Getting Rid Of Eye Diseases Through Astrology

The eyes are considered the most important organs of the human body. It is only through them that we can see the outside world, and luxuriate in the view of nature and its vibrant colours – all because of our eyes. In order to lead a satisfactory life, we need to protect our eyes and also take care of them. In today’s world, not only the old folk, even the young generation are falling prey to eye related disorders and diseases. According to a survey, maximum number of eye diseases occur due to an unhealthy diet. The over usage of electronic gadgets like television, mobile, etc. also puts a strain on the eyes and cause damage to them. However, apart from these, there are certain astrological reasons too, because of which people can experience eye disorders.

According to the science of astrology, each and every body part is associated with a particular planet. This is the reason why natives experience advantageous and disadvantageous results on particular organs when certain planets in their kundali go through a major period or sub period. Also, if a planet is unfavorable in one’s birth chart, the organs associated with that planet also become weak or some kind of disorder or disease might also occur. However, astrology offers remedies to cure medical conditions too. Through this blog, we will disclose the astrological reasons behind eye diseases and proper remedies for them.

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Astrological Factors Responsible for Eye Diseases

  • Planetary Positions in the Second and Twelfth House

If the second house is being resided by any malefic planet or any planet residing in this house is in contact with another unfavorable planet, then you may fall prey to eye diseases. In the same manner, if the twelfth house provides residency to any malefic planet or comes into contact with any malefic planet, eye diseases will occur.

  • The State of Moon and Sun

If the Sun and the Moon are weak in one’s birth chart, then he/she may experience eye related disorders. Natives have a higher chance of experiencing eye diseases when the Sun and the Moon are being aspected by a malefic planet or when these two form a conjunction in the twelfth house.

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  • Conjunction of the Lords of First House, Second House, and Saturn

If any of the following three: Lord of the first house, Lord of the second house, and Saturn are in conjunction in the second or the twelfth house, then such a combination is not at all good for you. Such planetary positions in the birth chart can end with the native getting inflicted with eye-related disorders.

  • Conjunction of Mars and Sun

Mars and Saturn’s conjunction present in the second house may also give birth to eye problems. One’s eyes are likely to become weak because of this combination.

  • Combination of Planets in Trine Houses

If the ruling lords of the second, twelfth, first houses, and Venus are in conjunction in the trio houses of six, eight, and twelve or the conjunction of twelfth house, seventh house, ascendent (first house) ruling lords, and the Moon are present in the aforementioned houses (6, 8, 12), then such a person may fall prey to frequent eye problems.

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Astrological Remedies For Eye Diseases

Many developments  in the field of Science have been made and as a result we have received the aid of many medicines and devices to combat eye related issues. In a similar manner, many learned astrologers came up with astrological remedies and solutions for these eye problems, long time ago. By observing these remedies, one can prevent eye disorders and bring back the colors in their life. Here are some astrological remedies for eye diseases.

  • Offer Arghya to The Sun

In order to keep the  eyes healthy, an individual needs to strengthen the Sun’s position in his/her Kundali since it is the greatest source of light and energy on Earth. Thus, it is advised to worship the Sun and offer Arghya to it everyday. One can also chant the Sun’s Beej Mantra, ॐ ह्रां ह्रीं ह्रौं सः सूर्याय नमः/‘oṃ hrāṃ hrīṃ hrauṃ saḥ sūryāya namaḥ’. Another addition can be to watch the rising Sun, at dawn, when its aura is red.

  • Strengthen The State Of Ascendent Lord And Second House’s Ruling Lord

One can avoid eye related disorders, if they strengthen the position of the ruling lords of first and second houses in their Kundali. To do so, one should organize rituals (Puja) and chant Beej Mantras associated with the concerned planets. One gets relief from any pain in the eyes by chanting the mantra associated with the ruling lord of twelfth house. The ruling lord of the second house primarily governs one’s right eye and that of the twelfth house is the governor of one’s left eye.

  • Worship Lord Shiva

As per the beliefs, Lord Shiva is easy to please, but the devotees who are troubled with eye disorders should definitely worship Lord Shiva with full devotion and a pure heart. In addition to this, offering milk to Shivling also helps get rid of the eye problems.

  • Chant The Mantras Given Below To Get Rid Of Eye Problems

It is advised to chant ‘ॐ चंद्रशेखराय नमः/oṃ caṃdraśekharāya namaḥ’ daily to prevent eye related disorders. One can also chant Chakshushi Vidya Mantra to obtain similar favorable results. Getting up early and walking barefoot on green grass is also beneficial for one’s eyesight.

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