Falgun Purnima 2024: These Zodiacs Are Going To Get Extremely Fortunate

Falgun Purnima 2024: Full moon days in the Hindu calendar have always been special. This day is considered an auspicious day to perform all the puja rituals and other religious activities. In Southern parts of India, it is known as Pournima while in the northern parts, they call it Purnima. Many families observe a fast on this day. The last day of each month in the Hindu calendar is known as Purnima. In the Hindu calendar, this month is the last month of the year and Falgun Purnima will happen at the end of this month. It is almost like ending the year with melancholy and a beautiful start of the next year. The devotees worship Lord Vishnu and seek blessings of the Lord. 

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And, if we talk about the planetary moments on Falgun Purnima, then the Moon and Ketu will be present in Pisces and apart from this, Rahu, Mercury, and the Sun will also be present in the same zodiac. And, Jupiter will be present in Aries. At the same time, Mars, Venus, and Saturn will stay in Aquarius. Due to the positions of these planets, some zodiacs are going to get lucky and get extremely favorable results. Excited to know if you are one of them? Then, let’s move ahead and find out about those lucky zodiacs! 

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When Is Falgun Purnima 2024? 

According to the Vedic almanac, the full Moon date of the Krishna Paksha for the Falgun month will begin at 09:54 am on March 24 and last till 12:29 pm, the next day, 25th March. Also, the first Lunar eclipse is also to be observed on 25th March and it will start in the morning at 10:24 am, and will end by 3:01 pm. However, this eclipse will not be recorded in India which makes the Sutak period invalid. So, the devotees can observe a fast on March 24, and donation and bathing can be done on 25th March. 

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Falgun Purnima 2024: The Natives Who Are Getting Extremely Fortunate 


The Falgun Purnima 2024 will be extremely auspicious for the Aries natives and Goddess Lakshmi will shower her special blessing on these natives and they will get the full support of their luck. Because of the support of luck, they will be able to achieve immense success in various aspects of their lives. The works that were stuck or pending from long ago will now get accomplished and there are even chances of financial gains. For the natives who are running a business, they are going to get success in it and the ones looking at their business will also generate amazing returns. All the money-related problems will be resolved and the natives will even be able to make savings. Apart from all of this, the personal lives of the Aries natives will also be beautiful and harmonious, they will spend good times with their family as well. 

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Falgun Purnima will bring phenomenal results for the Virgo natives. During the lunar eclipse, the Moon will be present in this zodiac. Their personal lives will be filled with happiness and joy. In such a situation, there will be peace and harmony in the family and there may be some good news from children also. You may happen to meet old friends. Along with this, you will have a good time with your family and there are great chances of financial gain. 

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Sagittarius natives are also going to enjoy their time during Falgun Purnima 2024. Your hard work and efforts will pay off during this period and apart from all of this. There will be immense success in your business which will positively affect your personal lives. You will be able to have a good time with your family. If any of the natives are in debt, they will be able to pay it off now. The financial condition of the natives will improve and if any of the natives are looking to make an investment, then this time period is the best for the same. 

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