige.
  • However, there are chances of having quarrels in family relations from August to October due to the impact of Mars in the fourth house of your horoscope. Additionally, from May 10th to July 1st, Mars will be in the second house of your horoscope, which can cause a property dispute among the family members and disturb the harmony. 
  • Once Mercury transits into the fourth house of your horoscope in October, you will find most of your family problems resolving on their own. 

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Here are the details of how what the Family Horoscope 2023 has to say about the natives of Cancer: 

  • 2023 is going to be full of ups and downs for you, Cancerians. There are possibilities of experiencing few conflicts in your family from January to April. Rahu and Ketu will have an influence on your fourth and tenth houses, while Saturn, who will be present in the eighth house, will have an impact on your second and fifth houses.
  • Mars will also be in your second and fifth houses in January, which might lead to family turmoil and mental strain in the first few months of the year. The Chandal Dosha of Jupiter and Rahu, which will form in May, will also have an effect on your family life. Additionally, you need to take extra care of your father’s health.
  • However, from October onwards you will find a happy and favorable atmosphere in your household. You need to take care of your mother’s health, which will decline on October 20th, but will get better by November if you take proper care of her. 

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Here are the details of how what the Family Horoscope 2023 has to say about the natives of Leo:

  • This year bring a bunch of unpredictable events for the natives of Leo. You will be more outspoken at the start of the year as a consequence of Mars’ aspect on your fourth house and sign, which will affect your family life and drive you to avoid direct contact.
  • The family may get wealthy, but there will be an increase in stress as well and the quality of family life will increase after March. Saturn’s influence will most likely force you to spend some time away from your family, or your busy schedule will cause you to spend less time with them, both of which will cause your family members to complain to you, but your family life will still be pleasant.
  • Jupiter’s vision will remain in your second house till April in order for you to talk respectfully and for there to be tolerance in the family. Following that, challenges will progressively surface that must be solved, but you may do it with understanding.

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Here are the details of how what the Family Horoscope 2023 has to say about the natives of Virgo:

  • Virgo natives need to get ready for some ups and downs in their family dynamics this year. Happiness and peace will remain in the family as long as Jupiter is in Pisces since Jupiter is the ruling planet of your fourth house.
  • However, when Jupiter transits to your 8th house on 22 April, there will be troubles in your family life, and the influence of Guru-Chandal Dosha will be most evident in May owing to the Jupiter-Rahu conjunction. During this period, the senior member of the family may experience physical or health problems. Conflict in family life is possible and Rahu’s influence will heighten family tension.
  • When Saturn enters the sixth house of your horoscope and aspects the third house, the health of your siblings will weaken, but God has given you the strength to overcome the difficulties and keep your family together. This will need a significant amount of effort on your part so try to stay strong and talk to your family members.
  • There is a likelihood that someone in the family will get married between May and October, and there is a possibility that a marriage ceremony will take place in November-December, in which the involvement of the family will bring happiness to the house.

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Here are the details of how what the Family Horoscope 2023 has to say about the natives of Libra:

  • This year may begin with some difficulty for people born under the sign of Libra, but as Saturn transits into the fifth house, the obstacles will decrease. Because of Jupiter’s aspect on your second house, the affection and delight among family members will be high, and any little conflicts or arguments will be reduced. There may be tension with your siblings at the start of the year, but by May, everything will be OK and you will have their support.
  • There will be a significant change in family life between May and July, therefore you must practice extra caution during this period. Your father’s health may worsen dramatically during this period, so pay close attention to any problems he may be experiencing.
  • Between August and October, you will also pay for any necessary family costs and dedicate your full attention to the requirements and duties of the house while keeping your accountability to it. Nonetheless, you will receive a big reward for this, and your reputation among family members will improve as a consequence.

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Here are the details of how what the Family Horoscope 2023 has to say about the natives of Scorpio:

  • Scorpios are going to be very focused towards their family this year. Saturn will be in the third house of the horoscope at the start of the year, causing the parents’ health to fluctuate throughout the year. Saturn’s presence in the fourth house and ability to observe the tenth house from there may increase your workload on January 17, making it tough to give your family the attention they need.
  • Between July and September of this year, older family members may encounter health-related concerns. Take good care of your parents’ health since it may worsen and your relationship with them may suffer as a result.
  • Fortunately, your siblings will be there for you and will play an important role in your happiness. You must concentrate on meeting your responsibilities and excelling this year.

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Here are the details of how what the Family Horoscope 2023 has to say about the natives of Sagittarius:

  • The beginning of 2023 will be very pleasant for Sagittarius natives! Jupiter, the ruling planet of your zodiac sign, will remain in the fourth house of your horoscope, bringing happiness and calmness to your family life. In January, Venus and Saturn will be in your second house, bringing you wonderful news in your family. 
  • When Saturn resides in the third house in January and Rahu is in the fifth house, the fourth house will be in Paap Kartari Dosha, which will impact family happiness. Your mother’s health may deteriorate, however, it will start improving from April onwards when the impact of the dosha decreases. 
  • You should take special efforts to ensure that your relationship with your father is stable, especially from April through May. Health issues may also surround them at this time. From October through December, the atmosphere will be favorable, and you will have happiness and calm in your home.

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Here are the details of how what the Family Horoscope 2023 has to say about the natives of Capricorn:

  • Capricorn natives may have a family conflict this year since Rahu will be in your fourth house throughout the year and Saturn will be in your first house at the start of the year. During this period, tensions in family life will rise. 
  • Although, on January 17, there may be some disagreement in the family due to Saturn’s transit in the second house, which you will be able to resolve with your understanding. 
  • Saturn will aspect the fourth house, where Rahu is already present, and Jupiter will be present there on April 22nd, when the Sun is in a condition of separation, making this period more stressful for your family life. You will also need to care for your mother’s health during this period.
  • This year, your siblings will continue to support you, and they will assist you in April and October. During this period, you should focus on your connection with your father and take care of his health as well.

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Here are the details of how what the Family Horoscope 2023 has to say about the natives of Aquarius:

  • Since Mars will remain retrograde in the fourth house at the start of the year, Aquarians may have some difficulty in their family dynamics. Jupiter will be present in the second house, while Saturn, owing to its location in the sky, will be above them in the twelfth house.
  • These planetary combinations will cause strain and quarrels in your family equations. Because of the absence of harmony, the family members will be unable to interact properly, perhaps damaging the house’s atmosphere.
  • Things will improve after January 17, when Saturn’s zodiac shifts. Your remarks will be acknowledged in the house, and your speech will become sweeter, benefiting you in dealing with the family issue. Between April and August, avoid any form of argument with siblings since they may be affected by physiological concerns.
  • In September and October, the atmosphere at home will be lively, and you may go on a trip with family members in November and December. Going on a pilgrimage or accompanying family members to a beautiful area might help to create a happy domestic life!

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Here are the details of how what the Family Horoscope 2023 has to say about the natives of Pisces:

  • Pisceans will thoroughly enjoy their family time in 2023!  Jupiter, which is present in your zodiac sign, will bring you happiness and joy. Saturn, which is in the eleventh house, will also be helpful, and you will have support from your siblings.
  • However, due to Saturn’s position in the twelfth house on January 17th, a family member may experience health issues. Your health may also suffer as a result, creating a stressful atmosphere in the home. 
  • Jupiter will control everything until April 22nd when it will conjunct with Rahu in your second house, where the effect of Guru Chandal Yoga will cause troubles in your household. 
  • There is also the chance of personal disagreements and a lack of mutual understanding among family members, which will take time, so you must remain calm and attempt to settle the matter. You will be freed of such issues on October 30th, when Rahu departs Aries and enters your zodiac sign, so stay calm till then.

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